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10. Rice-Dispensing Machines

This Food Vending Machine Produces Steaming Rice for Chinese Students (GALLERY)
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Sewer Pipe Seating

1 Sewer Pipe Seating

The Cloche Sofa Repurposes a NYC Drainage Tube as a Modern Movable • 1,734 views
Paper Interior Installations

2 Paper Interior Installations

Pablo Lehmann's 'The Scribe House' is a Unique Paper Art Installation • 904 views
Pasta-Infused Burgers

3 Pasta-Infused Burgers

Lotteria's Neapolitan Spaghetti Burger Comes Pre-Loaded with Pasta • 839 views
Face-Shielding Visors

4 Face-Shielding Visors

The Paparazzi Thwarting Reflective Visor is Perfect for Staying Incognito • 720 views
Sea Water Ecosystems

5 Sea Water Ecosystems

Photographer David Littschwager Captures a Magnified Drop of Water • 401 views
Tex-Mex Sushi Rolls

6 Tex-Mex Sushi Rolls

This Epic Meal Time Recipe Fuses Japanese & Mexican Cuisine • 310 views
Junk Food Carryalls

7 Junk Food Carryalls

A Korean Fad Turns Snack Packaging Into Fashionable Backpacks • 264 views
Life Cycle Makeup Looks

8 Life Cycle Makeup Looks

Beauty Artist Emma Allen Creates Incredible Cosmetic Transformations • 155 views
Rice-Dispensing Machines

9 Rice-Dispensing Machines

This Food Vending Machine Produces Steaming Rice for Chinese Students • 104 views


Creepy Cartoon Memes

1 Creepy Cartoon Memes

Paddington Bear Gets Classic Horror Movie Makeovers • 32,573 views
Muscular Body Suits

2 Muscular Body Suits

This Muscle Suit from Flex Design is All You Need to Get a Toned Body • 11,534 views
Glitzy Selfie Sombreros

3 Glitzy Selfie Sombreros

Dress to Impress with the Acer Selfie-Hat • 3,925 views
Monster Cakes

4 Monster Cakes

Artist Christine McConnell Creates Terrifying Desserts Dressed as a 50s Housewife • 2,726 views
Egg-Spinning Dessert Toys

5 Egg-Spinning Dessert Toys

Takara Tomy's Dessert Maker Toy Turns Eggs into Custard • 2,185 views
Illusory Kitchen Ads

6 Illusory Kitchen Ads

This Creative Newspaper Advertisement Hides a Kitchen in Text Blocks • 1,759 views
Surreal Dream Worlds

7 Surreal Dream Worlds

Photographer Logan Zillmer Captures Creative Selfies • 1,600 views
Decadent Insect Cans

8 Decadent Insect Cans

This Dark Can Design Aims to Make Insect Food Seem Alluring • 1,378 views
Designated Texting Lanes

9 Designated Texting Lanes

This Chinese Theme Park Has Designated Lanes For People Who Walk & Text • 1,323 views
Yam-Shaped Ice Creams

10 Yam-Shaped Ice Creams

Japan's Roasted Sweet Potato-Shaped Ice Cream is an Icy Treat • 1,264 views
Organic Treehouse Pods

11 Organic Treehouse Pods

Antony Gibbon Designs' Embryo Treehouse is a Tree House Home for Adults • 1,213 views
Outsourced Apology Services

12 Outsourced Apology Services

Japan's Apology Agencies Help You Tell Someone You're Sorry • 1,195 views
Drunken Shakespeare Performances

13 Drunken Shakespeare Performances

A Show by the Drunk Shakespeare Society is a Never Dull Affair • 1,097 views
Handbag-Integrated Hoodies

14 Handbag-Integrated Hoodies

Moschino's Unique Shirt Design Doubles as a Purse Holder • 1,059 views
Domed Shell Structures

15 Domed Shell Structures

The Pathe Foundation Building Structure Merges Modern and Historical Design • 1,015 views
$1 Historical Homes

16 $1 Historical Homes

The James Lee House Cost Homeowners Just a Dollar to Buy • 1,008 views
Caffeinated Cannabis Beverages

17 Caffeinated Cannabis Beverages

The Legal Iced Coffee Drink Comes With a Dosage of THC • 1,000 views
Pizza Dough Posters

18 Pizza Dough Posters

Domino's 'Posteros' Crust Food Pizza Rises Above the Rest • 927 views
Savory Vegetable Yogurts

19 Savory Vegetable Yogurts

Blue Hill Yogurt is Made with Vegetables Like Beets and Parsnips • 877 views
Unconventional Compost Funerals

20 Unconventional Compost Funerals

The Urban Death Project Hopes to Make Burials More Eco-Friendly • 859 views


Nude Reactionary Portraits

1 Nude Reactionary Portraits

Trevor Christensen Strips Down Behind the Lens • 11,483 views
100 Innovations for Emotional Eaters

2 100 Innovations for Emotional Eaters

From Comfort Food Burgers to Popcorn Chicken Nachos • 10,632 views
Animal Awareness Tattoos

3 Animal Awareness Tattoos

WWF Russia's Wild Animal Tattoos Encourage Permanent Inking for Awareness • 10,180 views
Deep Fried Spaghetti

4 Deep Fried Spaghetti

Dudefoods' Spaghetti Dog Recipe Puts Deep Fried Pasta on a Stick • 10,157 views
Whimsical Galactic Photography

5 Whimsical Galactic Photography

Photographer Mako Miyamoto Depicts Wookies Hanging Out on Earth • 8,670 views
Phone-Connected Glasses

6 Phone-Connected Glasses

Fun'iki High Tech Glasses Provide Seamless Smartphone Notifications • 5,388 views
14 Unusual Soup Recipes

7 14 Unusual Soup Recipes

From Liquefied Fast Food Soups to Deep-Fried Stew Recipes • 5,318 views
Sushi Nail Art

8 Sushi Nail Art

This Tasty Food Nail Art Redefines the Term 'Finger Food' • 3,703 views
Hairbrush Phone Cases

9 Hairbrush Phone Cases

Yobrush is a Phone Case Brush Protects Against Scratches and Bad Hair • 3,617 views
Edible Bathroom Suites

10 Edible Bathroom Suites

This Sweet Belgian Chocolate Toilet Has a Matching Tub, Sink and Bidet • 2,575 views
Supermodel Shaped Glassware

11 Supermodel Shaped Glassware

The 34 Kate Moss Coupe Celebrates the Model's Iconic Bust • 2,444 views
Alcoholic Tea Mixers

12 Alcoholic Tea Mixers

Owl's Brew Tea Drink Mixers Use English Breakfast and Black Teas as Bases • 2,121 views
18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

13 18 Atypical Thanko Fashion Finds

From Furry Feline Earbuds to Cooling Baseball Caps • 2,083 views
Outlandish Heimlich Posters

14 Outlandish Heimlich Posters

New York Restaurants are Revamping Government Mandated Choking Posters • 2,041 views
10 Food-Devouring Competitions

15 10 Food-Devouring Competitions

From Epic Burger Eating Challenges to Crimefighting Eating Contests • 1,680 views
Contactless Payment Saddles

16 Contactless Payment Saddles

People Can Use Contactless Payments for Donkey Rides at this UK Beach • 1,365 views
Cheesy Noodle Pizzas

17 Cheesy Noodle Pizzas

Dimo's Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza Swaps Marinara & Pepperoni for Cheesy Noodles • 1,222 views
Collagen Chicken Skewers

18 Collagen Chicken Skewers

Japan's Chicken Suspended in Collagen is a Weird Food Snack • 1,201 views
Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

19 Outsourced Wake-Up Apps

Wakie is an Alarm Clock App Where a Stranger Will Call to Wake You Up • 1,180 views
Anime Banking Campaigns

20 Anime Banking Campaigns

Okinawa’s Bank of the Ryukyus Bank Ad Campaign Stars Colorful Characters • 1,153 views