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40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

1 40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

From Mac & Cheese Burger Buns to Cheesy Macaroni Waffles • 6,289 views
50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

2 50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

From Bloody Mary Popsicles to Boozy Cucumber Ice Pops • 5,760 views
Gripping Gang Portraits

3 Gripping Gang Portraits

Jono Rotman Photographed Haunting Portraits of Mob Members • 4,246 views
Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

4 Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

'BuzzFeed Food' Has Whipped Up the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe • 1,628 views
Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

5 Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

'Cannabistro' is a Pop-Up Diner Serving Gourmet Herb Dishes • 1,110 views
Inside-Out Jeans

6 Inside-Out Jeans

The Movie 'Back to the Future' Inspired These Unique Jeans • 954 views
Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

7 Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

'Light Origami' by Masakazu Shirane & Saya Miyazaki is Illuminating • 881 views
Water Bottle Undies

8 Water Bottle Undies

In Japan People are Able to Purchase Bottle Panties From Vending Machines • 745 views
Cheesy Meta Pizzas

9 Cheesy Meta Pizzas

Vinnie's Pizzeria Now Serves a Pizza Topped with Pizza Slices • 729 views
Masquerade Self-Portraits

10 Masquerade Self-Portraits

This Artist Covers His Entire Head with Numerous Random Materials • 687 views
Realistic Fossil Chocolates

11 Realistic Fossil Chocolates

Sarah Hardy Turns Real Fossils into Novelty Chocolate Treats • 614 views
Hamburger Monster Lamps

12 Hamburger Monster Lamps

Japanese Brand UNDERCOVER Released an Eye-Catching Hamburger Lamp • 528 views
Chip-Flavored Hummus

13 Chip-Flavored Hummus

This Unexpected Hummus Recipe Mimics the Taste of 'Cool Ranch Doritos' • 452 views
Panda-Heeled Pumps

14 Panda-Heeled Pumps

The Tian Tian Pumps Exhibit an Unconventional Panda Heel • 283 views
Hot Dog Pizza Crusts

15 Hot Dog Pizza Crusts

The Latest Hybrid Pizza from Pizza Hut Features a Unique Frank-Filled Crust • 244 views
Deep-Fried Coffee Grounds

16 Deep-Fried Coffee Grounds

The Bacon-A-Fair Lets You Eat a Drink with a Deep-Fried Starbucks Snack • 242 views
Donut-Inspired Sausages

17 Donut-Inspired Sausages

The 'Dausage' is a Strange New Hybrid Pastry Made Out of Sausage • 220 views
Chinese Dance Apps

18 Chinese Dance Apps

The Dancing App Teaches the Moves of Old Ladies Performing in Public Squares • 155 views
Carrot-Infused Beers

19 Carrot-Infused Beers

The '4Hearts Brewing Company' is Now Brewing Delicious Carrot Beer • 77 views
Designated Duck Lanes

20 Designated Duck Lanes

The Canal & River Trust Launched a Space-Sharing Campaign in England • 37 views


Lava-Charred Steaks

1 Lava-Charred Steaks

The Syracuse University Lava Project Experiments by Cooking Steak with Lava • 11,917 views
63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

2 63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

From Cream Puff Sticks to Rainbow Cookie Lollipops • 3,470 views
Terrifying Japanese Desserts

3 Terrifying Japanese Desserts

Panapp is a Treat That Will Really Make You Scream for Ice Cream • 2,182 views
Distorted 90s Cartoons

4 Distorted 90s Cartoons

Anhia Santana Gives the Iconic Rugrats a Perplexing New Look • 1,802 views
Insect-Infused Alcohol

5 Insect-Infused Alcohol

This New Type of English Gin is Made with 62 Ants Per Bottle • 1,559 views
Food Paste Chocolates

6 Food Paste Chocolates

Cadbury's Vegemite Chocolate is a Wacky Part of the #ChocPlusWhat Collection • 1,041 views
Restful Commuter Hammocks

7 Restful Commuter Hammocks

Recruit's Campaign Makes Sleeping on the Train Comfortable for Students • 980 views
Satirical Misfortune Cookies

8 Satirical Misfortune Cookies

These Sarcastic Fortune Cookies are a Twist to Traditional Treats • 730 views
Blue Chocolate Desserts

9 Blue Chocolate Desserts

This Blue Ice Cream Sold by FELISSIMO is Made with Fancy French Chocolate • 657 views
Friend-Irritating Apps

10 Friend-Irritating Apps

The 'Abusive Elmo on Demand' App is Designed to Infuriate Your Friends • 627 views
Japanese Rice Burgers

11 Japanese Rice Burgers

Lotteria's Mongolian Bowl Burger Provides Bites Filled with Carbohydrates • 584 views
Historical Excrement Museums

12 Historical Excrement Museums

The Museum of Shit in Italy Explores the History of Poop • 551 views
Fruit-Flavored Potato Chips

13 Fruit-Flavored Potato Chips

Japanese Company Koikeya Develops Fruity Chips for Breakfast • 426 views
Goat Landscaper Services

14 Goat Landscaper Services

Amazon Home's Lawn Care Service Lets Homeowners Rent Goats for Grazing • 379 views
Steak-Infused Cocktails

15 Steak-Infused Cocktails

The Macdonald Windsor Celebrates Beef Week with an Upscale Meat Drink • 271 views
Mouse-Catching Cat Rentals

16 Mouse-Catching Cat Rentals

The Handy App for Cleaning Lets People Foster Cats to Get Rid of Mice • 244 views