The Elisabetta Canalis PETA 'Trapped in a Summer Scorcher' Ad is Great

By: Jennifer Gosnell - Jul 19, 2012
References: youtube & mashable
The Elisabetta Canalis PETA 'Trapped in a Summer Scorcher' commercial brings a hot summer issue to the surface. People leave their dogs in cars all the time in the summer heat without realizing the consequences of their actions. If the windows aren't letting enough cool air in, they are basically left to roast in a hot car.

Elisabetta Canalis, Italian Supermodel, displays this as she acts like a dog that has been left in a car. Portraying the signs of heat stroke and desperately attempting to get out or get fresh air, she is left to suffer in the heat. The provocative PETA ad takes on this very real issue that many owners are guilty of because they simply don't understand the very real possibility of serious damage or death.