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Top 100 Fashion Trends in August

1 Top 100 Fashion Trends in August

From Wood-Made T-Shirts to Holographic Runway Shows • 32,371 views
Top 40 Menswear Trends in August

2 Top 40 Menswear Trends in August

From Rapper-Modeled Menswear to Skater-Designed Sneakers • 21,352 views
Top 60 Footwear Trends in August

3 Top 60 Footwear Trends in August

From Casual Comfort Sandals to Awkward Sneaker Ads • 11,178 views
Top 20 Editorial Trends in August

4 Top 20 Editorial Trends in August

From Crowd-Sourced Models to Faceless Fall Lookbooks • 5,568 views
Top 25 Personal Care Trends in August

5 Top 25 Personal Care Trends in August

From Potted Herbal Deodorants to Pregnancy-Safe Skincare • 5,255 views
Celebrity Motherhood Editorials

6 Celebrity Motherhood Editorials

PAPER Included Images That Speak to Blac Chyna's Pregnancy • 1,865 views
Urban Denim Editorials

7 Urban Denim Editorials

American Eagle Jeans are at the Focus of the Brand's NYC-Centered Lookbook • 1,353 views
Sleek Leather Shoes

8 Sleek Leather Shoes

Nike's Newest Roshe Collection Will Be Offered in Leather • 1,314 views
Unusually Structured Sneakers

9 Unusually Structured Sneakers

These Adidas Sneakers Boast an Eccentric Design • 1,306 views
Female-Focused Streetwear Lookbooks

10 Female-Focused Streetwear Lookbooks

This Japanese Editorial Shows Women Flaunting Baggy Styles • 1,197 views
Ankle-Gripping Sneakers

11 Ankle-Gripping Sneakers

These Red Sneakers Were Designed for Optimal Comfort • 1,189 views
Revitalized Men

12 Revitalized Men's Bomber Jackets

Alpha Industries Updated Its Fall/winter Line with New Designs • 1,132 views
Customizable Hybrid Smartwatches

13 Customizable Hybrid Smartwatches

The Hagen Connected Watch Offers Traditional Timepiece Design • 1,108 views
Athletic Business Suits

14 Athletic Business Suits

This Collaborative ASICS Design Combines a Tracksuit with Lapels • 984 views
Psychedelic Sneaker Series

15 Psychedelic Sneaker Series

The Nike Air Presto GPX Was Updated with Vibrant Multi-Colored Uppers • 954 views
Structural Slip-On Runners

16 Structural Slip-On Runners

These Adidas Sneakers are Both Unique and Functional in Design • 800 views
Legendary Hip Hop Apparel

17 Legendary Hip Hop Apparel

Stereo Vinyls' Fall/Winter Collection Tributes the Wu-Tang Clan • 762 views
Gold-Detailed Suede Sneakers

18 Gold-Detailed Suede Sneakers

UBIQ's Series of Quality Sneakers Embodies a Minimalist Aesthetic • 664 views
Vegan Lipstick Lines

19 Vegan Lipstick Lines

The Karruche x ColourPop Lip Products is Designed By The Actress • 656 views
Expressive Race-Centered Portraiture

20 Expressive Race-Centered Portraiture

This Project Considers What It Means to Be a Person of Color • 649 views


100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

1 100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

From Repairing Snail Serums to Anti-Aging Face Wraps • 44,907 views
64 Creative Tattoo Ideas

2 64 Creative Tattoo Ideas

From Free Scar-Covering Tattoos to Occupation-Inspired Tattoos • 18,531 views
100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

3 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 10,029 views
38 Multi-Use Backpacks

4 38 Multi-Use Backpacks

From Spine-Supporting Backpacks to Wi-Fi-Connected Carryalls • 8,827 views
Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in August

5 Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in August

From Personalized Floral Fragrances to Halal Nail Polish Ranges • 7,415 views
Masculine Cat Portraits

6 Masculine Cat Portraits

Michelangelo Cecilia Showcased a Strange Image Series of Men and Cats • 7,364 views
Top 60 Sneaker Releases in August

7 Top 60 Sneaker Releases in August

From Olympic-Themed High-Tops to Simplistic Bauhaus Sneakers • 7,328 views
Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

8 Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

These Rings Connect to Form Various Shapes • 5,804 views
25 Rihanna-Branded Innovations

9 25 Rihanna-Branded Innovations

From Furry PUMA Slippers to Manolo Blahnik Denim Branded Items • 4,397 views
Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

10 Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

The 'HB Ring' Allows Wearers to Feel the Pulse of Their Loved Ones • 3,899 views
40 Luxury Skin Care Collections

11 40 Luxury Skin Care Collections

From Eco-Friendly Cosmetics to Golden Face Masks • 3,870 views
Transparent Floral Shirts

12 Transparent Floral Shirts

This Conceptual Fashion Piece by PULSE is Adorned with Artificial Lilacs • 3,652 views
22 Tech-Infused Jewelry Pieces

13 22 Tech-Infused Jewelry Pieces

From Digital Necklace Pendants to Emotion-Sensing Bracelets • 3,461 views
Worldly Headdress Photography

14 Worldly Headdress Photography

The 'Etno' Series Shows Each Woman Adorned in a Beautiful Headdress • 3,378 views
Suprematist Jewelry Collections

15 Suprematist Jewelry Collections

This Ring Collection Was Inspired by a Russian Art Movement • 3,229 views
48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

16 48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences • 3,117 views
Grungy Military Streetwear

17 Grungy Military Streetwear

Magic Sticks' Fall/Winter Collection Fuses Retro and Contemporary Style • 2,824 views
Classic Weatherproof Shoes

18 Classic Weatherproof Shoes

These Sneakers Offer a New Take on a Classic Adidas Silhouette • 2,772 views
38 Female-Focused Sportswear Items

19 38 Female-Focused Sportswear Items

From Beyonce's Fitness Line to Expanding Maternal Activewear • 2,671 views
45 Unconventional Sunglasses Designs

20 45 Unconventional Sunglasses Designs

From Futuristic Rihanna Collections to Pizza-Covered Lenses • 2,649 views


Top 50 Sneaker Releases in June

1 Top 50 Sneaker Releases in June

From Lightweight Jade Sneakers to Transformative Running Shoes • 54,091 views
Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in June

2 Top 60 Cosmetics Trends in June

From Interactive Beauty Festivals to Vacation-Scented Masks • 52,459 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in July

3 Top 100 Fashion Trends in July

From Politically Charged Streetwear to Candid Supermodel Editorials • 35,482 views
Wearable Feline Headpieces

4 Wearable Feline Headpieces

Artist Housetu Sato Makes Photo-Realistic Fantasy Cat Heads • 22,656 views
Top 25 Makeup Ideas in July

5 Top 25 Makeup Ideas in July

From Tinted SPF Lipsticks to Peel-Off Brow Gels • 20,206 views
Top 45 Footwear Innovations in July

6 Top 45 Footwear Innovations in July

From Lightweight Running Shoes to Waste-Constructed Sneakers • 17,078 views
85 Streetwear Style Innovations

7 85 Streetwear Style Innovations

From Disney Collaborations to Ultra Luxe Subculture Series • 17,066 views
Expressive Adult Photography

8 Expressive Adult Photography

This South African Photographer Captures Jamaica's Male Adult Stars • 12,574 views
Top 30 Activewear Ideas in June

9 Top 30 Activewear Ideas in June

From Throwback Soccer Collections to Stress-Reducing Tights • 11,198 views
Top 35 Editorial Trends in July

10 Top 35 Editorial Trends in July

From Private Supermodel Captures to Androgynous Beauty Portraits • 10,649 views
Top 45 Personal Care Products in July

11 Top 45 Personal Care Products in July

From Peeling Lip Products to Beautifying Beer Products • 10,215 views
Stretchable Beach Blankets

12 Stretchable Beach Blankets

Beach Bottoms is a Compact and Stretchable Beach Blanket • 8,345 views
56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

13 56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

From Sea-Themed Shooters to Surreal Fashion Editorials • 7,651 views
36 Unsually Crafted Men

14 36 Unsually Crafted Men's Watches

From Supercar-Inspired Timepieces to Minimalist Nautical Watches • 7,521 views
100 Monochromatic Design Items

15 100 Monochromatic Design Items

From Gradient Classrooms to Shaded Editorials • 6,918 views
Car-Inspired Sneakers

16 Car-Inspired Sneakers

The Puma X-CAT DISC Was Inspired by the Design of the BMW GINA • 6,556 views
Retro Streetwear Editorials

17 Retro Streetwear Editorials

A New Stüssy Summer Lookbook Incorporates Vibrant Vintage Themes • 6,525 views
Fire-Starting Survival Watches

18 Fire-Starting Survival Watches

The Ascent Survivor Was Made to Keep Crucial Tools Close By • 5,517 views
50 Essential Oil Innovations

19 50 Essential Oil Innovations

These Essential Oil Products Offer High- and Low-Tech Remedies • 5,260 views
Couture Paper Doll Photography

20 Couture Paper Doll Photography

Ajax Lee Reimagined Iconic Fashion Designs as Paper Doll Clothing • 4,575 views