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Fanciful Furry Reflectors

1 Fanciful Furry Reflectors

The PomPom Mirror Reproduces Images with Soft Black and White Materials • 6,157 views
All-Weather Umbrellas

2 All-Weather Umbrellas

The 'Blue Jean Umbrella' Will Protect Against Rain and Harmful UV Rays • 1,770 views
3D-Printed Rats

3 3D-Printed Rats

These Artificial Rodents Help Make Dissection a Safer and More Humane Process • 903 views
Scarf-Inspired Travel Pillows

4 Scarf-Inspired Travel Pillows

The 'Napscarf' Provides a New Solution for Napping on the Go • 771 views
Bullet-Proof Wallpapers

5 Bullet-Proof Wallpapers

Army Researchers Have Developed a Kevlar Wallpaper to Protect Soldiers • 724 views
Straw-Incorporating Cans

6 Straw-Incorporating Cans

Ball Packaging Europe's Newest Can Design Includes a Built-In Straw • 675 views
Flip Flop Sole-Savers

7 Flip Flop Sole-Savers

'Plungo' is a Handy Flip Flop Plug That Fixes Sandals After a Blowout • 601 views
Scent-Based Alarm Clocks

8 Scent-Based Alarm Clocks

SensorWake is the First Alarm Clock to Substitute Sound for Smell • 485 views
Air-Purifying Pacifiers

9 Air-Purifying Pacifiers

This Baby Pacifier Actually Combats Air Pollution • 453 views
Raw Cookie Dough Confections

10 Raw Cookie Dough Confections

This New York Bakery is Now Producing Tubs of Edible Cookie Dough • 364 views
Gesture Recognition Projects

11 Gesture Recognition Projects

Google's Project Soli Imagines the Future of UI for Objects • 284 views
Affordable Natural Disaster Detectors

12 Affordable Natural Disaster Detectors

The Earthquake Early Warning System Relies on Accelerometers • 157 views
Customizable Clear Neckties

13 Customizable Clear Neckties

Using Vinyl, Clear Ties Let You Create a Completely Custom Necktie • 64 views
Illuminating Photography Gadgets

14 Illuminating Photography Gadgets

The iblazr 2 Enhances Photos with a Powerful Wireless Flash • 64 views