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Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

1 Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

These Unusual High Heels Feature Intricate Octopus Tentacles • 19,610 views
Hooked Ice Cream Cones

2 Hooked Ice Cream Cones

New York Food Truck Play J Ice Cream Offers Phallic-Looking J Cone Treats • 6,330 views
43 Examples of Unusual Candy Bars

3 43 Examples of Unusual Candy Bars

From Chip-Infused Chocolates to Bean-Flavored Chocolate Bars • 2,778 views
Alpaca Wedding Rentals

4 Alpaca Wedding Rentals

This Hotel Allows Couples to Rent an Alpaca for Their Wedding Service • 613 views
Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken

5 Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken

This Bizarre Chicken Dish Comes in Three Different Fruit Flavors • 546 views
Imitation Watermelon Cakes

6 Imitation Watermelon Cakes

The 'Suika Baumkuchen' Mimics the Look and Flavor of a Summer Fruit • 509 views
Sushi-Inspired Ice Cream

7 Sushi-Inspired Ice Cream

Japan's Iwasaka Serves Soft Sushi Ice Cream in a Cone • 436 views
Meaty Cotton Candy Confections

8 Meaty Cotton Candy Confections

This Bizarre Dish Combines Sweet Candy Floss with Savory Pork Belly • 395 views
Nose-Ingested Alcohol Clouds

9 Nose-Ingested Alcohol Clouds

This Bar Combines Meteorology and Mixology for a Boozy Adventure • 366 views
Sushi-Flavored Chips

10 Sushi-Flavored Chips

Calbee's Sushi Snack Mimics the Flavor of O-Toro Tuna • 343 views
Fish-Flavored Candies

11 Fish-Flavored Candies

This Unique Candy from UHA and Sanrio Looks and Tastes Like Salmon • 328 views
Western Breakfast Sushi

12 Western Breakfast Sushi

Sushiro Reinvents the Traditional Egg Sushi with a Twist • 291 views
Music-Infused Gin

13 Music-Infused Gin

This Rogue Society Bottle Combines Music and Gin by Including an EP Download • 174 views
Chip-Encrusted Fries

14 Chip-Encrusted Fries

Burger King is Now Testing Cheesy Chips That are Coated in Doritos Crumbs • 168 views
Eel-Flavored Sodas

15 Eel-Flavored Sodas

Kimura Inryou's 'Unagi Cola' Boasts a Unique Drink Flavor • 132 views
French Fry Taco Shells

16 French Fry Taco Shells

This Delicious Taco Brings Together a Hamburger and Fries in an Usual Way • 83 views
Multi-Pocket Shirts

17 Multi-Pocket Shirts

This Shirt with Pockets Strives to Create Conversation • 40 views


50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

1 50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

From Bloody Mary Popsicles to Boozy Cucumber Ice Pops • 8,674 views
40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

2 40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

From Mac & Cheese Burger Buns to Cheesy Macaroni Waffles • 7,981 views
Gripping Gang Portraits

3 Gripping Gang Portraits

Jono Rotman Photographed Haunting Portraits of Mob Members • 5,214 views
20 Alternative Water Beverages

4 20 Alternative Water Beverages

From Prickly Pear Water to Energizing Matcha Water • 2,825 views
Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

5 Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

'Light Origami' by Masakazu Shirane & Saya Miyazaki is Illuminating • 2,760 views
Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

6 Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

'BuzzFeed Food' Has Whipped Up the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe • 2,173 views
Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

7 Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

'Cannabistro' is a Pop-Up Diner Serving Gourmet Herb Dishes • 1,867 views
Quirky Language Illustrations

8 Quirky Language Illustrations

These Australian Idiom Graphics Teach You to Speak 'Strayan' • 1,344 views
Inside-Out Jeans

9 Inside-Out Jeans

The Movie 'Back to the Future' Inspired These Unique Jeans • 1,128 views
Hot Dog Pizza Crusts

10 Hot Dog Pizza Crusts

The Latest Hybrid Pizza from Pizza Hut Features a Unique Frank-Filled Crust • 924 views
Water Bottle Undies

11 Water Bottle Undies

In Japan People are Able to Purchase Bottle Panties From Vending Machines • 915 views
Masquerade Self-Portraits

12 Masquerade Self-Portraits

This Artist Covers His Entire Head with Numerous Random Materials • 757 views
Cheesy Meta Pizzas

13 Cheesy Meta Pizzas

Vinnie's Pizzeria Now Serves a Pizza Topped with Pizza Slices • 755 views
Realistic Fossil Chocolates

14 Realistic Fossil Chocolates

Sarah Hardy Turns Real Fossils into Novelty Chocolate Treats • 755 views
Hamburger Monster Lamps

15 Hamburger Monster Lamps

Japanese Brand UNDERCOVER Released an Eye-Catching Hamburger Lamp • 565 views
Chip-Flavored Hummus

16 Chip-Flavored Hummus

This Unexpected Hummus Recipe Mimics the Taste of 'Cool Ranch Doritos' • 501 views
Panda-Heeled Pumps

17 Panda-Heeled Pumps

The Tian Tian Pumps Exhibit an Unconventional Panda Heel • 355 views
Deep-Fried Coffee Grounds

18 Deep-Fried Coffee Grounds

The Bacon-A-Fair Lets You Eat a Drink with a Deep-Fried Starbucks Snack • 276 views
Donut-Inspired Sausages

19 Donut-Inspired Sausages

The 'Dausage' is a Strange New Hybrid Pastry Made Out of Sausage • 254 views
Chinese Dance Apps

20 Chinese Dance Apps

The Dancing App Teaches the Moves of Old Ladies Performing in Public Squares • 187 views