Crystal Wall Lancaster Illustrates Ladies in Elegant & Vibrant Dresses

By: Jason Soy - Published: Dec 20, 2011 • References: themicawber.deviantart and artforadults.tumblr
Like many artists, Crystal Wall Lancaster is fascinated by female form and beauty. However, she's not one to just simply draw an attractive woman and walk away satisfied; within each of these Lancaster creations is heavy experimentation. Her color combinations, her concepts, the way she renders anatomy -- these are all things Lancaster toys with in order to gravitate viewers' eyes towards her work and I've yet to see a slip up in any of her pieces; they're all equally dazzling.

Crystal Wall Lancaster is an Ottawa-based illustrator who also teaches up-and-coming artists the tricks of the trade. Though many are quick to point out her unique penchant for doe-eyes and elongated necks, I personally find the works where she sticks closest to real human anatomy most alluring.