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Tourist Submarine Vehicles

1 Tourist Submarine Vehicles

The Technology of Pathfinders Enables an Exciting New Type of Tourism • 4,813 views
Retro Typewriter Keyboards

2 Retro Typewriter Keyboards

The Philo PC Concepts Blends the Old and the New for a Unique Design • 3,008 views
Sliced Computer Mice

3 Sliced Computer Mice

The Loto Mouse Rounds to Closed as a Compact Conical Peripheral • 3,005 views
Eco CO2 Washers

4 Eco CO2 Washers

The Supercritical Washing Machine Uses No Water and No Detergent • 2,915 views
Footwear Fastening Magnets

5 Footwear Fastening Magnets

Ryan Wiens's Innovative Zubits Shoe Fastener Offers a Cleaner Look • 2,332 views
Atomic Wristwatches

6 Atomic Wristwatches

Bathys' Atomic Watches Keep Time with a Cesium 133 Atom • 2,103 views
Levitating Libation Makers

7 Levitating Libation Makers

This Cocktail Machine Mixes Floating Drops That Can Be Drunk Mid-Air • 1,705 views
Hanging Tablet Holders

8 Hanging Tablet Holders

The TABI Tablet Holder and Hanging Offers Full Versatility • 1,161 views
Butter-Spreading Gloves

9 Butter-Spreading Gloves

Goldstreich's Butter-Infused Gloves Make It Easy to Coat Baking Pans • 1,095 views
Workout-Enhancing Mouthpieces

10 Workout-Enhancing Mouthpieces

This New Age Performance Mouthpiece Promises More Strength & Balance • 919 views
Heat-Mapping Smartphone Apps

11 Heat-Mapping Smartphone Apps

Seek Thermal Camera Produces Images of the Temperatures Around You • 885 views
Patriotic Beer Fridges

12 Patriotic Beer Fridges

Molson's National Anthem Beer Fridge Makes You Sing for a Drink • 872 views
Ultra-Sensory Sound Systems

13 Ultra-Sensory Sound Systems

Louder Speakers Foster a Listening Experience for Two Other Senses • 812 views
LEGO Car Models

14 LEGO Car Models

The LEGO Technic Model Brings the Two Brands Closer Together Than Ever Before • 548 views