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41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

1 41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

From Alternative Wedding Rings to Customized Earbud Apps • 13,494 views
Amphibious Private Jets

2 Amphibious Private Jets

This Personal Airplane Can Fold into a Trailer and is Spin-Resistant • 7,618 views
Skate Culture Hoverboards

3 Skate Culture Hoverboards

This New Hoverboard Was Designed in Consultation with Tony Hawk • 2,843 views
Anti-Theft Umbrellas

4 Anti-Theft Umbrellas

This Secure Umbrella Comes with a Built-In Combination Lock • 946 views
Vacuum Transport Tubes

5 Vacuum Transport Tubes

Tesla's 760 MPH Hyperloop Transportation System is Starting Construction • 549 views
Connected Smart Menstrual Cups

6 Connected Smart Menstrual Cups

The Looncup Uses Bluetooth to Send Menstrual Alerts to Smartphones • 525 views
Hybrid Aquarium House Plants

7 Hybrid Aquarium House Plants

This Aquaponic Farming Kit Doubles as a Fish Tank and Plant Pot • 488 views
Self-Setting Sports Mouthguards

8 Self-Setting Sports Mouthguards

The ZONE Mouthguard Molds Itself to Teeth Without Boiling • 470 views
Privacy-Providing Nursing Chairs

9 Privacy-Providing Nursing Chairs

This Hospital Chair Has High Walls and an Embracing Design • 367 views
Compartmentalized Travel Sacks

10 Compartmentalized Travel Sacks

This Stuff Sack Keeps You Organized During Adventures • 355 views
Dream-Controlling Masks

11 Dream-Controlling Masks

'The Napz' Mind Control Mask Helps You Master Your Dreams • 276 views
Bioactive Potato Plastics

12 Bioactive Potato Plastics

This Plastic Alternative is Antioxidant and Antimicrobial and Plant-Made • 243 views
Elderly-Assisting Exoskeletons

13 Elderly-Assisting Exoskeletons

This Robot Exoskeleton is Built to Support Activity in Old Age • 223 views
Organically Evolving Badges

14 Organically Evolving Badges

These Burning Man 2015 Badges Change Color When They Meet a "Mate" • 181 views
Customized Modular Backpacks

15 Customized Modular Backpacks

These Modular Backpacks Uniquely Organize One's Belongings • 163 views
Pod-Based Home Brew Machines

16 Pod-Based Home Brew Machines

The Pico Aims to Do for Homemade Beer What the Keurig Did for Coffee • 128 views
Speedy Oil Change Solutions

17 Speedy Oil Change Solutions

The Castrol Nexcel System Turns Oil Changes into a 90-Second Process • 127 views
Custom Ride-Along Wheelchairs

18 Custom Ride-Along Wheelchairs

This Double Wheelchair Was Created for China's Double Ninth Festival • 104 views
ATM Water Dispensers

19 ATM Water Dispensers

The Bank BBVA Continental Unveiled an ATM Water Dispenser • 100 views
Sculptural Folding Furniture

20 Sculptural Folding Furniture

Flux Furniture Pieces Made from Weatherproof Polypropylene Fold Flat • 84 views