Most daughters grew up playing with the iconic Barbie girl plastic dolls. While these statuesque, blonde and blue-eyed dolls were pretty, they aren't a true depiction of the female body. Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm came up with the creative idea to reveal how Barbie would look if she was realistically proportioned.

While many would argue that we shouldn't take the measurements of the iconic Barbie girl seriously, the beautification of her body does misconstrued the beauty ideologies of young girls. Nickolay Lamm replicated the average body size, shape and measurements of a 19-year-old American girl using a 3D-modelling system. After a white, miniature toy version was created, painted and clothed, Nickolay Lamm placed the new realistic Barbie doll version and side by side with the original Barbie. The contrast is simply startling as the properly proportioned Barbie girl is shorter, wider, curvier, bustier and, most importantly, healthier looking than the original doll.