The JJ Levine Time Alone Gender Bending Portraits are Humorous

By: Kristina Marković - Published: • References: jjlevine and refinery29
The JJ Levine Time Alone series humorously bends gender and challenges gender perceptions. JJ Levine is a photographic artist who compares and contrasts the similarities amongst genders. The JJ Levine Time Alone portraits portray multiple models posing in a female and male role. The trippy photos show individuals as both genders to show that no one person has a singular gender.

The ever present theme in JJ Levine's work is the concept of gender as a costume. Sex is definitive where as gender is not. So therefore the photographer is trying to show that gender is a per formative art above all. He bends gender in a brilliant and literal way. Some of the males captured with their female counterpart selves truly look like realistic females.

Gender is fluid and should be placed on an continuum. JJ Levine approaches the topics of gender and queer theory in a humorous way through photography.