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Intergalactic Runway Collections

1 Intergalactic Runway Collections

The Anrealage AW15 Collection Boasts Alien Brains and Silhouettes • 6,033 views
Booze-Concealing Tampons

2 Booze-Concealing Tampons

These Booze Tubes Help Conceal Alcohol in the Form of a Tampon • 4,196 views
Gummy Bear Lightboxes

3 Gummy Bear Lightboxes

The Mayice Presentation Box is Made from Colorful Melted Candies • 3,184 views
Female-Replicating Handbags

4 Female-Replicating Handbags

The Lemaire Boob Bag Features the Female Form Made Out of Leather • 1,494 views
Cat Food Cooking Schools

5 Cat Food Cooking Schools

'Cooking School for My Cat and Me' Teaches How to Cook Pet Food • 1,208 views
Gourmet Mayo Shops

6 Gourmet Mayo Shops

The Brooklyn Empire Mayonnaise Store is Definitely Niche • 1,047 views
Cat-Inspired Cosmetics

7 Cat-Inspired Cosmetics

Felissimo's Fragrant Hand Cream for Humans Smells Like a Cat's Paw • 1,025 views
Adoptive Cat Cinemas

8 Adoptive Cat Cinemas

Great Kittens' Cat Cinema is a Place to Watch a Movie with a Feline Friend • 947 views
Purple Potato Lattes

9 Purple Potato Lattes

Subspace Coffee Specializes in Making Colorful Taro Lattes • 914 views
Luxurious Shaggy Slippers

10 Luxurious Shaggy Slippers

These Gucci Furry Slippers are the Epitome of 70s Shaggy Chic • 897 views
Eccentric Roadkill Food Trucks

11 Eccentric Roadkill Food Trucks

This Amsterdam Food Truck Serves Up Pest Dinners • 865 views
Soothing Polar Campaigns

12 Soothing Polar Campaigns

Halls' Medicine Marketing Offers 'Animal Thereapy' with a Polar Bear • 787 views
Healing Artichoke Water

13 Healing Artichoke Water

ARTY's Healthy Water is Made from Artichokes • 685 views
Ramen Chicken Ice Cream

14 Ramen Chicken Ice Cream

Chikira's Japanese Ice Cream Turns a Hot Dinner into a Frozen Dessert • 648 views
Starfish Extract Creams

15 Starfish Extract Creams

Mizon's Miracle Anti-Aging Cream is Made with 70% Starfish Extract • 537 views
Pizza Energy Shots

16 Pizza Energy Shots

Clif's Organic Margherita Paste is an Unexpected Energy Food • 513 views
Yogurt-Flavored Water

17 Yogurt-Flavored Water

Suntory's Newest Water Flavor Takes After a Dairy Treat • 436 views
Green Tea Curries

18 Green Tea Curries

This Japanese Green Curry Gets Flavor and Color from Matcha Powder • 427 views
Apartment Athletic Exhibits

19 Apartment Athletic Exhibits

This Apartment Museum Commemorates the Kerrigan/Harding Scandal • 212 views