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Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

From LED Keyhole Inserts to Hanging Tablet Holders • 138,975 views
100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

2 100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

From Augmented Reality Drumsticks to Interactive 3D Displays • 39,419 views
87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

3 87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

From Digital Drafting Tables to Flexible Projected Computers • 8,643 views
Flexible Projected Computers

4 Flexible Projected Computers

All-in-One Apple Concept is Convenient as iPad and Powerful as iMac • 4,646 views
3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

5 3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

Researchers Point the Way to Innovative Applications in Car Making • 4,286 views
13 Cases of Maglev Transportation

6 13 Cases of Maglev Transportation

From Sideways Speeding Autos to Supersonic Levitating Trains • 3,118 views
Multifunctional 3D-Printed Flashlights

7 Multifunctional 3D-Printed Flashlights

Hi-Tech Multitool is Made from Stainless Steel and Tritium • 2,923 views
Washing Machine Wardrobes

8 Washing Machine Wardrobes

A Laundering Closet Cleans Delicate Clothes Conveniently While They Hang • 2,811 views
3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

9 3D Selfie Scanners (UPDATE)

Scanify Can Capture the Contours of Your Face for a Full-Form Image • 1,686 views
Touchless Sunblock Booths

10 Touchless Sunblock Booths

This Sunscreen Application Stall Works Similarly to a Spray Tan • 1,621 views
Intruder-Spotting Illuminators

11 Intruder-Spotting Illuminators

A Facial Recognition Lightbulb Has Been Designed for Home Security • 1,538 views
Solar-Powered Planes

12 Solar-Powered Planes

The Solar Impulse 2 Will Fly Around the World in Five Months Without Any Fuel • 1,474 views
Hyper Heat-Retaining Fabrics

13 Hyper Heat-Retaining Fabrics

Silver Nanowire in Textiles Can Conserve 90% of a Person's Own Warmth • 1,343 views
Artsy Meditation Nightclubs

14 Artsy Meditation Nightclubs

This Las Vegas Nightclub Uses EEG Headsets to Direct Sound & Lights • 921 views
Temporary 12-Hour Stores

15 Temporary 12-Hour Stores

iZettle's Temporary Store Hosts Small Businesses for Just 12 Hours • 882 views
All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

16 All-in-One Wall-Mounted Tablets

Microsoft Surface Hub Raises Notions of Hi-Tech to the Next Level • 880 views
Bulletproof Playing Cards

17 Bulletproof Playing Cards

These Cards by Sly Kly are Made From 100 Percent Carbon Fiber • 866 views
Palm-Sized Portable Washers

18 Palm-Sized Portable Washers

The Dolfi Washing Machine is as Compact as Your Computer Mouse • 679 views
Gigantic Air Purifiers

19 Gigantic Air Purifiers

Jorge Gutierrez's Big Air Purifier Sucks Up Smog in Lima, Peru • 656 views
Interactive 3D Screens

20 Interactive 3D Screens

Virtual Reality Display Lets You Simulate Dissections and Explore Spaces • 651 views