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Born in the U.S. and based in Paris, Tess Nurman is a freelance archetype consultant, market researcher, translator, and writer for several clients in Europe. With a degree in international affairs, French and cross-cultural communications and experiences in human resources, journalism, trend research and arts management, Tess loves promoting creativity, innovation, and international exchanges as well as exploring the influence of archetypes and global trends in different cultures around the world. Through archetypes, she is also passionate about helping individuals to spot the trends in their own lives, recognize their natural talents, and turn obstacles into opportunties for growth.

Tess is currently organizing Speaking Archetypes in Paris, a workshop on February 1-3, 2013 which will be taught by Jim Curtan, a motivational speaker and faculty member of the Caroline Myss Educational Institute. In his previous career, Jim was previously a talent manager who advised prestigious actors such as John Malkovich, John Travolta and Geena Davis by exploring the best roles for them. Today, he guides individuals to recognize their own roles in life through archetypes. For more information, please visit the event website at www.paris-archetypes.com .

What are archetypes? They are universal and symbolic patterns of human experiences, and they represent what drives and inspires us as well as how we make choices and where our struggles are. For example, the archetypes of Mother, Child, Victim, Hero, Explorer and Artist are patterns that are easily understood throughout the world. And the number of archetypes that exist is endless. What are some of your archetypes?