A Makeup Transformation Reveals an Incredible Talent

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Feb 14, 2014 • References: reddit and refinery29
Makeup can do some pretty incredible things and when faced with a makeup transformation challenge, it shouldn't be taken lightly. The unknown artist uses makeup to slowly decay her face, die and then be reborn into a feline.

It is really a truly moving project that comments on social fears of ageing, decay and death. Her process isn't seen as a gradual descent into nothingness, but is the cycle of life and a message that without death, there is no life.

With all the makeup in the world, one cannot prevent this process from taking its toll. She highlights evolution beginning with her unmasked face, slowly ageing and turning into a skeleton. Other forms of botanical life take over and eventually disintegrate into cosmic matter that fosters another species. It's truly breathtaking.