The Axami 2011 Lingerie Collection Lookbook features a stunning series of outfits modeled by Petra Cubanova, a model whose career is beginning to heat up thanks to extensive Internet coverage.

The Axami 2011 Lingerie Collection Lookbook is enticing. It features Petra Cubanova donning a few barely-there lingerie looks, each a part of an angels vs demons theme. My favorite image in the collection is the lead image of this post -- Petra Cubanova starring seductively at the camera, angel wings adorning her back. The Heidi Klum lookalike exudes spunk and confidence in the shot, drawing viewers in with her soft eyes.

The outfits featured in the Axami 2011 Lingerie Collection Lookbook are available Online now.

Implications - Any company eager to generate immediate interest in their brand would be wise to feature overtly sexual advertising. By eschewing conventional "safe" marketing for their product, the company shows an edginess that lures discerning consumers.