The Drug Addict Profiles Infographic is a Scary Warning

By: Souzan Michael - Sep 14, 2011
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A foundation that raises awareness of the dangers of drugs in the United States called Rehab Programs has released the Drug Addict Profiles infographic conveying a strong anti-narcotics message.

Profiling addicts of different popular drugs including marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and crystal meth, the Drug Addict Profiles infographic depicts stereotypical portrayals of each addict in order to show how to spot a drug addict.

For example, Brandon the Coke Head is described as someone who always has a runny nose, snorts a lot, loses weight quickly, is rarely hungry, and constantly on the go. Harry the Heroin Addict, on the other hand, is drowsy most of the time and doesn't think clearly.

Of course, the Drug Addict Profiles Infographic is not 100% accurate since drug addicts come in all forms, but the portrayals are simply meant to help loved ones of drug addicts recognize the signs of drug abuse.