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Morbidly Funny Photo Books

1 Morbidly Funny Photo Books

The 'Crap Taxidermy' Book is Full of Badly Stuffed Animals • 29,449 views
Contorted Body Portraits

2 Contorted Body Portraits

This Image Series Features a Man Posing in Pretzel-Like Shapes • 2,069 views
Realistic Fashion Model Replicas

3 Realistic Fashion Model Replicas

This Model Doll is a 3D-Printed Version of a Real-Life Model • 1,911 views
Bejeweled Runway Masks

4 Bejeweled Runway Masks

The Givenchy’s Spring Runway Show Featured Romantic Lace Masks • 1,721 views
Stretchy Ice Cream Treats

5 Stretchy Ice Cream Treats

This Restaurateur Has Developed Ice Cream with an Elastic Texture • 1,263 views
Freaky Victorian Portraits

6 Freaky Victorian Portraits

This Portrait Series Regally Depicts Real-Life Sideshow Freaks • 1,068 views
Morbid Delivery Coffins

7 Morbid Delivery Coffins Will Deliver Your Order in a Life-Sized Custom Coffin • 1,052 views
Spider-Proof Sheds

8 Spider-Proof Sheds

This Garden Shed is Perfect for Anyone Suffering from a Case of Arachnophobia • 1,037 views
Spooky Black Contacts

9 Spooky Black Contacts

These Eerie Blackout Contact Lenses are Perfect for Halloween • 1,036 views
Postmortem Preserved Tattoos

10 Postmortem Preserved Tattoos

NAPSA is a Tattoo Group That Gives Skin Art Life After Death • 946 views
Exaggerated Collaborative Fashion

11 Exaggerated Collaborative Fashion

This VFiles S/S Line Features Designs by Five Youthful Creatives • 861 views
Heroic Fruit Carvings

12 Heroic Fruit Carvings

These Images Show Carved Kiwis as Pop Culture Icons Such as Batman • 773 views
Adorable Therapeutic Horses

13 Adorable Therapeutic Horses

These Miniature Horses Help Victims of Traumatic Events • 635 views
Miniature Tooth Tattoos

14 Miniature Tooth Tattoos

These Minuscule Designs are Engraved Onto Tooth's Surface • 479 views
Architectural Food Pyramids

15 Architectural Food Pyramids

These Food Pyramids are Hand-Built Using Candies and Cookies • 355 views
Tomato-Charcoal Face Masks

16 Tomato-Charcoal Face Masks

This Charcoal Face Mask is Blended with Tomatoes to Further Fight Acne • 352 views
Tongue-Exercising Devices

17 Tongue-Exercising Devices

The Tongue Turn Silicone Mouth Sticker is Meant to Reduce Signs of Aging • 325 views
Surreal Symmetrical Art

18 Surreal Symmetrical Art

These Symmetrical Abstract Images Mix Feminine Motifs and Botanicals • 315 views
Multifunctional Magazine Ponchos

19 Multifunctional Magazine Ponchos

This Issue of Dodo Magazine Turns into a Plastic Rain Poncho • 282 views
Realistic Food Hair Clips

20 Realistic Food Hair Clips

These Food-Mimicking Fashion Accessories are Taking Off in China • 273 views


50 Unique Japanese Products

1 50 Unique Japanese Products

From Eel-Flavored Sodas to Bust-Toning Hand Massagers • 237,502 views
Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

2 Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Helps Create a Perkier Bust • 22,445 views
52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

3 52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics • 15,920 views
16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

4 16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

From Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken to Squid Ink Cheeseburgers • 7,872 views
Half-Human Sculptures

5 Half-Human Sculptures

These Abstract Sculptures Represent Human Body Parts in Provoking Ways • 2,460 views
Female Urination Devices

6 Female Urination Devices

This Pee Funnel Helps Women Urinate in Public Places Without Toilets • 2,145 views
22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

7 22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

From Garlic-Flavored Sodas to Chocolate-Infused Sodas • 1,579 views
Alien-Eyed Sunglasses

8 Alien-Eyed Sunglasses

Dolls Kill's Extraterrestrial Sunglasses are Out of This World • 1,577 views
Werewolf Dog Muzzles

9 Werewolf Dog Muzzles

This Bizzare Dog Muzzle Turns Puppies into Ferocious Beasts • 1,280 views
Automotive Yoga Studios

10 Automotive Yoga Studios

Momo's Yoga in the Car Classes are Taught in the Back of an SUV • 1,112 views
50 Carnival-Themed Creations

11 50 Carnival-Themed Creations

From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Realistic Ballon Animals • 950 views
Brightly Colored Burgers

12 Brightly Colored Burgers

KFC China is Generating Intrigue with Pink and Black Burger Buns • 899 views
Celebrity Food Portraits

13 Celebrity Food Portraits

These Paintings of X Factor Judges are Made Out of Yogurt and Fruit • 729 views
Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

14 Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

This Chinese Resort Holds Beer Chugging Races to Gain Free Entry • 726 views
Ramen Noodle Vending Machines

15 Ramen Noodle Vending Machines

This Unconventional Vending Machine Provides Savory Noodle Dishes • 698 views
Neon-Colored Noodles

16 Neon-Colored Noodles

This Japanese Artist Dyed a Bowl of Udon Noodles Pink and Blue • 679 views
Dirt-Based Posters

17 Dirt-Based Posters

Marian Bantjes Created a Poster for AGI Using Sand and Dirt from Her Travels • 578 views
Historic Castle Escapes

18 Historic Castle Escapes

'Casa Loma' Recently Became the New Backdrop for an Escape Room Adventure • 514 views
Pink Hamburger Buns

19 Pink Hamburger Buns

These Pink Burgers are the Latest Menu Offering from KFC China • 367 views
Toast-Flavored Waters

20 Toast-Flavored Waters

This Bizarre Water Beverage is Designed to Taste Just Like Baked Bread • 360 views