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Poetically Surreal Collages

1 Poetically Surreal Collages

Lorenzo Casu Imposes Spacey Elements onto Common Scenes and Objects • 5,495 views
Curious Hairstyle Editorials

2 Curious Hairstyle Editorials

Man About Town Magazine Collaborated with Gary Gill and Johnny Dufort • 2,902 views
Food-Based Makeup Tutorials

3 Food-Based Makeup Tutorials

Instagram's 'Makeup_Maven' Created a Video Using Food as Makeup • 639 views
Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

4 Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

In Japan, Domino's Pizza Delivery is Being Offered with Santa's Fleet • 563 views
Nose-Shaped Soap Bars

5 Nose-Shaped Soap Bars

The Piero Golia 'Comedy of Craft' Soap Bars are Shaped like Comedic Noses • 525 views
Santa Claus Conventions

6 Santa Claus Conventions

Dina Litovsky Photographed the Discover Santa 2016 Convention • 496 views
Fast Food-Scented Candles

7 Fast Food-Scented Candles

This KFC Candle Smells Like Fried Chicken • 410 views
Machine Learning Mashups

8 Machine Learning Mashups

Microsoft's Project Murphy Creates Images Based on Search Queries • 346 views
Verisimilar Chocolate Shoes

9 Verisimilar Chocolate Shoes

The 'Gentleman's Radiance' Chocolate Shoes Look Like Brown Leather • 256 views
Massive Puppet Museums

10 Massive Puppet Museums

Moon Hoon's 'Pino Familia' Museum is a Shrine to a Kids' Character • 232 views
Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles

11 Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles

Ippei-chan's Instant Fried Noodles are Dessert-Flavored • 202 views
Virtual Reality Shower Videos

12 Virtual Reality Shower Videos

'The One Show' Created a VR Experience to Inspire Ideation • 136 views
Posh Rat Burgers

13 Posh Rat Burgers

Moscow's 'Krasnodar Bistro' Serves Burger Made from River Rat Meat • 128 views
Spa-Themed Amusement Parks

14 Spa-Themed Amusement Parks

Beppu's 'Spamusement Park Project' Will Use the Town's Hot Springs • 85 views
Spicy Food Challenges

15 Spicy Food Challenges

Ivey and MattyBRaps Faced Off in a Hot Pepper Challenge on YouTube • 45 views
Bathroom Cooking Videos

16 Bathroom Cooking Videos

Good Mythical Morning Launched a 'Cooking in the Bathroom Challenge' • 37 views