The Nike Legendary Lava Tights are Soft, Stretchy and Stylish

By: Meghan Young - Feb 3, 2015
Sometimes one of the best ways to stay motivated when working out is to dress the part and that is where the Nike Legendary Lava Tights come into play. Injecting a bit of spring into drab winter wardrobes, the leggings will act as a bright reminder to get out and active even on the coldest of days. Yet most noteworthy, the Nike Legendary Lava Tights pattern has been carefully engineered to flatter any body.

Style aside, the Nike Legendary Lava Tights provide comfort and support during workouts. This is achieved through a super-soft nylon blend, Dri-Fit fabric and wide waistband that prevents roll down when executing a number of different moves. Flattering and innovative, the Nike Legendary Lava Tights focus on a variety of concerns when it comes to fitness gear.