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Top 45 Bizarre Ideas in October

1 Top 45 Bizarre Ideas in October

From Sewer Pipe Seating to Musical Meatball Machines • 30,807 views
Tri-Cleavage Costumes

2 Tri-Cleavage Costumes

The Three-Boobed Girl Costume Will Make You a Triple Threat • 9,428 views
Leaning Cabin Residences

3 Leaning Cabin Residences

Uhlik Architekti's Compact Vacation Home is Supported by a Standing Rock • 5,332 views
Cult Series Halloween Decor

4 Cult Series Halloween Decor

Twin Peaks Halloween Decor Will Get You Excited for the Show's Return • 3,604 views
Avian Crown Paintings

5 Avian Crown Paintings

Artist Amy Judd Creates Whimsical Images of Faceless Figures • 2,550 views
Poison Candy Apples

6 Poison Candy Apples

These Halloween Candy Apples Are Fatally Delicious • 2,510 views
Movember Mustache Competitions

7 Movember Mustache Competitions

The World Beard and Mustache Championships Feature Interesting 'Dos • 2,502 views
Intense Surveillance Jackets

8 Intense Surveillance Jackets

The Aposematic Jacket Warns Off Potential Attackers • 2,034 views
Deliciously Creepy Chocolates

9 Deliciously Creepy Chocolates

Tina Pavlatos Created a Box of Anatomical Treats • 2,006 views
Ghastly Blood Slide Pops

10 Ghastly Blood Slide Pops

This Dexter Lollipop Makes a Gruesome Halloween Treat • 1,391 views
Scary Scorpion Suckers

11 Scary Scorpion Suckers

These Halloween Lollipops Feature a Delicious Arachnid • 1,369 views
Solo Wedding Services

12 Solo Wedding Services

Cerca Travel's Solo Wedding Package Helps Women Become a Bride for a Day • 1,214 views
Expensive Ice Cream Sundaes

13 Expensive Ice Cream Sundaes

Chef Sebastien Chamaret Creates a Frozen Dessert That Costs $1000 • 1,204 views
Cookie-Flavored Water

14 Cookie-Flavored Water

This Flavored Sparkling Water Tastes Like a Chocolate Chip Cookie • 1,174 views
Scary Poster Pranks

15 Scary Poster Pranks

This Amusement Park Promotion Advertises a Terrifying Ride in a Creepy Way • 1,171 views
Shirt-Pressing Cafes

16 Shirt-Pressing Cafes

This Unique Cafe in Japan Has Maids That Will Iron Your Garments • 1,107 views
Rice-Flavored Ice Creams

17 Rice-Flavored Ice Creams

Aso Natural's Unique Ice Cream Flavor Takes After Brown Rice • 1,037 views
Brain-Covered Biscuits

18 Brain-Covered Biscuits

This Brain Cookie Will Become an Instant Zombie-Favorite • 1,019 views
Complimentary Dentist Wines

19 Complimentary Dentist Wines

Dentist Offices in NYC Serve an Unorthodox Drink to Lessen Anxiety • 970 views
Spicy Wasabi Toothpastes

20 Spicy Wasabi Toothpastes

Wasabi-Flavored Toothpaste Will Definitely Wake You Up in the Morning • 954 views


Sewer Pipe Seating

1 Sewer Pipe Seating

The Cloche Sofa Repurposes a NYC Drainage Tube as a Modern Movable • 9,628 views
Striking Family Portraits

2 Striking Family Portraits

This Unique Family Portrait was Coordinated Around a Lightning Strike • 4,932 views
Bizarre Toilet Exhibits

3 Bizarre Toilet Exhibits

This Japanese Toilet Exhibition Shows Off Everything Bathroom-Related • 4,248 views
Bunless Meat Sandwiches

4 Bunless Meat Sandwiches

KFC's Double Down King Includes Beef, Pork and Chicken Pieces • 3,715 views
Illusory Geometric Vases

5 Illusory Geometric Vases

Cuatro Cuatros' Geometric Vase Design Forms an Impossible Shape • 2,803 views
Creepy Primate Decor

6 Creepy Primate Decor

This Monkey Head Bowl is Inspired by Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom • 2,535 views
$1 Historical Homes

7 $1 Historical Homes

The James Lee House Cost Homeowners Just a Dollar to Buy • 2,392 views
Street View Murders

8 Street View Murders

Dan Thompson and Gary Kerry Stage a Killing in Edinburgh • 2,202 views
Face-Shielding Visors

9 Face-Shielding Visors

The Paparazzi Thwarting Reflective Visor is Perfect for Staying Incognito • 2,129 views
Train Track Murals

10 Train Track Murals

Katharina Grosse's Train Art Playfully Colors the Sights You'd See on a Train • 2,103 views
Domed Shell Structures

11 Domed Shell Structures

The Pathe Foundation Building Structure Merges Modern and Historical Design • 1,972 views
$54 Custom Coffees

12 $54 Custom Coffees

This Expensive Starbucks Drink is a Loaded-Up Mocha Frappuccino • 1,715 views
Bizarre Selfie Products

13 Bizarre Selfie Products

Editor Meghan Young Discusses Items That Help You Take Better Selfie Pics • 1,690 views
Overpopulated Bunny Islands

14 Overpopulated Bunny Islands

Okunoshima Island Has a Large Bunny Population • 1,581 views
Astronautical Animal Afterlife Packages

15 Astronautical Animal Afterlife Packages

This Pet Memorial Service Sends Your Dead Pets Into Space • 1,533 views
Junk Food Carryalls

16 Junk Food Carryalls

A Korean Fad Turns Snack Packaging Into Fashionable Backpacks • 1,501 views
Aluminum Can Oil Paintings

17 Aluminum Can Oil Paintings

Kim Alsbrooks Reproduces Historical Art on Crumpled Can Surfaces • 1,485 views
Pasta-Infused Burgers

18 Pasta-Infused Burgers

Lotteria's Neapolitan Spaghetti Burger Comes Pre-Loaded with Pasta • 1,424 views
Caffeinated Cannabis Beverages

19 Caffeinated Cannabis Beverages

The Legal Iced Coffee Drink Comes With a Dosage of THC • 1,399 views
Rock Climbing Weddings

20 Rock Climbing Weddings

This Adventurous Wedding is Not for the Faint of Heart • 1,381 views