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Novelty Macho Restaurants

1 Novelty Macho Restaurants

The 'Macho Meat Shop' in Tokyo Features Muscular Male Servers • 3,850 views
Surreal Body Portraits

2 Surreal Body Portraits

These Portraits by ÁNgela Burón Play with the Perception of the Human Body • 2,062 views
Gender-Bending Celebrity Images

3 Gender-Bending Celebrity Images

These Images Paste Actors' Faces Onto Traditional Chinese Ads • 1,245 views
Sagging Face Photography

4 Sagging Face Photography

This Series by Flora Borsi Shows Distorted Faces to Boast Surrealism • 1,213 views
Livestock Road Signs

5 Livestock Road Signs

This Ad Uses Farm Animals as Road Signs to Encourage Safe Driving • 1,169 views
Abstract Human Figurines

6 Abstract Human Figurines

This Abstract Sculpture Series Shows Creatively Mutated People • 1,036 views
Disney Princess Trial Photography

7 Disney Princess Trial Photography

These Photographs Re-Imagined Disney Princesses as War Criminals • 838 views
Death-Exploring Exhibitions

8 Death-Exploring Exhibitions

Death: The Human Experience Contains Skeletons, Mummies and Coffins • 570 views
Quirky Pen Glasses

9 Quirky Pen Glasses

These Novelty Pens Fold Into an Unusually Shaped Storage Case • 508 views
Graphic Rabbit Cardigans

10 Graphic Rabbit Cardigans

The Cardigan Sweater from FR2 Features a Subtle Hidden Pattern • 402 views
Food-Fighting Mustache Protectors

11 Food-Fighting Mustache Protectors

The 'Stache Shield' Protects Mustached Men from Food and Drinks • 398 views
Undead Novelty Plants

12 Undead Novelty Plants

The 'Zombie Plant' Plays Dead and Comes Back to Life • 357 views
Face-Planting Travel Pillows

13 Face-Planting Travel Pillows

This Unusual Face Pillow Lets Flyers Sleep Without Having to Recline • 285 views
White Citrus Sodas

14 White Citrus Sodas

This Japanese Pepsi White Beverage is Being Released for Christmas • 249 views
Dental Wedding Bands

15 Dental Wedding Bands

This Wisdom Tooth Engagement Ring is Surprisingly Beautiful • 166 views
Legal Condition Comics

16 Legal Condition Comics

An Illustrator Created This Comic Adaptation of the iTunes Legal Terms • 163 views
Companionship-Encouraging Curry Dishes

17 Companionship-Encouraging Curry Dishes

This Microwavable Curry is Designed for Single Men • 159 views
Alluring Voice Alarms

18 Alluring Voice Alarms

This Talking Alarm App Wakes Sleepers Up with Sultry Male Voices • 67 views
Chocolate Peanut Butter Burgers

19 Chocolate Peanut Butter Burgers

This Bizarre Gourmet Burger is Stuffed Full of Reese's Cups • 52 views
Mascot-Themed Corn Mazes

20 Mascot-Themed Corn Mazes

This KFC Corn Maze Makes You Navigate Around Colonel Sanders' Face • 45 views


Freaky Victorian Portraits

1 Freaky Victorian Portraits

This Portrait Series Regally Depicts Real-Life Sideshow Freaks • 2,306 views
Venetian Carnival Couture

2 Venetian Carnival Couture

The Vivienne Westwood Spring Collection Promotes Crazy Circus Looks • 2,224 views
Morbid Delivery Coffins

3 Morbid Delivery Coffins Will Deliver Your Order in a Life-Sized Custom Coffin • 1,826 views
Opulent Palatial Trucks

4 Opulent Palatial Trucks

This Luxury Truck Was Designed to Meet the Needs of a Member of Royalty • 1,716 views
Dog Surfing Photographs

5 Dog Surfing Photographs

This Surf Dog Contest Includes Costumes and a Red Carpet • 1,458 views
Heroic Fruit Carvings

6 Heroic Fruit Carvings

These Images Show Carved Kiwis as Pop Culture Icons Such as Batman • 1,425 views
Avant-Garde Wedding Gowns

7 Avant-Garde Wedding Gowns

The Yumi Katsura Fall Collection Offers Wildly Bizarre Bridal Looks • 1,387 views
Brow-Stretching Devices

8 Brow-Stretching Devices

This Device Helps to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles from Forming • 1,366 views
Members-Only Coffee Shops

9 Members-Only Coffee Shops

This Small Cafe in New York Offers Bottomless Coffee for a Monthly Fee • 1,062 views
Bizarre Full Body Onesies

10 Bizarre Full Body Onesies

The Dame Gi Onesie Ensures You Stay Warm and Cozy • 1,036 views
Anatomical Balloon Sculptures

11 Anatomical Balloon Sculptures

This Inflatable Art Project Recreates Organs of the Human Body • 946 views
Quirky Moustache Pageants

12 Quirky Moustache Pageants

These Beard Championships Showcase & Award the Most Bizarre Facial Hair • 892 views
10 Atypical Drive-Throughs

13 10 Atypical Drive-Throughs

From Drive-Through Grocery Stores to Floating Fast Food Barges • 806 views
Dissected Yarn Animals

14 Dissected Yarn Animals

'aKNITomy' by Emily Stoneking Resembles Anatomical Animal Drawings • 703 views
Cozy Cat Cowls

15 Cozy Cat Cowls

These Cute Cat Cowls Make Your Furry Friend Even More Adorable • 701 views
Tongue-Exercising Devices

16 Tongue-Exercising Devices

The Tongue Turn Silicone Mouth Sticker is Meant to Reduce Signs of Aging • 562 views
Cannon Ball Liquor Stunts

17 Cannon Ball Liquor Stunts

Captain Morgan Will Celebrate 'Cannon Blast' with a Human Cannon Ball • 502 views
Ghost-Hunting Apps

18 Ghost-Hunting Apps

This App Helps Users Detect Paranormal Activity in Their Home • 453 views
Confectionery Beer Pairings

19 Confectionery Beer Pairings

These Unusual Candy and Beer Pairings Complement One Another • 392 views
Luxury Chicken Daycares

20 Luxury Chicken Daycares

Leave Your Pet Chicken at This Daycare While You are on Vacation • 341 views