These Watches Have Two Rotating Dials Placed on a Single Face

By: Ady Floyd - Jul 20, 2015
References: antonandirene &
Design studio Anton & Irene have created this elegant watch that incorporates a dual dial feature. Instead of single face, this watch's face has two smaller faces inside of it. The faces look like a two circle snowman that each contains a set of numbers.

The top circle contains the numbers one to 12, and the lower circle contains the numbers one to 60. The two faces are connected by a small hour glass icon. The two faces actually move in a clockwise fashion and tell time through the numbers that appear in the hour glass.

If it is 2:45, the top of the hourglass would show the number '2' and the bottom of the hourglass would show a '45.' This simple, classic and unique watch is pure black or pure white to complete the style of the dual dial timepiece.