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20. Fictional Internship Campaigns

The Fifty Shades of Grey App is Hiring for Grey Enterprises
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Top 100 Design Trends in July

1 Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Floating Skyline Havens to Transparent Geometry Planters • 58,404 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in July

2 Top 90 Unique Trends in July

From Parking Lot Contests to Toilet Noise Blockers • 56,046 views
14 Bizarre Spa Services

3 14 Bizarre Spa Services

From Bee Venom Therapy to Burning Beauty Treatments • 10,008 views
69 Bizarre Candle Creations

4 69 Bizarre Candle Creations

From Demonic Cat Candles to Dark Humor Candles • 7,913 views
Futuristic Transforming Snowshoes

5 Futuristic Transforming Snowshoes

Flux by Eric Brunt Changes Shape and Size with Every Step • 4,170 views
Cooler-Stuffed Sculptures

6 Cooler-Stuffed Sculptures

Eugenio Merino Sculpted Infamous Politicians in Coca-Cola Coolers • 3,583 views
Metallic Tattoos

7 Metallic Tattoos

Flash Tattoos are Essentially Temporary Stick-On Jewelry • 3,099 views
Psychedelic Selfie Photography

8 Psychedelic Selfie Photography

Logan Zillmer's Conceptual Photography Creates Impressive Stories • 2,588 views
Record-Breaking Tattoo Chains

9 Record-Breaking Tattoo Chains

Litographs Aims to Ink Over 2,500 Bodies with the Same Tattoo • 1,878 views
Fake Cookie Flavors

10 Fake Cookie Flavors

These Mock Oreo Cookie Flavors Celebrate National Junk Food Day • 1,748 views
Bizarre Oral Alphabets

11 Bizarre Oral Alphabets

Takayuki Ogawa's Alphabet Design Sculptures Look Like Mouths • 1,521 views
Furniture Store Snooze Photography

12 Furniture Store Snooze Photography

Kevin Frayer Photographed Customers Sleeping in an Ikea Store • 1,406 views
Water Balloon-Filling Shortcuts

13 Water Balloon-Filling Shortcuts

Bunch O Balloons Creates 100 in Just One Minute • 1,136 views
Fried Tempura Tarantulas

14 Fried Tempura Tarantulas

The Bug Chef Serves Up Edible Bugs in His Latest Recipe • 1,016 views
Under-Desk Elliptical Trainers

15 Under-Desk Elliptical Trainers

Cubii by FitnessCubed Allows Employees to Stay Active While Sitting • 985 views
Crazy Hairstyling Clips

16 Crazy Hairstyling Clips

Popheads' Poppers Crazy Hair Accessories Dress Up Sky-High 'Do • 867 views
Wizard Board Games

17 Wizard Board Games

Harry Potter Monopoly Immerses Fans in a Magically Competitive World • 839 views
Fictional Internship Campaigns

18 Fictional Internship Campaigns

The Fifty Shades of Grey App is Hiring for Grey Enterprises • 688 views
Novelist Twitter Confessions

19 Novelist Twitter Confessions

Working on My Novel by Cory Arcangel is Full of Insights • 665 views
Flushable Dog Stool Stations

20 Flushable Dog Stool Stations

These Public Dog Toilet Machines Help Owners Get Rid of Dog Poop • 608 views


50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

1 50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

From Tattooed Invitations to Romantic Retro Requests • 108,931 views
Horrifying Housewife Confections

2 Horrifying Housewife Confections

Christine McConnell's Cake Designs Depict Monsters and Demons • 21,893 views
Decapitated Doll Shoes

3 Decapitated Doll Shoes

The Stride Bright, Stride Far Wedge is Made for Barbie Lovers • 15,850 views
100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

4 100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

From Fantasy Character Cosplays to Disney Ice Queen Costumes • 10,552 views
Natural Hemp Sunglasses

5 Natural Hemp Sunglasses

The Hemp Eyewear Collection is Made Exclusively from Cannabis • 9,865 views
Abandoned Arboreal Autos

6 Abandoned Arboreal Autos

These Old Cars Have Been Left in the Forest for 70 Years • 9,022 views
38 Interactive Bus Stops and Billboards

7 38 Interactive Bus Stops and Billboards

From Bus Stop Photoshop Pranks to Instantly Shoppable Ads • 7,448 views
Beach Library Installations

8 Beach Library Installations

Herman Kompernas Promotes Reading by the Bulgarian Black Sea • 7,352 views
42 Examples of Creative Resumes

9 42 Examples of Creative Resumes

From Chocolate Bar CVs to Unforgettable LEGO Resumes • 6,668 views
Illuminated Emotion Blankets

10 Illuminated Emotion Blankets

British Airways' Happiness Blanket Reflects a Traveler's Feelings • 6,647 views
Towering Toilet Exhibits

11 Towering Toilet Exhibits

The Next Best Thing to a Pile of Poop Emoji is a Hat Just Like it • 6,252 views
15 Celebratory Ryan Gosling Products

12 15 Celebratory Ryan Gosling Products

From Sacred Celebrity Candles to Hunky Baby Daddy Tees • 4,672 views
RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

13 RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

Terra Wind by CAMI Travels as Easily in Water as It Does on Land • 4,480 views
66 Tributes to Doctor Who

14 66 Tributes to Doctor Who

From Time Machine Sneakers to Sci-Fi Series Weddings • 4,032 views
Dress Shirt Socks

15 Dress Shirt Socks

These Button Up Socks by Erimaki Sox Look Like Little Collared Shirts • 3,933 views
Mermaid Parade Photography

16 Mermaid Parade Photography

The Mermaid Parade is an Unusual Annual Event • 3,742 views
Small Space Reality Shows

17 Small Space Reality Shows

'Tiny House Nation' Focuses on the Cramped Architectural Movement • 3,732 views
Classic Car Guitars

18 Classic Car Guitars

Dave Gartland of Ali Kat Creates Instruments Out of Old Auto Parts • 3,540 views
Books on T-Shirts

19 Books on T-Shirts

Litographs Creates Stunning Graphic Designs Using Only Text and Color • 3,031 views
Bio-Digital City Structures

20 Bio-Digital City Structures

Urban Algae Canopy by ecoLogicStudio Cleans Air in Metropolises • 3,018 views


Top 100 Design Trends in May

1 Top 100 Design Trends in May

From Skeletal Plant Holders to Whimsical Pastel Decor • 110,945 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends

2 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends

From Queen Bee Covers to Anime Basketball Logos • 98,646 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in June

3 Top 90 Unique Trends in June

From Japanese Male Face Slimmers to Insect Protein Powder • 84,117 views
Top 70 Business Trends in June

4 Top 70 Business Trends in June

From Shared Washer Subscriptions to Cyclist-Focused Cafes • 68,815 views
Top 100 Design Trends in June

5 Top 100 Design Trends in June

From Botanical 3D Art to Upright Walking Cycles • 58,698 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in June

6 Top 100 Tech Trends in June

From Surround Sound Earbuds to Laser-Guiding Mirrors • 58,408 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

7 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

From Transparent Tennis Tables to Geometric Canine Accessories • 52,697 views
Suspended Space-Saving Sleepers

8 Suspended Space-Saving Sleepers

The Space is Luxury Bed is Raised to the Ceiling When Not Used • 47,235 views
Creepy Killer Memes

9 Creepy Killer Memes

A New Paddington Bear Meme Features Him in Horror Films • 40,052 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

10 Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

From Romantic Rocker Editorials to Flirty Summer Catalogs • 34,296 views
Multi-Colored Birthday Cakes

11 Multi-Colored Birthday Cakes

The Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake Hides the Age Inside • 28,966 views
Designer Drafted Mugshots

12 Designer Drafted Mugshots

Smooth Criminal Jeremy Meeks Has Been Photoshopped Into Fashion Ads • 13,959 views
Faux Wood Leggings

13 Faux Wood Leggings

Adrienne Butikofer's Printed Leggings Give You the Look of Wooden Legs • 10,189 views
Marijuana Food Trucks

14 Marijuana Food Trucks

The Samich by MagicalButter Serves THC-Infused Sandwiches • 9,355 views
Reusable Protective Packaging

15 Reusable Protective Packaging

Fragile by Mireia Gordi Vila Could Do Away with Styrofoam Peanuts • 8,392 views
Creepy Smartphone Protectors

16 Creepy Smartphone Protectors

The Rhubarb Gusokumushi iPhone Case is Shaped Like an Isopod Creature • 7,109 views
55 Bonfire Necessities

17 55 Bonfire Necessities

From Marshmallow Archery to Flickable Fire Starters • 7,024 views
Bizarre Baby Artwork

18 Bizarre Baby Artwork

Johnson Tsang's Chubby Baby Sculpture Set Shows Dramatic Infant Portrayals • 6,756 views
Gilded Tooth Accessories

19 Gilded Tooth Accessories

The Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic's Golden Grill Costs a Whopping $153,000 • 4,620 views
Freehand Tattoo Art

20 Freehand Tattoo Art

Tattoo Artist Jay Freestyle Doesn't Use Stencils or Sketches • 4,471 views