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20. 15 Exotic Bar-Form Foods

From Bean-Flavored Chocolate Bars to Toastable Chocolate Bars (TOPLIST)
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Futuristic Skyscraper Cities

1 Futuristic Skyscraper Cities

Launchspire Rethinks Modern Architecture and Aviation • 8,790 views
Multi-Functional Key Designs

2 Multi-Functional Key Designs

The Quickey Multi-Tool is a Versatile Update • 7,386 views
50 Macabre Jewelry Designs

3 50 Macabre Jewelry Designs

From Gory Zombie Jewels to Gruesome Undead Adornments • 1,900 views
Glowing Fiber Optic Dresses

4 Glowing Fiber Optic Dresses

This DIY Fiber Optic Dress Will Make You the Star of the Show • 1,460 views
Fart-Capturing Cow Backpacks

5 Fart-Capturing Cow Backpacks

The INTA Project Provides Away to Collect Natural Methane-Filled Gas • 1,131 views
Preserved Prison Tattoos

6 Preserved Prison Tattoos

Jagiellonian University Collected Inked Prisoner Skin in Formaldehyde • 986 views
Wine-Stained Embroidered Artworks

7 Wine-Stained Embroidered Artworks

Amelia Harnas Explores a Variety of Personalities & Expressions • 978 views
Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

8 Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

The Climatology Tower Assesses and Improves the City Environment • 785 views
Geometric Skeletal Skin Decals

9 Geometric Skeletal Skin Decals

These Temporary Tattoos are Shaped Like Geometric Sugar Skulls • 680 views
Hi-Tech Periodical Sticks

10 Hi-Tech Periodical Sticks

The Digital Newspaper Holder is More Up-to-Date Than Printed Press • 526 views
Eyebrow Implant Surgeries

11 Eyebrow Implant Surgeries

The Eyebrow Transplant Allows Any Woman to Have Cara-Worthy Furries • 518 views
Charcoal-Infused Teeth Cleaners

12 Charcoal-Infused Teeth Cleaners

These Binchotan Toothbrushes by Steve Alan are Made with Charcoal • 469 views
DIY Rodent Taxidermy Guides

13 DIY Rodent Taxidermy Guides

The Mouse Taxidermy Kit is Made for New Hobbyists • 466 views
Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

14 Bubble-Wrapped Soccer Matches

'Bubble Soccer' is Becoming an Extremely Popular Sport in Japan • 385 views
Strangely Scented Jeans

15 Strangely Scented Jeans

These Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans by Tate+Yoko are Chic and Sweet-Smelling • 377 views
Cozy Slob Seating

16 Cozy Slob Seating

The Martino Hamper is Only Comfortable When Chores are Left Undone • 373 views
Movie Streamer Prom Dates

17 Movie Streamer Prom Dates

Muthana Sweis Asked Netflix to Be His Prom Date, and Netflix Said Yes • 370 views
Classical Music Twerkers

18 Classical Music Twerkers

The No. 9 Allegro Music Video is a Classical Comeback for Youth • 349 views
15 Exotic Bar-Form Foods

19 15 Exotic Bar-Form Foods

From Bean-Flavored Chocolate Bars to Toastable Chocolate Bars • 338 views
Poultry-Infused Breakfast Syrups

20 Poultry-Infused Breakfast Syrups

The Chicken 'n Waffles Syrup by Torani is Sweet and Savory • 195 views


3D Printed Skulls

1 3D Printed Skulls

Dr. Bon Verweij Successfully Implanted a Tech-Made Cranium in the Netherlands • 19,885 views
Blob-Like Water Containers

2 Blob-Like Water Containers

The Ooho Water Bottle is an Edible Alternative to Plastic Versions • 16,041 views
46 Funny Office Pranks

3 46 Funny Office Pranks

From Goofy Gag Thumb Drives to Office Diversion Dolls • 14,036 views
Parking Spot Micro Homes

4 Parking Spot Micro Homes

The SCADPad Turns Public Garages into Mini Cities • 11,563 views
Neon Food Makeovers

5 Neon Food Makeovers

Colored Foods by Lawrie Brown is Not for Those with a Weak Stomach • 11,052 views
Cock-Inspired Stilettos

6 Cock-Inspired Stilettos

Bird-Witched by Masaya Kushino is Influenced by Painter Jakuchu Ito • 9,678 views
100 Outrageous Public Prank Ideas

7 100 Outrageous Public Prank Ideas

From Slimy Sneeze Pranks to Hilarious Hand-Holding Pranks • 8,118 views
40 Strangely Flavored Grocery Store Snacks

8 40 Strangely Flavored Grocery Store Snacks

From Breast Milk Ice Cream to Soup Broth Chip Flavors • 8,044 views
Upcycled Steampunk Sculptures

9 Upcycled Steampunk Sculptures

These Small-Scale Steampunk Sculptures Use Pocket Watch Parts • 7,813 views
House-Sitting Photo Pranks

10 House-Sitting Photo Pranks

This Prankster Sent Photoshopped Updates to a Homeowner on Vacation • 6,904 views
Biodegradable Luxury Cars

11 Biodegradable Luxury Cars

The Mercedes Benz LX Concept by Irfendy Mohamad is Eco-Friendly • 5,188 views
Abstract Gut Photography

12 Abstract Gut Photography

This Bizarre Bodies Photography Series is Original and Raw • 5,089 views
Convertible Laptop Totes

13 Convertible Laptop Totes

The Convertible Laptop Bag from HEX Creates Three Carrying Styles in One • 4,804 views
Edible Pizza Box Pranks

14 Edible Pizza Box Pranks

Domino's Gets Creative with Its April Fool's Day 2014 Prank • 4,580 views
Epic Banana-Peeled Sculptures

15 Epic Banana-Peeled Sculptures

This Banana Engraver Creates Anything Out of a Banana Peel • 4,144 views
Chunky Gourmet Potato Chips

16 Chunky Gourmet Potato Chips

These Thick Cut Potato Chips Boast Unusual Flavors and High Prices • 3,857 views
Touch-Sensitive Writing Tools

17 Touch-Sensitive Writing Tools

Pen by Wenhao Wang is a Subtly Hi-Tech Piece of Stationery • 3,731 views
Chocolate-Inspired Building Blocks

18 Chocolate-Inspired Building Blocks

The LEGO Kit Kat Encourages People to Build Their Own Break • 3,677 views
Mushroom-Grown Lighting

19 Mushroom-Grown Lighting

The Mush-Lume Table Lamp by Danielle Trofe Uses Biodegradable Materials • 3,472 views
Surreal Skeletal Sculptures

20 Surreal Skeletal Sculptures

Monika Horcicova Transforms 3D Printed Bones into Art • 3,470 views


100 Bizarre Art Projects

1 100 Bizarre Art Projects

From Provocative Vaginal Knitting to Bird Feces-Produced Artistry • 48,996 views
Patient-Starring Portraits

2 Patient-Starring Portraits

Shawn Van Daele Transforms Sick Children into Fairy Tales • 27,846 views
53 Weird Family Portraits

3 53 Weird Family Portraits

From Photoshopped Family Portraits to Awkward Family Photography • 21,949 views
44 Cardboard Home Decor Finds

4 44 Cardboard Home Decor Finds

From Saddle-Like Lighting to Cut Out Cardboard Lamps • 15,569 views
Dissected Cartoon Illustrations

5 Dissected Cartoon Illustrations

Tea Wei Draws the Insides of Characters in These Cartoon GIFs • 14,755 views
Cat-Friendly Residences

6 Cat-Friendly Residences

Trillium Enterprises Renovated a House to Accommodate 18 Cats • 11,371 views
90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

7 90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

From Sugar Addict Editorials to Burger-Printed Apparel • 10,867 views
17 Ways to Fake a Relationship

8 17 Ways to Fake a Relationship

These Tricks and Services Help to Fabricate Fake Relationships • 10,435 views
Garden-Embedded Interiors

9 Garden-Embedded Interiors

The SISII Office Brings Refreshing Elements Together Under One Roof • 9,800 views
People-Tracking Lamps

10 People-Tracking Lamps

The Veilleuse Track Light Moves Back and Forth with the Person in the Room • 9,633 views
29 Delicious DudeFoods Dishes

11 29 Delicious DudeFoods Dishes

From Conically Reshaped Sandwiches to Pasta Bacon Taco Hybrids • 9,370 views
3D-Printed Fingernails

12 3D-Printed Fingernails

TheLaserGirls Manicures Give Dimension to Your Polish Job • 8,836 views
Sphincter Sculpted Hotels

13 Sphincter Sculpted Hotels

A Stay Inside Joep Van Lieshout CasAnus is One You Won't Forget • 8,640 views
28 Brand-Customized Products

14 28 Brand-Customized Products

From Bespoke Shoe Tattoo Services to Custom Denim Embroidery Events • 7,896 views
77 Offbeat Knitting Projects

15 77 Offbeat Knitting Projects

From Intimate Dog Hair Sweaters to Massive Mammal Sweaters • 7,895 views
Typography Office Desks

16 Typography Office Desks

Fold Yard by Benoit Challand Makes Open Workspaces More Creative • 7,822 views
64 Bizarre Lighting Solutions

17 64 Bizarre Lighting Solutions

From Fantasy Horse Rainbow Lighting to Hair Lamps • 7,657 views
Rotating Tire Automobiles

18 Rotating Tire Automobiles

The Duality Concept Car Evolves for Two Different Driving Conditions • 7,616 views
Crazy Cornrow Helmets

19 Crazy Cornrow Helmets

The Bless Helmdo Substitutes a Real Hairdo for a Fake One • 6,171 views
Bright Bedside Tables

20 Bright Bedside Tables

Misko Table Lamp is a Hybrid Illuminating Surface and Storage Compartment • 5,801 views