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Top 50 DIY Trends in July

1 Top 50 DIY Trends in July

From Confectionery Cacti Crafts to Handmade Cup Cozies • 35,082 views
Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends in July

2 Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends in July

From Chromatic Beauty Shoots to Candid Model Portraits • 32,771 views
Top 50 Shoe Trends in July

3 Top 50 Shoe Trends in July

From Polka Dot Performance Sneakers to Genderless Summer Sandals • 30,874 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July

4 Top 100 Fashion Trends in July

From 90s Raver Editorials to Couture Holy Month Catalogs • 29,984 views
Top 80 Cosmetics Trends in July

5 Top 80 Cosmetics Trends in July

From Painless Body Wax to DIY Eye Cream Solutions • 19,154 views
Top 60 Fashion for Men Ideas in July

6 Top 60 Fashion for Men Ideas in July

From Designer Basketball Jerseys to Medical Streetwear Lines • 12,643 views
Nomadic Western Fashion

7 Nomadic Western Fashion

The Dimitri Spring Collection Promotes Care-Free Cowgirl Style • 4,724 views
3D-Printed Fashion Collections

8 3D-Printed Fashion Collections

This Line of 3D-Printed Apparel is Designed for Everyday Wear • 3,988 views
Sporty Sci-Fi Sneakers

9 Sporty Sci-Fi Sneakers

The Star Wars x Adidas ZX Flux Collection Portrays Geeky Glamour • 3,466 views
Superficial Promotion-Preventing Charts

10 Superficial Promotion-Preventing Charts

The Infographic Covers Appearance-Based Promotion Factors • 3,126 views
Rebellious Southwestern Fashion

11 Rebellious Southwestern Fashion

Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Las Rebeldes Collection is Bad Girl Chic • 2,918 views
50 Chic Cat-Themed Accessories

12 50 Chic Cat-Themed Accessories

From Adorable Anime Timepieces to Feline-Inspired Bangles • 2,378 views
Graffiti Artist Activewear

13 Graffiti Artist Activewear

The Fabletics x Stash Collection Brings an Urban Touch to Fitness Looks • 1,952 views
23 Unconventional Choker Necklaces

14 23 Unconventional Choker Necklaces

From Cheeky Choker Accessories to Rainbow Crystal Chokers • 1,905 views
Festival Fitness Gear

15 Festival Fitness Gear

This Yoga Clothing Collaboration Blends Freedom, Flexibility and Fitness • 1,818 views
Scientific Fashion Collections

16 Scientific Fashion Collections

The Independent Fashion Line 'SUSHCHENKO' Celebrates Bold Graphics • 1,622 views
Celebratory Couture Collections

17 Celebratory Couture Collections

This Alexis Mabille Fall Collection Marks Ten Years of Couture • 1,611 views
Empyrean Fairytale Couture

18 Empyrean Fairytale Couture

This Ralph & Russo Couture Collection is Fit for Royalty • 1,564 views
Distressed Denim Editorials

19 Distressed Denim Editorials

Design Scene's 'Stitching Blues' Series Highlights Raw Denim Clothing • 1,481 views
Custom Couture Cakes

20 Custom Couture Cakes

The 'Eat Me Maybe' Cake Service Offers Luxury Designer Desserts • 1,295 views


Glamorously Graphic Editorials

1 Glamorously Graphic Editorials

The Adriana Lima Vogue Mexico Cover Shoot is Full of Bold Fashion • 81,576 views
Disney Princess Hair Makeovers

2 Disney Princess Hair Makeovers

These Short-Haired Princess Shots Show Disney Stars with Short Cuts • 23,782 views
Elegant Grayscale Tattoos

3 Elegant Grayscale Tattoos

These Monochromatic Tattoos Feature Detailed Geometric Designs • 21,542 views
Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

4 Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

These Unusual High Heels Feature Intricate Octopus Tentacles • 19,696 views
100 Enchanting Fairytale Photo Shoots

5 100 Enchanting Fairytale Photo Shoots

From Celeb Fairytale Photos to Whimsical Wonderland Captures • 13,683 views
Whimsical Black Tattoos

6 Whimsical Black Tattoos

Caitlin Thomas Creates Body Ink Designs That are Deceptively Simple • 10,169 views
33 Pairs of Geeky Sci-Fi Shoes

7 33 Pairs of Geeky Sci-Fi Shoes

From Cyborg Canvas Sneakers to Sci-Fi Blizzard Kicks • 9,911 views
Romantic Metalwork Rings

8 Romantic Metalwork Rings

The Oldfield Forge Academy Lets Couples Forge Their Own DIY Wedding Rings • 8,988 views
Secret Agent-Inspired Swimwear

9 Secret Agent-Inspired Swimwear

These James Bond Girl Bikinis were Inspired by 007 Star Halle Barry • 7,834 views
27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

10 27 Outdoor Adventure Bags

From Transforming Backpack Chairs to Inflatable Protective Packs • 7,482 views
Short-Haired Supermodel Photography

11 Short-Haired Supermodel Photography

Laetitia Casta Pulls off a Pixie Cut for Harper's Bazaar Spain • 7,053 views
100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

12 100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

From Stylish Sleep Trackers to Fitness-Tracking Earrings • 6,679 views
28 Geometric Art Designs

13 28 Geometric Art Designs

From Geometric Nature Tattoos to Geometric Op-Art Posters • 6,570 views
Nude Beauty Photoshoots

14 Nude Beauty Photoshoots

Fade into You by Weronika Kosinska Features Izabela Szelagowska's Work • 6,161 views
100 Bohemian Fashion Collections

15 100 Bohemian Fashion Collections

From Bohemian Heritage Runways to Youthful Boho Menswear • 5,690 views
Romantic Park Editorials

16 Romantic Park Editorials

The Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands is Summery and Sapphic • 5,614 views
Exaggerated Artisanal Fashion

17 Exaggerated Artisanal Fashion

The Marina Hoermanseder Spring Collection Features Dramatic Style • 5,540 views
18 Unique Mannequin Models

18 18 Unique Mannequin Models

From Smart Retail Mannequins to Hand-Inked Mannequins • 5,476 views
Graphic 3D-Printed Fashion

19 Graphic 3D-Printed Fashion

Israeli Designer Noa Raviv Distorts the Body Through His Creations • 5,120 views
Feline-Inspired Eye Paintings

20 Feline-Inspired Eye Paintings

Tal Peleg's Cat-Inspired Makeup Art Takes the Cat Eye to a New Level • 5,114 views


Abandoned Amusement Park Photos

1 Abandoned Amusement Park Photos

Seph Lawless Captures the Aftermath of Closed Down Theme Parks • 116,041 views
Top 40 Shoe Products in June

2 Top 40 Shoe Products in June

From Pain-Free High Heels to Galactic Platform Sneakers • 53,855 views
Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends in June

3 Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends in June

From Raw Reflective Editorials to Dewy Beauty Shoots • 28,365 views
30 Pieces of Fairytale-Themed Footwear

4 30 Pieces of Fairytale-Themed Footwear

From Cinderella Glass Wedges to Fantasy Villain Footwear • 25,575 views
Top 50 Fashion for Men Trends in June

5 Top 50 Fashion for Men Trends in June

From Whimsical Anime Apparel to Couture Suit Collections • 24,203 views
Expressive Pet Portraits

6 Expressive Pet Portraits

Human Animal by Vincent Legrange Captures a Range of Adorable Expressions • 21,717 views
Eerie Female Portraits

7 Eerie Female Portraits

These Eerie Portraits Feature Females in Harsh & Vacant Locations • 16,835 views
Matured Misfit Cartoons

8 Matured Misfit Cartoons

Artists Imagine the Garbage Pail Kids All Grown Up • 15,128 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

9 Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

From Regal Red Carpet Couture to Sporty Art History Apparel • 14,692 views
Skin-Scrubbing Devices

10 Skin-Scrubbing Devices

The Labelle Ultrasonic Spatula by Trophy Skin Removes Dirt Without a Brush • 13,411 views
Top 55 Cosmetics Trends in June

11 Top 55 Cosmetics Trends in June

From Bespoke Fragrance Deliveries to On-Demand Nail Services • 13,172 views
100 Festival Fashion Accessories

12 100 Festival Fashion Accessories

From Avian Feather Scarves to Temporary Friendship Bracelets • 12,809 views
70 DIY Shoe Crafts

13 70 DIY Shoe Crafts

From DIY Buzzworthy Shoe Accents to Homemade Sci-Fi Heels • 12,230 views
Postpartum Mother Portraits

14 Postpartum Mother Portraits

Perfect Imperfections by Neely Ker-Fox Celebrates All Types of Bodies • 11,956 views
Leg-Centric Photography

15 Leg-Centric Photography

The 'Citi Legs' Body Positive Photo Series Celebrates Women's Legs • 11,747 views
55 Creative High-Heel Designs

16 55 Creative High-Heel Designs

From 3D-Printed High Heels to Striking Icicle Stilettos • 11,480 views
63 Heartwarming Homeless Initiatives

17 63 Heartwarming Homeless Initiatives

From Homeless Haircut Projects to Mobile Charitable Laundry • 11,138 views
Contrasting Cream Photoshoots

18 Contrasting Cream Photoshoots

The Vogue Spain Sense and Sensibility Editorial Mixes Materials • 11,010 views
Dusty Dancer Photography

19 Dusty Dancer Photography

These Photographs Feature Clouds of Dust to Accentuate the Dancers Moves • 10,001 views
Modern Geisha Fashion

20 Modern Geisha Fashion

Zip Magazine's Latest Exclusive is a Tribute to Japanese Styling • 9,295 views