The Early Winter Night Biking Gloves Keep Bikers Safe

By: Harris Jay Rosenberg Alterman - Mar 9, 2012
References: fashioningtech
The Early Winter Night Biking Gloves aid bikers in signaling their turns when it’s dark out. Signaling at night can often be dangerous because cars cannot always see one’s hand. Luckily, these light-up gloves are here to help.

The back of the glove has six LED lights in the shape of an arrow that light up when the user makes a fist. When the fist is clenched, it completes an electrical circuit that sends power to the lights. The mittens also have conductive areas on the fingertips that allow for phone or tablet use while keeping one’s hands warm. One should not attempt to be on their tablet and signal on their bike at the same time.

The Early Winter Night Biking Gloves make signaling safer for bikers.