Wave Goodbye to Diets with this How Sweet It Is Chocolate Concoction

By: Erin Kirkpatrick - Nov 18, 2012
References: howsweeteats
During the impending winter season individuals can afford to pack on the pounds and the How Sweet It Is Chocolate Concoction will aid anyone on such an endeavor. Tingling mint and luscious chocolate flavors, which make up essence of these brownies, ensure a dessert item that is worth fighting for. Hopefully fighting and a battle for the last brownie won't ensue, but if one should occur rest assured that any actions you take are excusable.

Featuring traditional brownie ingredients and an invigorating peppermint pattie layer, this How Sweet It Is Chocolate Concoction is a wonderful way to end a meal. Turn on the oven, pour yourself a glass of milk and get into the holiday spirit by whipping up a batch of unconventionally flavored brownies such as these.