Nader Sharaf Depicts Diversity Within a Crowd

By: Andrew Robertson - Published: • References: nadersharaf and
Articulating human nature through the interjection of animal interactions, these illustrations by Nader Sharaf capture the intricacies of human socialization. Composed of seemingly unrelated individuals, these portraits present audiences with a wide range of characters and actions which build upon an escalating narrative.

A particularly evocative image involves a group of characters, each one a seemingly self-contained entity -- no one appears to be interacting with each other. What's particularly fascinating is that among this diverse roster is a zebra. The zebra does not appear to be any more out of place than the man with the binoculars or the individual with a paper bag over its head. The drawing alludes to the incredible amount of diversity within a group of people and the tendency to remain self enclosed and contained rather than hospitable and interactive.