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Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

From Taxidermy-Themed Weddings to Inflatable Fish Fashions • 393,104 views
Distorted Fashion Photography

2 Distorted Fashion Photography

Asger Carlsen Puts His Own Spin on Resort Fashion for The Cut • 19,355 views
Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

3 Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

A Series of Hybrid Sculptural Seating Assumes Everyday Objects • 11,988 views
Inside-Out Homes

4 Inside-Out Homes

This Andrew Maynard Architects Design is Intentionally Incomplete • 6,237 views
Humanized Leather Accessories

5 Humanized Leather Accessories

Konstantin Kofta's Unique Backpacks Resemble Human Skin and Limbs • 4,065 views
Pizza Condom Packaging

6 Pizza Condom Packaging

This Clever Packaging Design Combines Pizza and Condoms • 2,766 views
Animal Vision Helmets

7 Animal Vision Helmets

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly's Helmets Helps Humans See What Animals Do • 2,093 views
Bizarre Birthing Apps

8 Bizarre Birthing Apps

This Frozen App Helps Anna Deliver Her Baby • 1,174 views
Ghost Hunting Photography

9 Ghost Hunting Photography

Elizabeth Moran Explores a Spiritual Presence in her Former Home • 1,166 views
Frog Juice Concoctions

10 Frog Juice Concoctions

Frog Juice is Being Used in the Andean Mountains to Alleviate Illness • 1,000 views
Bizarre Dating Games

11 Bizarre Dating Games

Mousou Mansion Lets You Go on Dates with Food, Animals & TV Characters • 834 views
Holiday Hypnosis Services

12 Holiday Hypnosis Services

Virgin Holidays Has Paul Mckenna Induce a Vacation High on the Public • 515 views
Body Part Cabinet Handles

13 Body Part Cabinet Handles

Tongue Pulls and Ear Pulls Make Opening Cupboards Feel Like Bullying • 451 views
DNA-Based Meal Plans

14 DNA-Based Meal Plans

GenoVive Develops and Delivers Personal Diets From DNA • 411 views
Mobile Restroom Solutions

15 Mobile Restroom Solutions

San Francisco's Tenderloin Pit Stop Addresses Human Waste in Public • 348 views
Robotic Cuisine Critics

16 Robotic Cuisine Critics

This Thai Food Robot is Supposed to Standardize Thai Food Internationally • 328 views
Flexible Fold-Up Keyboards

17 Flexible Fold-Up Keyboards

The Adesso Keyboard Can Be Rolled Up, Tucked Away & Carried Anywhere • 321 views
Snow Shoveling Tours

18 Snow Shoveling Tours

This Unusual Winter Tour in Japan Has City-Dwellers Get Out & Shovel Snow • 290 views
Cheesy Pizza Chocolates

19 Cheesy Pizza Chocolates

Tirol's Unique Chocolate Bar Tastes Like Biting into a Slice of Pizza • 286 views
Cookie-Flavored Milks

20 Cookie-Flavored Milks

This Cookie Milk is Smooth and Free of Crumbs • 283 views