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False Bloody Bandages

1 False Bloody Bandages

These Boo-Boos Band-Aids Make Your Injuries Look a Lot More Intense • 2,119 views
Secluding Dome Pillows

2 Secluding Dome Pillows

Head Tent Muffles Sound and Keeps Out Light for Optimal Sleeping Conditions • 1,071 views
Electricity-Generating Urinals

3 Electricity-Generating Urinals

This Urinal Prototype Turns Your Pee Into Electrical Power • 966 views
Bizarre Mammal Lotions

4 Bizarre Mammal Lotions

Hippo Milk Body Lotion Uses Actual Hippo Milk as Its Main Ingredient • 866 views
Savory Dessert Sandwiches

5 Savory Dessert Sandwiches

This Thai Ice Cream Topped with Nuts & Corn is Served on a Breaded Bun • 691 views
Fitness-Tracking Bananas

6 Fitness-Tracking Bananas

Dole Japan's Race-Monitoring Edible Wearable Stunt is Very Unusual • 640 views
Urine-Repellent Walls

7 Urine-Repellent Walls

These Walls in Hamburg, Germany Take on Public Urination Perpetrators • 606 views
Black Frog Burgers

8 Black Frog Burgers

Orbi Yokohama's Black Burger Bun Encases Deep-Fried Frog Meat • 499 views
Fast Food Scents

9 Fast Food Scents

The New Burger King Perfume Will Leave You Smelling Like a Whopper • 490 views
Dessert Cereal Bites

10 Dessert Cereal Bites

Taco Bell's Cap'n Crunch Delights Bring Cereal to the Drive-Thru • 424 views
Punk Fantasy Clubs

11 Punk Fantasy Clubs

The Neverlanders Social Club Shares a Common Love of Disneyland • 335 views
Galactic Cocktail Stunts

12 Galactic Cocktail Stunts

This Jose Cuervo Margarita Went to Outer Space to Get Shaken and Frozen • 290 views
Hazelnut Potato Candies

13 Hazelnut Potato Candies

This Potato Candy Recipe from the Cupcake Project Has Unusual Ingredients • 258 views
Library Listening Parties

14 Library Listening Parties

Japan's Mori No Tosho Shitsu Will Host a Silent Disco Library Party • 234 views
Tomato-Tossing Robots

15 Tomato-Tossing Robots

Tomato Producer Kagome Developed a Unique Robot That Feeds Runners • 232 views
Tomato Robot Machines

16 Tomato Robot Machines

The Tomatan is a Bizarre Device That Feeds Athletes Tomatoes on the Go • 210 views