The Marie Claire India October 2012 Photoshoot Stars Nidhi Sunil

By: Meghan Young - Oct 11, 2012
References: marieclaireindia & latestfashioneditorials
Fall is the season for weddings and the Marie Claire India October 2012 editorial will help get women prepped for their big day. Indian women, at least. Or women who have a deep appreciation for Indian culture. Inspired by the book, 'Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet,' by Sharada Dwivedi and Shalini Devi, the photoshoot focuses on the beauty rituals of brides from the past.

Titled 'The Making of a Bride,' the Marie Claire India October 2012 editorial was shot by photographer Bikramjit Bose. He focused on sensual closeups of specific body parts, which help to illustrate the various steps in getting ready from drying one's hair with a thin muslin cloth to cleansing the skin with a chickpea-based formula and using red powder on the forehead and lips.