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The Maison Martin Margiela Charity AIDS T-Shirts are a series of new shirts from the French brand that raises awareness about the disease.

The wonderful Maison Martin Margiela Charity AIDS T-Shirts are in a short sleeve v-neck style. The brand will be releasing a yearly World Aids edition in different languages. The first edition written in French with the phrase "IL Y A PLUS A FAIRE POUR COMBATTRE LE SIDA QUE DE PORTER CE T-SHIRT MAIS C’EST UN BON DEBUT," while the second will be written in Japanese.

A proceed of the sales will go to AIDES, which is a French NGO that's dedicated to fighting HIV and hepatitis, as well as helping patients in need. These will be available on December, 1st, 2011 in all Maison Martin Margiela stores and in the Margiela e-boutique.