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Whipped Chocolate Butter

1 Whipped Chocolate Butter

Lewis Road Creamery's 'Chocolate Butter' Blends a Sweet Spread and Dairy • 1,670 views
Modular Phone Cases

2 Modular Phone Cases

The iMod iPhone Case Offers Wireless Charging, LED Notifications and More • 1,413 views
Ultra-Slim Smartphones

3 Ultra-Slim Smartphones

Motorola's Moto Z is the World's Thinnest Premium Phone • 1,376 views
Office Smoking Pods

4 Office Smoking Pods

Ryonetsu Has Developed a Single-Occupant Smoking Booth for Office Workers • 889 views
Kite-Based Power Sources

5 Kite-Based Power Sources

Kite Power Solutions Offers an Innovative and Cost-Effective Alternative • 825 views
Driverless Rideshare Fleets

6 Driverless Rideshare Fleets

Cars from Uber's ATC are Launching in Pittsburg • 778 views
Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

7 Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

Evolve Enclosures' Magnetic Zipper Makes Fastening Clothing Automatic • 675 views
Selective Noise-Canceling Headphones

8 Selective Noise-Canceling Headphones

'Orosound' Offers Headphones Designed for the Office • 664 views
Liquid Instant Teas

9 Liquid Instant Teas

'No More Tea Bags' Helps Consumers Make Tea with Just Hot Water • 566 views
Tomato-Based Sushi

10 Tomato-Based Sushi

At fresh&co, Roma Tomatoes are Used as an Alternative to Fish in Veggie Sushi • 466 views
3D-Printed Sugar Candies

11 3D-Printed Sugar Candies

The ColorPod Add-On Creates Novelty Full-Color Printed Edibles • 427 views
Baseball Cap Camera Mounts

12 Baseball Cap Camera Mounts

The 'Smabow' Baseball Cap Has a Phone and Camera Mount on the Brim • 335 views
Instant Craft Beers

13 Instant Craft Beers

'To Øl' Developed a Powdered Alcohol Beer for Consumption Anywhere • 311 views
Beer-Kombucha Hybrids

14 Beer-Kombucha Hybrids

Postmark Brewing is Now Making a Beer Beverage Called 'Blondebucha' • 144 views
Novelty Ear Bud Catchers

15 Novelty Ear Bud Catchers

M3D's Air'rings are 3D-Printed Earrings with Nets for Catching Air Pods • 134 views
Rhythmic Ping Pong Games

16 Rhythmic Ping Pong Games

'Ping Pong FM' Players Need to Cooperate to Hit the Ball to the Beat • 130 views
Kid-Created Hoverboards

17 Kid-Created Hoverboards

This Feasible Hoverboard Concept Was Imagined by a 16-Year-Old • 128 views
Pain-Free Crutches

18 Pain-Free Crutches

KMINA Introduces a Comfortable Alternative to Conventional Crutches • 81 views
Humidified Cigar Boxes

19 Humidified Cigar Boxes

BLÜME by Cigar Zen Simplifies Cigar Humidification • 75 views