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100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

1 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 8,857 views
56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

2 56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

From Sea-Themed Shooters to Surreal Fashion Editorials • 7,507 views
DIY Flying Chairs

3 DIY Flying Chairs

The 'Manned Multicopter' Flies with the Use of Homemade Multirotors • 2,848 views
Artist-Inspired Socks

4 Artist-Inspired Socks

These Themed Socks Include Names Like Vincent Van Toe and Feetasso • 1,001 views
Sour Cucumber Ales

5 Sour Cucumber Ales

This Collaborative Golden Ale Boasts a Distinctive Tart Flavor • 290 views
Extremely Long-Lasting Roses

6 Extremely Long-Lasting Roses

The Venus Et Fleur Rose Shop Crafts Roses that Stay Fresh for a Year • 270 views
Couture Aromatic Cocktails

7 Couture Aromatic Cocktails

The Hotel Café Royal Offers Luxury Drinks Inspired By Givechy's Perfume • 239 views
Anime-Infused Contact Lenses

8 Anime-Infused Contact Lenses

These Smart Custom Contact Lenses Could Help Pokémon Go Players • 238 views
Baguette Vending Machines

9 Baguette Vending Machines

This Machine Serves Up Fresh Baguettes On-Demand • 171 views
Beanbag Chair Backpacks

10 Beanbag Chair Backpacks

'Bean About' is a Range of Lightweight Beanbags That Fold into Backpacks • 99 views
Safe Turning Intersections

11 Safe Turning Intersections

'Continuous Flow Intersections' Speed Up Traffic and Reduce Accidents • 92 views
Absurdist Gear Systems

12 Absurdist Gear Systems

'Extreme Reduction' is a Gag Gift That Could Theoretically Move a Train • 79 views
AI-Based Reality Platforms

13 AI-Based Reality Platforms

Baidu's 'Dusee' is a New Chinese AR Platform for Mobile Devices • 74 views
Balancing Candle Scales

14 Balancing Candle Scales

The 'Rising Balance' Candlebra Transitions Up as the Candles Melt • 52 views
Virtual Reality Scent Devices

15 Virtual Reality Scent Devices

The 'Nosulus Rift' is for 'South Park: The Fractured but Whole' • 48 views


Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

1 Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

This Coated Foam Furniture Boasts Real-Life Images on its Designs • 8,287 views
Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

2 Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

This Flying Cup Defies Gravity • 5,605 views
Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

3 Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

This Tub Was Designed to Accommodate Growing Populations • 3,230 views
Disguised Shoebox Strongboxes

4 Disguised Shoebox Strongboxes

The 'Mandem Safe' Protects Valuables While Looking Like a Nike Box • 2,577 views
Phone-Charging Wallets

5 Phone-Charging Wallets

VoltNow's Smart Leather Wallet Doubles as a Charger • 1,357 views
Stock Market-Inspired Bars

6 Stock Market-Inspired Bars

Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down • 1,132 views
Athletic Innovation Labs

7 Athletic Innovation Labs

Under Armour’s New Product Design Facility Uses Robots • 974 views
Artificial Memory Implants

8 Artificial Memory Implants

'Neurofeedback' Allows False Memories to Be Added to the Brain • 791 views
Glowing Barware Accessories

9 Glowing Barware Accessories

Jakobsen Design's Glow-In-The-Dark Barware Accessory Embodies Elegance • 789 views
Bacteria-Balancing Kits

10 Bacteria-Balancing Kits

This Skin Flora Kit Allows Women to Wear Probiotics in the Form of Pads • 786 views
Carbon Fiber Cars

11 Carbon Fiber Cars

Lamborghini is Changing the Rules of Auto Manufacturing with Carbon Fiber • 689 views
Wearable Flying Cameras

12 Wearable Flying Cameras

The 'nixie' is a Wearable Drone That Can Be Worn Like a Watch • 648 views
VR Dining Experiments

13 VR Dining Experiments

'Project Nourished' Pairs 3D-Printed Food with Virtual Reality • 602 views
Airtight Beverage Bottles

14 Airtight Beverage Bottles

Fresh N Go!'s Bottle Design Prevents Drinks from Oxidating • 520 views
Body Motion Music

15 Body Motion Music

The KAGURA Translates Body Movement into Sound • 349 views
AI Beer Breweries

16 AI Beer Breweries

Artificial Intelligence is Now Being Used to Craft the Perfect Beer • 347 views
Blimp Repair Robots

17 Blimp Repair Robots

The Lockheed Martin 'Spider' Can Find and Fix Pinhole Leaks on Blimps • 207 views
Sustainable Cultured Meats

18 Sustainable Cultured Meats

SuperMeat Plans to Grow Chicken Meat Without Killing One Animal • 181 views
Outerspace Time Capsules

19 Outerspace Time Capsules

'Voices of Humanity' Gives Anyone the Chance to Send Something Into Space • 48 views
Tattoo Machine Prosthetics

20 Tattoo Machine Prosthetics

This Unique Prosthetic is Artistically Modified to be a Tattoo Machine • 41 views