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9. Garden Herb Cakes

Roberta's Unusual Cake Recipe Gets its Green Color from Parsley & Mint
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Glitzy Selfie Sombreros

1 Glitzy Selfie Sombreros

Dress to Impress with the Acer Selfie-Hat • 3,441 views
Drunken Shakespeare Performances

2 Drunken Shakespeare Performances

A Show by the Drunk Shakespeare Society is a Never Dull Affair • 798 views
Musical Meatball Machines

3 Musical Meatball Machines

Beatballs Lets You Taste Music in the Form of Meatballs • 504 views
Fish Jerky Snacks

4 Fish Jerky Snacks

Otuna's Jerky Meat Snack Swaps Beef for Fish • 448 views
Cosplay Bicycle Races

5 Cosplay Bicycle Races

Japan's Good Smile Racing Cup is a Unique Bike Ride for Cosplayers • 446 views


Nude Reactionary Portraits

1 Nude Reactionary Portraits

Trevor Christensen Strips Down Behind the Lens • 10,900 views
Animal Awareness Tattoos

2 Animal Awareness Tattoos

WWF Russia's Wild Animal Tattoos Encourage Permanent Inking for Awareness • 9,815 views
100 Innovations for Emotional Eaters

3 100 Innovations for Emotional Eaters

From Comfort Food Burgers to Popcorn Chicken Nachos • 7,998 views
14 Unusual Soup Recipes

4 14 Unusual Soup Recipes

From Liquefied Fast Food Soups to Deep-Fried Stew Recipes • 4,836 views
Edible Bathroom Suites

5 Edible Bathroom Suites

This Sweet Belgian Chocolate Toilet Has a Matching Tub, Sink and Bidet • 2,458 views
Outlandish Heimlich Posters

6 Outlandish Heimlich Posters

New York Restaurants are Revamping Government Mandated Choking Posters • 1,922 views
Egg-Spinning Dessert Toys

7 Egg-Spinning Dessert Toys

Takara Tomy's Dessert Maker Toy Turns Eggs into Custard • 1,616 views
Supermodel Shaped Glassware

8 Supermodel Shaped Glassware

The 34 Kate Moss Coupe Celebrates the Model's Iconic Bust • 1,491 views
Decadent Insect Cans

9 Decadent Insect Cans

This Dark Can Design Aims to Make Insect Food Seem Alluring • 1,284 views
Yam-Shaped Ice Creams

10 Yam-Shaped Ice Creams

Japan's Roasted Sweet Potato-Shaped Ice Cream is an Icy Treat • 1,226 views
Contactless Payment Saddles

11 Contactless Payment Saddles

People Can Use Contactless Payments for Donkey Rides at this UK Beach • 1,214 views
Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

12 Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

Wakie is an Alarm Clock App Where a Stranger Will Call to Wake You Up • 1,065 views
Emoji Messaging Apps

13 Emoji Messaging Apps

The Emojli App Only Lets You Communicate with Emoji Icons • 1,028 views
Outsourced Apology Services

14 Outsourced Apology Services

Japan's Apology Agencies Help You Tell Someone You're Sorry • 999 views
Handbag-Integrated Hoodies

15 Handbag-Integrated Hoodies

Moschino's Unique Shirt Design Doubles as a Purse Holder • 987 views
Cat-Operated Pizza Shops

16 Cat-Operated Pizza Shops

Pizza Cat is a Web Series by Pizza Hut That Replaces Employees with Cats • 851 views
Purple Potato Milkshakes

17 Purple Potato Milkshakes

This McDonald's McShake is an Unusual Purple Sweet Potato Milkshake • 741 views
Landscaping Dog Treats

18 Landscaping Dog Treats

Hov-Hov Bakery's Dog Cookies Turn Pet Messes into Flowers • 697 views
Pasta Pirate Weddings

19 Pasta Pirate Weddings

This Bizarre Wedding Theme Blends the Seven Seas with Spaghetti • 682 views
Unconventional Compost Funerals

20 Unconventional Compost Funerals

The Urban Death Project Hopes to Make Burials More Eco-Friendly • 662 views


Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

1 Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

Chinese Teens Make Hairy Underarms Popular on Social Media • 68,024 views
Animal Hybrid Ads

2 Animal Hybrid Ads

Smokaccino's Ads Combine Land and Sea Critters to Make Weird Animal Hybrids • 11,047 views
Fake Cookie Flavors

3 Fake Cookie Flavors

These Mock Oreo Cookie Flavors Celebrate National Junk Food Day • 10,175 views
Deep Fried Spaghetti

4 Deep Fried Spaghetti

Dudefoods' Spaghetti Dog Recipe Puts Deep Fried Pasta on a Stick • 8,925 views
Whimsical Galactic Photography

5 Whimsical Galactic Photography

Photographer Mako Miyamoto Depicts Wookies Hanging Out on Earth • 7,814 views
Cooler-Stuffed Sculptures

6 Cooler-Stuffed Sculptures

Eugenio Merino Sculpted Infamous Politicians in Coca-Cola Coolers • 5,980 views
Phone-Connected Glasses

7 Phone-Connected Glasses

Fun'iki High Tech Glasses Provide Seamless Smartphone Notifications • 4,896 views
Sushi Nail Art

8 Sushi Nail Art

This Tasty Food Nail Art Redefines the Term 'Finger Food' • 3,683 views
Hairbrush Phone Cases

9 Hairbrush Phone Cases

Yobrush is a Phone Case Brush Protects Against Scratches and Bad Hair • 3,550 views
Painful Insect Accessories

10 Painful Insect Accessories

Martin Azua's Beautiful Beast Pierces the Skin with Its Spidery Legs • 3,106 views
Bizarre Oral Alphabets

11 Bizarre Oral Alphabets

Takayuki Ogawa's Alphabet Design Sculptures Look Like Mouths • 2,859 views
Alcoholic Tea Mixers

12 Alcoholic Tea Mixers

Owl's Brew Tea Drink Mixers Use English Breakfast and Black Teas as Bases • 2,107 views
18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

13 18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

From Furry Feline Earbuds to Cooling Baseball Caps • 1,851 views
Fried Tempura Tarantulas

14 Fried Tempura Tarantulas

The Bug Chef Serves Up Edible Bugs in His Latest Recipe • 1,817 views
Crazy Hairstyling Clips

15 Crazy Hairstyling Clips

Popheads' Poppers Crazy Hair Accessories Dress Up Sky-High 'Do • 1,753 views
10 Food-Devouring Competitions

16 10 Food-Devouring Competitions

From Epic Burger Eating Challenges to Crimefighting Eating Contests • 1,594 views
Octopus Coffee Stands

17 Octopus Coffee Stands

Kirk McGuire's Bronze Sea Creature Tables are Creepy and Classy • 1,584 views
Cheesy Noodle Pizzas

18 Cheesy Noodle Pizzas

Dimo's Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza Swaps Marinara & Pepperoni for Cheesy Noodles • 1,208 views
Flushable Dog Stool Stations

19 Flushable Dog Stool Stations

These Public Dog Toilet Machines Help Owners Get Rid of Dog Poop • 1,173 views
Collagen Chicken Skewers

20 Collagen Chicken Skewers

Japan's Chicken Suspended in Collagen is a Weird Food Snack • 1,146 views