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Hologram Tablet Technology

1 Hologram Tablet Technology

This Holocube Case Creates 3D Projections of On-Screen Animations • 7,152 views
Shipping Container Gardens

2 Shipping Container Gardens

Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming • 5,113 views
Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

3 Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

Sengled's PULSE LED Speaker Reinvents Lighting with Sound • 2,477 views
Minimalist Reading Devices

4 Minimalist Reading Devices

The Transparent Book Holder Design Ingeniously Holds Pages in Place • 2,158 views
Honey-Tapped Hives

5 Honey-Tapped Hives

The New Beehive Design Allows Beekeepers to Extract Honey Without Opening Hives • 1,780 views
Joystick-Style Levers

6 Joystick-Style Levers

Video Game Controllers Have Inspired This Accessible Door Knob • 1,607 views
Experimental Interface Tools

7 Experimental Interface Tools

Henri by Method Helps Designers Make User Interfaces Without Screens • 1,177 views
Nitrogen-Chilled Coffee

8 Nitrogen-Chilled Coffee

The NBHD Neanderthal Cafe Chills Its Iced Coffee Drinks with Nitrogen • 838 views
SMS Ordering Services

9 SMS Ordering Services

'Magic' Ordering Lets You Buy Everything from Food to Flights Via Text • 788 views
Living Tissue Contacts

10 Living Tissue Contacts

Holoclar Contact Lenses Enable the Blind to See Again with Their Own Cells • 491 views
Replica Disney Dog Houses

11 Replica Disney Dog Houses

'Super Fan Builds' Created the Ultimate Dream for This UP! Fan • 345 views
Touchscreen Universal Remotes

12 Touchscreen Universal Remotes

The Ray Super Remote Simplifies Access to Living Room Entertainment • 329 views
Insect-Inspired Roller Coasters

13 Insect-Inspired Roller Coasters

The Fury 325 is the World’s Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster • 318 views
Bone-Building Technology

14 Bone-Building Technology

EpiBone Transforms the Way Doctors Will Be Able to Heal Patients • 309 views
Tomato Robot Machines

15 Tomato Robot Machines

The Tomatan is a Bizarre Device That Feeds Athletes Tomatoes on the Go • 258 views