Kim Weisswange's Scent of Time Collection is a Perfume Agenda

By: Brandon Bastaldo - Mar 29, 2013
Kim Weisswange is one of the world's most well renowned perfume designers, so she thought it would only be right to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her smell bound career by releasing her ground breaking Scent of Time smell calendar.

By arranging 44 bottles in the style of a classic fragrance organ, Weisswange's Scent of Time perfume calendar gives fragrance lovers the opportunity to scent themselves with exclusive smells meant for each of the different days of the year.

Kim Weisswange's Scent of Time perfume calendar consists of 31 small vials with head notes for each day of the month, 12 medium-sized heart note bottles for each month of the year and finally one large base note bottle to celebrate Weisswange's anniversary.