The Mark Zuckerberg Has a Posse Sticker Arouses Curiosity in Los Angeles

By: Matt Ho - Apr 2, 2011
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Banksy took over Los Angeles during the Oscar season and now a new graffiti sticker called Mark Zuckerberg Has a Posse has been making its presence known in the City of Angels.

What's interesting about the Mark Zuckerberg Has a Posse sticker is that it's done in the style of Shepard Fairey's Andre the Giant Obey artwork. It's got the same silhouetted style and it also has "obey" written on the bottom with the blue-and-white colors of Facebook. The only difference is that this image reveals the entire face instead of a close-up of the eyes, nose and facial outlines that Fairey's original has.

So is the Mark Zuckerberg Has a Posse sticker another Shepard Fairey creation? According to the Los Angeles Times, it isn't; Fairey's spokesman denied the artist's involvement.