Joanna Krotka Renders Psychedelic Pictures with an Asian Twist

By: Jason Soy - Feb 21, 2012
References: joannakrotka_ & fuckyeahillustrativeart.tumblr
These Joanna Krotka illustrations are keeping the psychedelic ‘60s and ‘70s alive through badass images depicting hallucinatory visuals and trippy concepts. From a gargantuan floating head in the sky with snakes coming out of its eyes to a woman embracing a skeletal soldier while lying in a pond, Krotka’s images tell bizarre stories while engaging audiences’ eyes with technically superior graphics. Combining these two things makes this Krakow, Poland-based artist’s work truly amazing and easy to gravitate to as a young adult.

Unsurprisingly, Joanna Krotka cites ‘70s progressive rock as her favorite genre of music. Her images definitely give off a retro rocker vibe, but even more fascinating are the subtle Asian influences found within her illustrations. Several of her creations are drawn in a style evocative of Japanese woodblock prints, only reinterpreted with Krotka’s imaginative artistic flair.