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50 Unique Japanese Products

1 50 Unique Japanese Products

From Eel-Flavored Sodas to Bust-Toning Hand Massagers • 214,290 views
Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

2 Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Helps Create a Perkier Bust • 21,121 views
52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

3 52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics • 10,303 views
16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

4 16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

From Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken to Squid Ink Cheeseburgers • 5,089 views
Female Urination Devices

5 Female Urination Devices

This Pee Funnel Helps Women Urinate in Public Places Without Toilets • 1,602 views
Sauce-Covered Burgers

6 Sauce-Covered Burgers

Mos Burger's Newest Menu Item is a Crazy Burger Drenched in Sauce • 1,541 views
22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

7 22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

From Garlic-Flavored Sodas to Chocolate-Infused Sodas • 1,021 views
Automotive Yoga Studios

8 Automotive Yoga Studios

Momo's Yoga in the Car Classes are Taught in the Back of an SUV • 860 views
50 Carnival-Themed Creations

9 50 Carnival-Themed Creations

From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Realistic Ballon Animals • 690 views
Neon-Colored Noodles

10 Neon-Colored Noodles

This Japanese Artist Dyed a Bowl of Udon Noodles Pink and Blue • 658 views
Brightly Colored Burgers

11 Brightly Colored Burgers

KFC China is Generating Intrigue with Pink and Black Burger Buns • 595 views
Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

12 Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

This Chinese Resort Holds Beer Chugging Races to Gain Free Entry • 576 views
Historic Castle Escapes

13 Historic Castle Escapes

'Casa Loma' Recently Became the New Backdrop for an Escape Room Adventure • 463 views
Ramen Noodle Vending Machines

14 Ramen Noodle Vending Machines

This Unconventional Vending Machine Provides Savory Noodle Dishes • 393 views
Toast-Flavored Waters

15 Toast-Flavored Waters

This Bizarre Water Beverage is Designed to Taste Just Like Baked Bread • 340 views
Pink Hamburger Buns

16 Pink Hamburger Buns

These Pink Burgers are the Latest Menu Offering from KFC China • 321 views
Excessive Floral Sunglasses

17 Excessive Floral Sunglasses

These Butterfly Sunglasses Feature a Floral Explosion • 295 views
Crustacean-Based Inks

18 Crustacean-Based Inks

This Natural Ink Collection is Made from Sea Life • 275 views
Meat Cake Snacks

19 Meat Cake Snacks

The Momotan Aged Meat Flavored Snacks Taste Like Month-Old Meat • 206 views
Bizarre Retro Chip Flavors

20 Bizarre Retro Chip Flavors

This British Chip Campaign Resurrects Five Lost Flavors • 131 views


Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

1 Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

These Unusual High Heels Feature Intricate Octopus Tentacles • 30,258 views
28 Insect-Infused Edibles

2 28 Insect-Infused Edibles

These Dishes and Drinks Make It Easy to Eat Insects • 1,216 views
Chocolate Coffee Potatoes

3 Chocolate Coffee Potatoes

This Recipe for Grilled Chocolate-Covered Potatoes is Highly Unusual • 1,151 views
Fish-Flavored Candies

4 Fish-Flavored Candies

This Unique Candy from UHA and Sanrio Looks and Tastes Like Salmon • 999 views
Nose-Ingested Alcohol Clouds

5 Nose-Ingested Alcohol Clouds

This Bar Combines Meteorology and Mixology for a Boozy Adventure • 909 views
Alpaca Wedding Rentals

6 Alpaca Wedding Rentals

This Hotel Allows Couples to Rent an Alpaca for Their Wedding Service • 855 views
Ambient Yoga Classes

7 Ambient Yoga Classes

These Unique Yoga Classes are Set to the Sounds of Industrial Sludge • 805 views
Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken

8 Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken

This Bizarre Chicken Dish Comes in Three Different Fruit Flavors • 762 views
Blueberry Dessert Sushi

9 Blueberry Dessert Sushi

Genki Sushi's Sweet Sushi Dish Uses Cream Cheese, Cereal & Berries • 720 views
Imitation Watermelon Cakes

10 Imitation Watermelon Cakes

The 'Suika Baumkuchen' Mimics the Look and Flavor of a Summer Fruit • 604 views
Music-Infused Gin

11 Music-Infused Gin

This Rogue Society Bottle Combines Music and Gin by Including an EP Download • 541 views
Meaty Cotton Candy Confections

12 Meaty Cotton Candy Confections

This Bizarre Dish Combines Sweet Candy Floss with Savory Pork Belly • 534 views
Reality-Bending Playing Cards

13 Reality-Bending Playing Cards

This Unusual Deck of Cards is Specifically Designed to Confuse Users • 513 views
Sushi-Inspired Ice Cream

14 Sushi-Inspired Ice Cream

Japan's Iwasaka Serves Soft Sushi Ice Cream in a Cone • 503 views
Sushi-Flavored Chips

15 Sushi-Flavored Chips

Calbee's Sushi Snack Mimics the Flavor of O-Toro Tuna • 375 views
Cooling Fan Umbrellas

16 Cooling Fan Umbrellas

The Rurudo is a Cool Umbrella That Provides Shade and Cooling with a Blade • 360 views
Western Breakfast Sushi

17 Western Breakfast Sushi

Sushiro Reinvents the Traditional Egg Sushi with a Twist • 338 views
Chip-Encrusted Fries

18 Chip-Encrusted Fries

Burger King is Now Testing Cheesy Chips That are Coated in Doritos Crumbs • 256 views
Shrimp-Infused Pizzas

19 Shrimp-Infused Pizzas

This Strange Pizza Features Dough Pockets with Various Unusual Fillings • 222 views
Faux Fur Chokers

20 Faux Fur Chokers

Dogbreath Apparel's Fur Choker Boasts a 90s Grunge Aesthetic • 222 views