The Cup Umbrella by Alessandro Busana Reduces Water Stains

By: Jamie Danielle Munro - Apr 8, 2014
References: & designboom
The Cup Umbrella by Alessandro Busana is the perfect prevention method for those pesky drops of water that fall on the floor after a rainy walk outside. Closing one's parasol can become a messy matter, with water dripping everywhere, but by placing a cup on the top of the umbrella, Busana hopes to make this ordeal a little less complicated.

The design is really quite simple, with a cup-like structure placed where the end point of the umbrella normally is. When a user then closes the umbrella, water drips into the cup instead of onto the floor. Granted, for those that give their parasol a quick shake before heading inside, this won't guarantee a few drops won't make their way on your clothes, but it should prevent water from falling on the carpet.

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