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5. Convenient Combination Devices

The Helmet Lock Lets Cyclists in a Hurry Quickly Secure Their Bikes (GALLERY)
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Ice Cream-Filled Fruits

1 Ice Cream-Filled Fruits

Frutteto Strawberries are Stuffed with Strawberry-Flavored Gelato • 248 views
Collapsible Grocery Trolleys

2 Collapsible Grocery Trolleys

This Innovative Personal Utility Cart Gets Rid of Heavy Lifting • 240 views
Eco Oil Dispensers

3 Eco Oil Dispensers

Prepara's Tabletop Oil Mister is a Healthy Alternative to Aerosol Containers • 225 views


Simplistic Shedding Shoes

1 Simplistic Shedding Shoes

The Model 1 by Lou Moria Lets You Clean Canvas by Cutting it Off • 2,486 views
GoPro Selfie Attachments

2 GoPro Selfie Attachments

Never Take a Basic Selfie Again with the GripSnap • 1,288 views
Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

3 Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

Wakie is an Alarm Clock App Where a Stranger Will Call to Wake You Up • 1,099 views
Oxygenating Workout Apparel

4 Oxygenating Workout Apparel

1st Round's Innovative Workout Gear Boosts Oxygen Levels in Muscles • 741 views
DIY Safety Suits

5 DIY Safety Suits

Inventor Colin Furze Makes a Distinct Body Protection Design • 677 views


Hairbrush Phone Cases

1 Hairbrush Phone Cases

Yobrush is a Phone Case Brush Protects Against Scratches and Bad Hair • 3,567 views
Facial Recognition Doorbells

2 Facial Recognition Doorbells

The Chui Offers Revolutionary Secure Access to One's Home • 1,477 views
Ketchup-Scooping Fries

3 Ketchup-Scooping Fries

KFC Romania's Dipping French Fries Are Trough-Like For Holding More Sauce • 1,465 views
Drop-Top Jacuzzis

4 Drop-Top Jacuzzis

The Cadillac Hot Tub Lets You Break 100 MPH While You Soak • 718 views
Mirrored Smartphone Stands

5 Mirrored Smartphone Stands

The CaseCam Makes Group Selfies Easier Than Ever • 682 views