The Atlantish: Quite like Atlantis Collection is Mythically Minimalist

By: Meghan Young - Feb 3, 2012
References: greeceisforlovers & coolhunting
The Atlantish: Quite like Atlantis collection is inspired by the legendary Greek island. Although this long lost civilization was at the height of its glory when it mysteriously disappeared, the pieces in the collection are surprisingly subdued. It has a modern minimalist aesthetic that bridges the past with the present and future. Designer Thanos Karampatos says he wanted to "play with the idea of how the current and the antique are often blurred."

Created by design collective Greece Is For Lovers, the Atlantish: Quite like Atlantis collection is comprised of a white and blue emblematic table cloth and luxe red earthen clay pots. Although utilitarian overall, the collection is also filled with nostalgic metaphors and emotions.