California Gurls Cupcake Macaroons Pay Tribute to Katy Perry

By: Carly Foy - Jun 21, 2011
References: theartofbeingperfect.blogspot & cakeyperry.wordpress
These California Gurls Cupcake Macaroons are sure to get your mouth watering.

Inspired by Katy Perry, Buttercream Bakery of England set out to make a set of macaroons that are delectable in taste yet resemble the iconic cupcake bra that Katy Perry dons in her music video for California Gurls.

The Buttercream Bakery just took a simple lemon macaroon recipe and tinted the cookie in a pastel blue-green. Topped with a strawberry-infused pink frosting and a cherry on top, the California Gurls Cupcake Macaroons are complete.

These delectable confectionary treats are the perfect treat for a summer day. The flavors are unique and definitely will stand out at the dessert table. The piled-on frosting and meringue filling is purely mouthwatering.