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Stylish Smart Clocks

1 Stylish Smart Clocks

The Coolest Clock Can Project Social Updates, News to Keep You Informed • 10,365 views
15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

2 15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

From Virtual Weapons to 3D-Printed Shark Skin • 8,145 views
Digital Display Stilettos

3 Digital Display Stilettos

This E-Ink Shoe Has Pattern-Changing Properties for Outfit Coordination • 5,388 views
3D-Printed Solar Cars

4 3D-Printed Solar Cars

Students at NTU Created a Futuristic Car Design with Additive Manufacturing • 5,027 views
Supersonic Cargo Planes

5 Supersonic Cargo Planes

The PAK TA Heavy Transport Craft Concept Will Fly At 2,000 KM/H • 4,941 views
Wristworn Ant Farms

6 Wristworn Ant Farms

The Ant Watch Creates a Small Ecosystem for You to Flaunt on Your Arm • 3,835 views
Popsicle Handset Protectors

7 Popsicle Handset Protectors

A Stick Phone Holder Makes Gripping Your Mobile Easier for All Tasks • 3,411 views
Solar-Powered Blinds

8 Solar-Powered Blinds

BRI/SO Smart Shutters Promise Privacy, Sunlight Obstruction and Electricity • 3,067 views
Portable Media Projectors

9 Portable Media Projectors

Lenovo's Mobile Projector is Designed for Streaming on the Go • 2,708 views
8-Bit Camera Guns

10 8-Bit Camera Guns

Dmitry Morozov Creates a Fun Way to Take Photos and Instantly Print Them • 2,628 views
3D-Printed Family Portraits

11 3D-Printed Family Portraits

Twindom Transforms Photographs Into 3D Sculptures • 2,312 views
Beauty Tutorial Apps

12 Beauty Tutorial Apps

Through Sephora, Map My Beauty Shows How and Where to Apply Cosmetics • 2,176 views
Inexpensive 3D-Printed Cars

13 Inexpensive 3D-Printed Cars

Sanya Sihai's Printed Car Exemplifies Affordable Transportation • 2,095 views
Industrial Novelty Watches

14 Industrial Novelty Watches

The Timeburner Pays Tribute to Early Combustion Engines • 1,837 views
Futuristic Rocking Chairs

15 Futuristic Rocking Chairs

Durotaxis by Alvin Huang is Made Using 3D-Printing Technology • 1,802 views
12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

16 12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

Apple Maintains a Solid Brand Identity Through the Years • 1,775 views
31 3D-Printed Medical Breakthroughs

17 31 3D-Printed Medical Breakthroughs

From 3D-Printed Genetic Glues to Printed Facial Prosthetics • 1,522 views
Secure Table Saws

18 Secure Table Saws

The Bosch Reaxx Prevents Finger Accidents • 1,427 views
Resourceful Power Packs

19 Resourceful Power Packs

This Eco-Friendly Portable Charger Reuses Old Smartphone Fuel Cells • 1,151 views
Eco Coffee Pods

20 Eco Coffee Pods

The Droops Coffeemaker Would Use Dissolvable Java Capsules for Responsible Brewing • 1,098 views


Top 55 Interactive Concepts in February

1 Top 55 Interactive Concepts in February

From Human Bank Machines to Winter Rescue Apps • 26,595 views
25 Helpful Apps for Students

2 25 Helpful Apps for Students

From Classroom Chat Apps to Social Productivity Apps • 21,989 views
Keychain Camping Elements

3 Keychain Camping Elements

This Portable Camping Stove Packs Up for Easy Carrying in One Hand • 16,784 views
Top 80 Multimedia Concepts in February

4 Top 80 Multimedia Concepts in February

From Innovative Hologram Glasses to Nature Walk Simulators • 16,353 views
Top 30 Game Concepts in February

5 Top 30 Game Concepts in February

From Affectionate Video Games to Live Gaming Stunts • 7,008 views
Futuristic Violin Designs

6 Futuristic Violin Designs

This 3D-Printed Instrument Creates Sights and Sounds to Behold • 6,729 views
Slim Security Wallets

7 Slim Security Wallets

The Axess Fits a Surprising Amount of Money within Its RFID-Blocking Pockets • 6,611 views
3D Carving Machines

8 3D Carving Machines

The X-Carve Creates 3D Pieces From Wood, Metal and Plastic • 6,205 views
Spacey Pet Beds

9 Spacey Pet Beds

A Futuristic Dog House Assumes an Alien Appearance and Hidden Hi-Tech Features • 5,785 views
20 Essential Selfie Accessories

10 20 Essential Selfie Accessories

From Mirrored Smartphone Stands to Extended Phone Cases • 5,372 views
Simplified Hybrid Gliders

11 Simplified Hybrid Gliders

The GloW Glider & Microlight Hybrid is Designed For Casual Flying • 5,323 views
100 Air Purifier Innovations

12 100 Air Purifier Innovations

From Scented Nasal Filters to Energy-Conscious Air Humidifiers • 5,023 views
Futuristic Shower Concepts

13 Futuristic Shower Concepts

The EIKON Touch Water Control System Beckons the Future • 4,905 views
Arousal-Detecting Dresses

14 Arousal-Detecting Dresses

This Piece of High-Tech Fashion at SXSW Turns Transparent • 4,896 views
Hi-Tech Dog Homes

15 Hi-Tech Dog Homes

This Dream Doghouse is Equipped with the Latest Samsung Electronics • 4,808 views
Off-Road Suspension Skateboards

16 Off-Road Suspension Skateboards

The Gila Board Has Fully Adjustable Independent Suspension • 4,794 views
Unique Unforgettable Umbrellas

17 Unique Unforgettable Umbrellas

The Davek Alert Umbrella Texts You So You Won't Leave It Behind • 4,631 views
Imprinted Bodily Photography

18 Imprinted Bodily Photography

Justin Bartels Created IMPRESSION After Dating Women in College • 4,369 views
40 Irresistible Skincare Products

19 40 Irresistible Skincare Products

From Age-Defying Lasers to Champagne Face Masks • 4,190 views
Convenient Convertible Wheelchairs

20 Convenient Convertible Wheelchairs

The Optimo Reconfigures for Its User to Change Position • 3,785 views


Top 35 Photography Ideas in February

1 Top 35 Photography Ideas in February

From 3D Selfie Scanners to Branded Picture Booths • 123,810 views
Compact Driverless Cars

2 Compact Driverless Cars

This Autonomous Smart Car Paves the Way for Safe Vehicular Transportation • 65,069 views
Top 100 Mobile Products in February

3 Top 100 Mobile Products in February

From Educational Encryption Apps to Messenger SIM Cards • 61,642 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in February

4 Top 100 Tech Trends in February

From Gamified Spin Classes to Interactive In-Store Displays • 60,747 views
Eco Jumbo Jets

5 Eco Jumbo Jets

The Progress Eagle Aircraft Seats 800 and Employs Sustainable Energy • 24,890 views
Top 30 Science Ideas in February

6 Top 30 Science Ideas in February

From Robotic Martian Scouts to Revolutionary Asthma Vaccines • 24,585 views
100 Interactive Light Installations

7 100 Interactive Light Installations

Artistic Light Installations Grab the Attention of Consumers • 22,261 views
100 Examples of Remote Control Technology

8 100 Examples of Remote Control Technology

From Amphibious Camera Drones to Spine-Aiding Suits • 19,710 views
28 Examples of Affordable Wearable Tech

9 28 Examples of Affordable Wearable Tech

From Cheap Camera Drones to Inexpensive Augmented Reality • 16,550 views
96 Efficient Cleaning Innovations

10 96 Efficient Cleaning Innovations

From Heat-Enabled Scrub Brushes to Hula Hoop Washing Machines • 16,395 views
24 Examples of Multifunctional Technology

11 24 Examples of Multifunctional Technology

From Cyborg Cycling Protectors to Tweeting Refrigerators • 15,897 views
Tiny Drone Toys

12 Tiny Drone Toys

SKEYE Nano Drone Buzzes Like an Electronic Insect, Navigating Nooks and Crannies • 14,154 views
Top 50 Computers Trends in February

13 Top 50 Computers Trends in February

From Device-Converging Apps to Protective Phishing Programs • 13,669 views
Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

14 Photography-Based Smartphone Protectors

The Moment iPhone Case Boasts a Multistate Shutter Button • 12,822 views
87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

15 87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

From Digital Drafting Tables to Flexible Projected Computers • 11,002 views
Swanky Untethered Smartwatches

16 Swanky Untethered Smartwatches

The Samsung Gear S Can Be Used Away From Your Smartphone • 10,893 views
26 Brainstorming Techniques for the Workplace

17 26 Brainstorming Techniques for the Workplace

From Smart Whiteboard Markers to Creativity Boxes • 10,148 views
29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

18 29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

From Beer Delivery Apps to Smartphone Beer Brewing • 9,212 views
3D-Printed Retail Platforms

19 3D-Printed Retail Platforms

This 3d Startup is Now Offering Its Products on • 9,135 views
Bracelet Lightning Cables

20 Bracelet Lightning Cables

People Can Wear Their iPhone Charging Cords as a Stylish Accessory • 9,033 views