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The Black Box Revelation by Re-Make/Re-Model is a dynamic nightclub concept featured at Copenhagen’s Trailerpark Festival. A caravan was converted into a multi-functional space occupied during the day and night. Whether used as a meeting space or dance club, this clever compact space pays tribute to retro mobile home designs.

Designers Anders G. Norman, Max Dengler and Victor Serrander, cut away one side of a vintage caravan, showcasing the remaining parts of it in a darkly painted plywood box. The interactive space was a hit with festival-goers who had access to the space's lighting and sound control.

The space is lit by spotlights and features holes cut in its ceiling, making it the place to be during late festival hours. The Black Box Revelation by Re-Make/Re-Model is a playful and witty take on a modular public space that is far from traditional.