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The Harper's Bazaar Vietnam 'Nu Renaissance Aristocracy' editorial appears to revolve around stunning oil painting portraits. Nevertheless, no matter how medieval-inspired the outfits might seem at first, they are undeniably modern. The models might also have a classic beauty about their features, accentuated by beautifully braided coifs courtesy of hairstylist Linh Nguyen and deep set eyes thanks to makeup artist Roshar, but they have a contemporary edge as well.

Shot by Zhang Jingna for the December 2012 issue of the magazine, the Harper's Bazaar Vietnam 'Nu Renaissance Aristocracy' editorial stars models Kendra and Claire from NY Model Management. Stylist Beagy Zielinski outfitted the blonde beauties in constricting colors that are nevertheless strikingly ornate. Although not fit for everyday wear, it could inspire women to be more creative and show less skin.