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Hot Sauce-Covered Cars

1 Hot Sauce-Covered Cars

The 2017 Lexus Sriracha IS Is a Food-Themed Car with Hot Sauce in the Paint • 2,370 views
Artisan Leather Body Accessories

2 Artisan Leather Body Accessories

'Sampedro Accesories' Offers Luxurious Handmade Jewelry and More • 755 views
Breakfast Pancake Burgers

3 Breakfast Pancake Burgers

Eggs ‘N Things is Sharing Unusual In-House Recipes with the Public • 593 views
Self-Referential Clocks

4 Self-Referential Clocks

This Meta Clock's Design Features Several Clocks Within It • 584 views
Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

5 Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

In Japan, Domino's Pizza Delivery is Being Offered with Santa's Fleet • 526 views
Ultra-Realistic T-Rex Costumes

6 Ultra-Realistic T-Rex Costumes

ON-ART Corporation's 'Dino-a-Live' Costumes Require Just One Actor • 471 views
Soup-Scented Bath Salts

7 Soup-Scented Bath Salts

Village Vanguard's Bath Salts Smell Like Various Soup Flavors • 312 views
Blue Tea Beverages

8 Blue Tea Beverages

The 'Anchan Blue Tea' Gets Its Vibrant Color from the Butterfly Pea Herb • 279 views
Novelty Inflatable Unicorns

9 Novelty Inflatable Unicorns

Firebox's 'Giant Inflatable Unicorn' is a Mythical Novelty Decor Item • 243 views
Stone-Faced Found-Art Museums

10 Stone-Faced Found-Art Museums

The 'Chinsekikan' Museum Features Rocks That Look Like Human Faces • 204 views
Massive Puppet Museums

11 Massive Puppet Museums

Moon Hoon's 'Pino Familia' Museum is a Shrine to a Kids' Character • 134 views
Stress-Relieving Scream Rooms

12 Stress-Relieving Scream Rooms

This Bookstore in Cairo Has a Room for Youths to Release Their Anger • 88 views
Posh Rat Burgers

13 Posh Rat Burgers

Moscow's 'Krasnodar Bistro' Serves Burger Made from River Rat Meat • 82 views
Phobic Album Art

14 Phobic Album Art

L'Enfant's 'Fear of...' EP Art Contains Postmodern Images of Various Phobias • 68 views
Mystical Bathroom Fresheners

15 Mystical Bathroom Fresheners

'Unicorn Gold' is a New Bathroom Spray from Squatty Potty • 61 views
Raw Fish Burgers

16 Raw Fish Burgers

Sushiro's 'Saba Burger' is Made with a Slice of Uncooked Mackerel • 59 views


Robotic Body Paintings

1 Robotic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho's 'Intimate Illusions' Series Features Futuristic Human Subjects • 3,393 views
Denim Suit Jackets

2 Denim Suit Jackets

Ralph Lauren is Taking the "Canadian Tuxedo" to a New Level • 1,804 views
Embroidered Bread Art

3 Embroidered Bread Art

Terézia Krnáčová's 'Everyday Bread' Project Utilizes Intricate Stitching • 1,593 views
Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

4 Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

Anouk Wipprecht's 'Drinkbot' Dress Pours Cocktail Shooters • 1,055 views
18-Karat Gold Toilets

5 18-Karat Gold Toilets

This Golden Toilet is on Display at a Museum in New York City • 950 views
$80,000 Celebrity Milk Glasses

6 $80,000 Celebrity Milk Glasses

This Odd Justin Bieber Product is Being Sold by Restaurant Staff • 848 views
Deceptive Concrete Sofas

7 Deceptive Concrete Sofas

Four Eight Eight's Concrete Sofa Perfectly Mimics Leather Upholstery • 822 views
Armpit-Sniffing Date Nights

8 Armpit-Sniffing Date Nights

The Romancing the Armpit Event Had Singles Sniffing Out Their Matches • 568 views
Coconut Streaming Devices

9 Coconut Streaming Devices

Multicoco is a TV Streaming Device Housed in a Colombian Coconut • 479 views
Eerie Masked Editorials

10 Eerie Masked Editorials

'So Far So Good' Was Captured by Dylan Myers for 'F*cking Young!' • 469 views
French Fry Milkshake Dips

11 French Fry Milkshake Dips

McDonald's UK Suggests Combining Fries and Milkshakes in an Unusual Way • 367 views
Solo Dining Restaurants

12 Solo Dining Restaurants

Diners at Ichiran Eat in Solitary "Flavor-Concentration" Booths • 308 views
Gelatinous Noodle Desserts

13 Gelatinous Noodle Desserts

This Unique Dessert from The Dessert Kitchen Boasts an Unusual Form • 288 views
Waterproof Leg Protectors

14 Waterproof Leg Protectors

These 'Leg Jackets' are Suitable for Almost Any Outdoor Activity • 264 views
Invasive Species Sushi

15 Invasive Species Sushi

Miya's Sushi Uses Invasive Plant and Animals for Its Fish Sushi • 210 views
Two-Color Curry Dishes

16 Two-Color Curry Dishes

This Translucent Curry Meal from Village Vanguard Combines Unusual Colors • 157 views
Christmas Pie-Flavored Spirits

17 Christmas Pie-Flavored Spirits

This Seasonal Sipsmith Gin Comes in a 'Mince Pie' Variety • 95 views
Pour-Over Curry Snacks

18 Pour-Over Curry Snacks

Drip Currymeshi Tokyo Serves Its Curry Rice Snacks Like Filtered Coffee • 85 views