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Unconventional Love Portraiture

1 Unconventional Love Portraiture

This Unusual Photography Series Depicts a Life-Like Doll • 2,085 views
Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

2 Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

The 'Psychic Curry T-shirt' is a Realistic Print of Japanese Curry • 1,234 views
Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

3 Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

Mio Izawa's Art Pieces Merge Technology with Organs • 1,157 views
17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

4 17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

From Camel Milk Chocolates to Gorilla Milk Beverages • 925 views
High-End Canine Wines

5 High-End Canine Wines

Apollo Peak Recently Debuted a Line of Dog-friendly Wines • 822 views
Cheesy Nail Designs

6 Cheesy Nail Designs

These Swiss Cheese Nails are a Holey Manicure Option • 656 views
Olympic Waterfall Installations

7 Olympic Waterfall Installations

Mariko Mori Placed a Large Ring Above a Waterfall to Signify Unity • 475 views
Cooperative Dining Tables

8 Cooperative Dining Tables

'Sati Tala' is a Dining Table for Two with a Balancing Tabletop • 437 views
Daring Granny Documentries

9 Daring Granny Documentries

Grandmas Smoke & Get Introduced to Youth Culture on This Channel 4 Show • 420 views
Bikini-Clad Promotional Stunts

10 Bikini-Clad Promotional Stunts

This Russian Gas Station is Giving Away Fuel to Anyone in a Bikini • 390 views
Monstrous Museum Exhibitions

11 Monstrous Museum Exhibitions

LACMA Hosts an Eerie Exhibit of Guillermo del Toro's Creative Process • 373 views
Bagel-Muffin Hybrids

12 Bagel-Muffin Hybrids

The 'Mufgel' Combines the Best Parts of Bagels and Muffins • 345 views
Fantasy-Inspired Concerts

13 Fantasy-Inspired Concerts

This Game of Thrones Concert Transports Audiences to the Seven Kingdoms • 320 views
Insect-Infused Ice Cream

14 Insect-Infused Ice Cream

This Japanese Soft Serve Ice Cream is Filled with Locusts and Wormwood • 207 views
Video Game Console Onesies

15 Video Game Console Onesies

The Xbox Onesie is Perfect for Gaming Marathons • 194 views
Fried Chicken-Scented Lotions

16 Fried Chicken-Scented Lotions

KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen Features the Scent of Fried Chicken • 166 views
Insect-Covered Comfort Food

17 Insect-Covered Comfort Food

Bug Bistro is Debuting Two Insect-Topped Dishes at This Year's CNE • 130 views
Camel Milk Chocolates

18 Camel Milk Chocolates

'Al Nassma Chocolate' is Made from Camel's Milk • 106 views
Intricate Hair Portraits

19 Intricate Hair Portraits

Wang Xiaojiu Creates Hair Art Out of Salon Clippings • 103 views
Pork-Topped Pastries

20 Pork-Topped Pastries

The 2016 Canadian National Exhibition Will Serve Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls • 94 views


Wearable Feline Headpieces

1 Wearable Feline Headpieces

Artist Housetu Sato Makes Photo-Realistic Fantasy Cat Heads • 22,656 views
100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

2 100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

From Realistic Character Art to Dinosaur Interpretations • 19,503 views
Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

3 Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

The 'Museum of Ice Cream' is a Must-See for Dessert Enthusiasts • 1,649 views
Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

4 Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

This Fun Candy Features the Mona Lisa and Zombies • 1,301 views
Excrement-Themed Cafes

5 Excrement-Themed Cafes

This Toronto Dessert Restaurant is Looking to Change Peoples' Ideas of Poop • 1,068 views
Fast Food Robot Chefs

6 Fast Food Robot Chefs

Momentum Machines is Opening a Robot Fast Food Joint in San Francisco • 975 views
Blossoming Flower Livestreams

7 Blossoming Flower Livestreams

This Broadcast Captures the Corpse Flower's Once-in-a-Decade Bloom • 871 views
Genesis Ark Buildings

8 Genesis Ark Buildings

'The Ark Encounter' is Inspired by the Noah's Ark Story • 792 views
Exploratory Handbag Photography

9 Exploratory Handbag Photography

Sergei Stroitelev Captures What's Inside Women's Purses • 452 views
Burger-Shaped Pizzas

10 Burger-Shaped Pizzas

Domino's India is Selling an Unusual Burger-Inspired Pizza • 432 views
Emoji Coloring Books

11 Emoji Coloring Books

'Kittens, Hearts, and Poo' is a Coloring Book for Emoji-Loving Millenials • 384 views
3D Printing Restaurants

12 3D Printing Restaurants

Food Ink is Now Launching Its First Restaurant in London, UK • 340 views
Gamified Anime Marathons

13 Gamified Anime Marathons

Runners Can Play 'Pokémon Go' at Virgin Active's 'Pokérun' • 310 views
Sour Cucumber Ales

14 Sour Cucumber Ales

This Collaborative Golden Ale Boasts a Distinctive Tart Flavor • 292 views
Blue Algae Lattes

15 Blue Algae Lattes

Matcha Mylkbar's 'Smurf Latte' Has a Strange Sweet and Sour Taste • 264 views
Stylish Sushi Knapsacks

16 Stylish Sushi Knapsacks

These Sushi Backpacks Resemble the Iconic Seafood Dish • 215 views
Turnip-Flavored Gin

17 Turnip-Flavored Gin

This Unique Gin Liquor is Flavored with Turnips, Berries and Herbs • 167 views
Ninja-Inspired Hot Dogs

18 Ninja-Inspired Hot Dogs

IKEA Japan Introduced an All-Black Addition to its Food Menu • 145 views
Dessert-Topped Corn Snacks

19 Dessert-Topped Corn Snacks

The Dominque Ansel Bakery Japan Serves a Corn and Ice Cream Treat • 124 views
Carbonated Face Masks

20 Carbonated Face Masks

Elizavecca's Clay Face Mask Blends Carbonated Water, Green Tea and Charcoal • 121 views