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Multi-Surface Styluses

1 Multi-Surface Styluses

The Phree Digital Pen Lets You Make a Notepad or a Canvas of Anything • 6,452 views
Fanciful Furry Reflectors

2 Fanciful Furry Reflectors

The PomPom Mirror Reproduces Images with Soft Black and White Materials • 5,765 views
Signaling Bicycle Helmets

3 Signaling Bicycle Helmets

Lumos is a Smart Bicycle Helmet that Improves Road Communication • 2,785 views
Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

4 Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

Use Every Last Drop of Lotion with the Zero Waste Cap • 1,916 views
Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

5 Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

The Handbag Raincoat Can Help Keep Any Purse Dry • 1,825 views
All-Weather Umbrellas

6 All-Weather Umbrellas

The 'Blue Jean Umbrella' Will Protect Against Rain and Harmful UV Rays • 1,320 views
Self-Charging Phones

7 Self-Charging Phones

Nikola Labs Charges Itself by Collecting & Converting Radio Frequencies • 950 views
Codeless Locking Devices

8 Codeless Locking Devices

The Lock-Rs is a Universal Lock System that Protects in Three Ways • 843 views
Bullet-Proof Wallpapers

9 Bullet-Proof Wallpapers

Army Researchers Have Developed a Kevlar Wallpaper to Protect Soldiers • 720 views
Flip Flop Sole-Savers

10 Flip Flop Sole-Savers

'Plungo' is a Handy Flip Flop Plug That Fixes Sandals After a Blowout • 481 views
Wheelchair-Equipped Dog Leashes

11 Wheelchair-Equipped Dog Leashes

'sciLeash' is a Hands-Free Wheelchair Attachment for Dog Walking • 423 views
Scent-Based Alarm Clocks

12 Scent-Based Alarm Clocks

SensorWake is the First Alarm Clock to Substitute Sound for Smell • 393 views
Gesture Recognition Projects

13 Gesture Recognition Projects

Google's Project Soli Imagines the Future of UI for Objects • 267 views
Innovating Solutions for Change

14 Innovating Solutions for Change

Norbert Sluzewski, Director of Strategic Advisory Services at AT&T • 261 views
Stain-Free Coffee Beverages

15 Stain-Free Coffee Beverages

'Clear Coffee' Taste Like Regular Coffee, But Won't Stain Your Teeth • 215 views