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Top 40 Bizarre Ideas in November

1 Top 40 Bizarre Ideas in November

From Cookie-Flavored Water to Jail Cell Accommodations • 48,084 views
29 Alternative Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

2 29 Alternative Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

From Turkey Meal Pastries to Thai Turkey Meatballs • 3,060 views
Virtual Reality Immersion Art

3 Virtual Reality Immersion Art

The 'Seeing I' Project Will Explore Our Relationship With Technology • 2,531 views
Micro-Sized Advertisements

4 Micro-Sized Advertisements

These Small Ads from Sony Highlight the Precision of 4K TV Technology • 2,081 views
Chocolate-Flavored Chips

5 Chocolate-Flavored Chips

Pringles' White and Milk Chocolate Chip Flavor Beckons Sweet Tooths • 1,489 views
Bug-Infused Holiday Pies

6 Bug-Infused Holiday Pies

These 'Mince Flies' Normalize Eating a Bug as a Source of Holiday Protein • 1,166 views
Flatulence-Scenting Supplements

7 Flatulence-Scenting Supplements

Christian Poincheval Creates a Pill to Make Farts Smell Pleasant • 730 views
Samurai Sword Haircuts

8 Samurai Sword Haircuts

This Salon in Vietnam Lets You Get a Haircut with a Samurai Sword • 665 views
Insect Wine Pairings

9 Insect Wine Pairings

Laithwaite's Unique Wine Pairings Suggest the Best Bugs to Go with Wine • 650 views
Festive Sweater Rentals

10 Festive Sweater Rentals

Rent the Runway Lets You Rent an Ugly Holiday Sweater for Christmas • 521 views
Dinner-Eating Live Streams

11 Dinner-Eating Live Streams

The Diva of Afreeca TV Eats Dinner to a Live Audience on a Daily Basis • 507 views
Mountain Top Buildings

12 Mountain Top Buildings

Doctor Zhang Biqing Created an Elaborate Rooftop in Beijing, China • 423 views
Tweeting Food Sensors

13 Tweeting Food Sensors

This Twitter Food Sensor Shares a Tweet with Every Bite • 411 views
Chocolate Pork Rinds

14 Chocolate Pork Rinds

Oink, Oink Pork Rinds Are Covered with White and Milk Chocolate • 359 views
Festive Beard Baubles

15 Festive Beard Baubles

These Baubles Allow Your Face to Become an Ornament • 358 views


Artistic Skin Manipulation

1 Artistic Skin Manipulation

Juuke Schoorl's Skin Art Stretches Skin to Make Different Shapes • 86,586 views
Top 45 Bizarre Ideas in October

2 Top 45 Bizarre Ideas in October

From Sewer Pipe Seating to Musical Meatball Machines • 35,348 views
Movember Mustache Competitions

3 Movember Mustache Competitions

The World Beard and Mustache Championships Feature Interesting 'Dos • 8,399 views
Leaning Cabin Residences

4 Leaning Cabin Residences

Uhlik Architekti's Compact Vacation Home is Supported by a Standing Rock • 6,192 views
Cult Series Halloween Decor

5 Cult Series Halloween Decor

Twin Peaks Halloween Decor Will Get You Excited for the Show's Return • 3,719 views
Experimental Cocktail Bars

6 Experimental Cocktail Bars

This Unique Cocktail Bar in Dallas Serves Unconventional Drinks • 2,909 views
Deliciously Creepy Chocolates

7 Deliciously Creepy Chocolates

Tina Pavlatos Created a Box of Anatomical Treats • 2,777 views
Poison Candy Apples

8 Poison Candy Apples

These Halloween Candy Apples Are Fatally Delicious • 2,627 views
Ghastly Blood Slide Pops

9 Ghastly Blood Slide Pops

This Dexter Lollipop Makes a Gruesome Halloween Treat • 2,238 views
Scary Scorpion Suckers

10 Scary Scorpion Suckers

These Halloween Lollipops Feature a Delicious Arachnid • 1,789 views
Beer-Flavoring Powders

11 Beer-Flavoring Powders

Ajigen's Powdered Packets Let You Customize a Beer Flavor • 1,444 views
Shirt-Pressing Cafes

12 Shirt-Pressing Cafes

This Unique Cafe in Japan Has Maids That Will Iron Your Garments • 1,405 views
Cookie-Flavored Water

13 Cookie-Flavored Water

This Flavored Sparkling Water Tastes Like a Chocolate Chip Cookie • 1,325 views
Scary Poster Pranks

14 Scary Poster Pranks

This Amusement Park Promotion Advertises a Terrifying Ride in a Creepy Way • 1,302 views
Solo Wedding Services

15 Solo Wedding Services

Cerca Travel's Solo Wedding Package Helps Women Become a Bride for a Day • 1,254 views
Spicy Wasabi Toothpastes

16 Spicy Wasabi Toothpastes

Wasabi-Flavored Toothpaste Will Definitely Wake You Up in the Morning • 1,175 views
Rice-Flavored Ice Creams

17 Rice-Flavored Ice Creams

Aso Natural's Unique Ice Cream Flavor Takes After Brown Rice • 1,065 views
Posting Plushie Mobiles

18 Posting Plushie Mobiles

The Baby Social Media Toys Take Selfies and Upload Them to Social Accounts • 1,051 views
Brain-Covered Biscuits

19 Brain-Covered Biscuits

This Brain Cookie Will Become an Instant Zombie-Favorite • 1,037 views
Fruit-Flavored Weiners

20 Fruit-Flavored Weiners

There is Now Such a Thing as Strawberry and Lemon-Flavored Hot Dogs • 1,007 views