The I Have More Followers Than You Tee Features an Unlikely Figure

By: Vasiliki Marapas - Nov 11, 2014
References: christopherleesauve.bigcartel & shop.nylon
The 'I Have More Followers Than You' tee by Christopher Lee Suave features an image of Jesus raising his hands in what appears to be a sort of self-salute (#preach).

I think we can all agree that if Jesus Christ got on board with social media, he would trump us all in the followers department. I mean, the man died for our sins, after all -- I think that deserves a follow. Besides, if Jesus had Twitter, I'm sure he would drop some pearls of wisdom on us undeserving peasants. Hallelujah!

Until that day comes, however, you can rock this t-shirt to show that your social media popularity rivals that of the Son of God's. It might be a tad blasphemous, but it gets the point across.