The Hasan Hejazi Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook is an incredible collection of aesthetically appeasing evening wear.

The lookbook, which matches the colors of the clothes to the backdrop, is fierce. The model showcases the Hasan Hejazi Autumn/Winter 2011 collection with her sensual poses. The matching backdrops give a third dimension to Hejazi's collection, enabling the outfits to pop off the page even more.

The clothes are contrasting, with pairings like bright red and bubble-gum pink and golden yellow and black. The gowns are sleek and streamlined, with full A-line skirts and tailored waists. The fabrics are futuristic, with leathers and sheer choices, making the Hasan Hejazi Autumn/Winter 2011 collection the perfect choice for any modern fashionista.