This Digital Content Platform Helps Users Publish Everwhere

By: Katherine Pendrill - Sep 16, 2015
References: & springwise
'Hail' is a digital content platform that makes it easy for users to publish their work everywhere at once. While creating regular digital content is necessary for many organizations, it can be time-consuming to adapt these posts to different social marketing platforms. This tool makes it easier for users to streamline the process of creating original online content.

Hail is a digital content platform that is largely aimed at non-profits, small business and educational institutions. Hail works by allowing users to write their posts directly in the program. Users can then choose which platforms they wish to publish their work on. Hail will automatically format these posts and adapt them to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other online platforms. The posts can even be reformatted for mobile applications or turned into digital newsletters.

Hail ultimately makes it easy for users to streamline the creation and storage of original online content.