I thought I had seen it all in terms of sunglasses until the A-Morir SS 2011 Eyewear Collection came along. This brand is the designer behind Lady Gaga's infamous nail and knife hoodie, and now she's back on the scene merely a week later with her latest eyewear collection.

The A-Morir SS 2011 Eyewear Collection is filled with sunglasses you can't and won't find at mainstream outlets and boutiques. The brand has used a mixture of experimental and luxury design to create everything from Swarovski and dream-catcher-covered shades to sunglasses made with real bones.

Normally, I shy away from experimental fashion, but I can't help but like the A-Morir SS 2011 Eyewear Collection. Check it out for yourself to see just how alluring and infatuating a pair of skull-studded feather sunglasses can be.