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E-Commerce Equity Crowdfunding Sites

1 E-Commerce Equity Crowdfunding Sites

Alibaba Competitor Launched a Crowdfunding Platform • 1,693 views
Personable Email Platforms

2 Personable Email Platforms

Crystal Analyzes Messages for Better E-Communication • 1,387 views
21 Emerging Markets Addresses

3 21 Emerging Markets Addresses

From India's Hotbed of Innovation to Online Microfinance Communities • 883 views
Room Rental Rate Tools

4 Room Rental Rate Tools

Startup Beyond Pricing Provides Automated Pricing for Airbnb Hosts • 790 views
Social Acquisition Tools

5 Social Acquisition Tools

Needls Helps Small Businesses Generate Leads with Social Media • 712 views
Bluetooth Networking Apps

6 Bluetooth Networking Apps

Surf Labs' LiNK App Uses Beacon Technology for Networking • 636 views
Crowdsourced Algorithm Databases

7 Crowdsourced Algorithm Databases

Algorithmia is an Open Marketplace for Computer Algorithms • 609 views
Synergized Management Platforms

8 Synergized Management Platforms

Cloud-Based Vorex Supports Businesses with Organized Numbers • 565 views
Music Exchange Markets

9 Music Exchange Markets

Mutrs Enables Fans to Become Investors of Their Favorite Indie Artists • 535 views
Drone Hiring Platforms

10 Drone Hiring Platforms

DroneBase Lets Commercial Clients Hire a Drone and Experienced Pilot • 471 views
Massive Cloud Marketplaces

11 Massive Cloud Marketplaces

Ingram Micro Platform Helps Tech Resellers Take Advantage of the Cloud • 425 views
Intuitive Business Platforms

12 Intuitive Business Platforms

Apttus' Automated Quote-to-Cash Service Simplifies B2B Transactions • 336 views
Web Service Marketplaces

13 Web Service Marketplaces

Elto Connects Small Business Owners with Web Professionals • 298 views
Fashionable Brand Mergers

14 Fashionable Brand Mergers

The Yoox and Net-a-Porter Partnership Strengthens Both Brands • 285 views
Professional Messaging Apps

15 Professional Messaging Apps

Caliber is a Business App to Connect Colleagues and New Contacts • 266 views
Marketplace Bonding

16 Marketplace Bonding

The online marketplace nurtures its community of buyers and sellers • 0 views
Niche Crowdfunding

17 Niche Crowdfunding

Crowdlending sites help give a voice to niche enterprises and causes • 0 views