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10. DIY Safety Suits

Inventor Colin Furze Makes a Distinct Body Protection Design (VIDEO)
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20 Pop Culture Tattoos

1 20 Pop Culture Tattoos

From Fantasy Cat Meme Tattoos to Marvel Motorcycle Tattoos • 34,310 views
Aquarium Kitchen Islands

2 Aquarium Kitchen Islands

Kolenik's Unique Kitchen Counter Has Places for Storage and Fish • 10,269 views
Outlandish Heimlich Posters

3 Outlandish Heimlich Posters

New York Restaurants are Revamping Government Mandated Choking Posters • 994 views
Edible Bathroom Suites

4 Edible Bathroom Suites

This Sweet Belgian Chocolate Toilet Has a Matching Tub, Sink and Bidet • 917 views
Supermodel Shaped Glassware

5 Supermodel Shaped Glassware

The 34 Kate Moss Coupe Celebrates the Model's Iconic Bust • 573 views
Contactless Payment Saddles

6 Contactless Payment Saddles

People Can Use Contactless Payments for Donkey Rides at this UK Beach • 519 views
Cat-Operated Pizza Shops

7 Cat-Operated Pizza Shops

Pizza Cat is a Web Series by Pizza Hut That Replaces Employees with Cats • 140 views
Sweat-Inducing Pranks

8 Sweat-Inducing Pranks

Gatorage's 'Sweat It to Get It' Prank Features Peyton Manning • 86 views


Top 90 Unique Trends in July

1 Top 90 Unique Trends in July

From Parking Lot Contests to Toilet Noise Blockers • 75,511 views
Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

2 Ungroomed Armpit Selfies

Chinese Teens Make Hairy Underarms Popular on Social Media • 66,633 views
Top 100 Design Trends in July

3 Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Floating Skyline Havens to Transparent Geometry Planters • 65,924 views
Rugged Motorized Bicycles

4 Rugged Motorized Bicycles

The Motoped Survival Bike is Fit for a Savage Apocalypse • 27,826 views
Super Slim Leather Wallets

5 Super Slim Leather Wallets

The Jasper Snap Wallet by Mr. Lentz is Compact and Contemporary • 9,577 views

6 Kid's Party-Inspired Weddings

This Birthday Wedding Theme is Playful and Personal • 8,886 views
Animal Hybrid Ads

7 Animal Hybrid Ads

Smokaccino's Ads Combine Land and Sea Critters to Make Weird Animal Hybrids • 8,274 views
Animal Awareness Tattoos

8 Animal Awareness Tattoos

WWF Russia's Wild Animal Tattoos Encourage Permanent Inking for Awareness • 8,260 views
Cheeky Thank You Cards

9 Cheeky Thank You Cards

Krista Mullis Lets Customers Express Gratitude in a Foulmouthed Way • 7,965 views
Gun-Concealing Furniture

10 Gun-Concealing Furniture

New Jersey Concealment Furniture Creates Deceptive Designs • 7,837 views
24 Auto Care Innovations

11 24 Auto Care Innovations

From Cocoon-Like Car Covers to Car-Feedback Smartphone Apps • 7,790 views
Deep Fried Spaghetti

12 Deep Fried Spaghetti

Dudefoods' Spaghetti Dog Recipe Puts Deep Fried Pasta on a Stick • 7,753 views
Whimsical Galactic Photography

13 Whimsical Galactic Photography

Photographer Mako Miyamoto Depicts Wookies Hanging Out on Earth • 6,737 views
Smart Toilet Paper Holders

14 Smart Toilet Paper Holders

The RollScout Sends an Alert When People are Low on Bathroom Tissues • 6,664 views
Clever Thank You Cards

15 Clever Thank You Cards

T.Hanks by Blue Barnhouse Boasts a Portrait of Tom Hanks • 5,346 views
Off-Road Wheelchairs

16 Off-Road Wheelchairs

The HexHog Offers Wheelchair Users Unprecedented Access Outdoors • 5,307 views
56 Back to School Lunch Bags

17 56 Back to School Lunch Bags

From Anti-Theft Lunch Bags to DIY Notebook Lunch Bags • 5,219 views
25 Eclectic Denim Styles

18 25 Eclectic Denim Styles

From Face-Covering Bucket Hats to Harnessed Hot Pant Attire • 4,995 views
39 Finds Worthy of Mad Max

19 39 Finds Worthy of Mad Max

From Modern Medieval Weaponry to Road Warrior Vehicles • 4,944 views
Ugliest Cake Contests

20 Ugliest Cake Contests

Susan Quick is the First Place Winner with a Cat Litter Cake • 4,925 views


50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

1 50 Examples of Wedding Invitations

From Tattooed Invitations to Romantic Retro Requests • 113,907 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in June

2 Top 90 Unique Trends in June

From Japanese Male Face Slimmers to Insect Protein Powder • 88,535 views
Top 70 Business Trends in June

3 Top 70 Business Trends in June

From Shared Washer Subscriptions to Cyclist-Focused Cafes • 71,214 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in June

4 Top 100 Tech Trends in June

From Surround Sound Earbuds to Laser-Guiding Mirrors • 60,611 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

5 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

From Transparent Tennis Tables to Geometric Canine Accessories • 56,678 views
Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

6 Top 100 Fashion Trends in June

From Romantic Rocker Editorials to Flirty Summer Catalogs • 36,545 views
Decapitated Doll Shoes

7 Decapitated Doll Shoes

The Stride Bright, Stride Far Wedge is Made for Barbie Lovers • 15,950 views
100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

8 100 Cosplay Ideas for Comic Con

From Fantasy Character Cosplays to Disney Ice Queen Costumes • 14,316 views
13 Bizarre Spa Services

9 13 Bizarre Spa Services

From Bee Venom Therapy to Burning Beauty Treatments • 13,126 views
Natural Hemp Sunglasses

10 Natural Hemp Sunglasses

The Hemp Eyewear Collection is Made Exclusively from Cannabis • 12,777 views
Beach Library Installations

11 Beach Library Installations

Herman Kompernas Promotes Reading by the Bulgarian Black Sea • 12,589 views
38 Interactive Bus Stops and Billboards

12 38 Interactive Bus Stops and Billboards

From Bus Stop Photoshop Pranks to Instantly Shoppable Ads • 12,401 views
Futuristic Transforming Snowshoes

13 Futuristic Transforming Snowshoes

Flux by Eric Brunt Changes Shape and Size with Every Step • 10,464 views
68 Bizarre Candle Creations

14 68 Bizarre Candle Creations

From Demonic Cat Candles to Dark Humor Candles • 9,755 views
42 Examples of Creative Resumes

15 42 Examples of Creative Resumes

From Chocolate Bar CVs to Unforgettable LEGO Resumes • 8,479 views
Illuminated Emotion Blankets

16 Illuminated Emotion Blankets

British Airways' Happiness Blanket Reflects a Traveler's Feelings • 8,100 views
66 Tributes to Doctor Who

17 66 Tributes to Doctor Who

From Time Machine Sneakers to Sci-Fi Series Weddings • 7,607 views
Small Space Reality Shows

18 Small Space Reality Shows

'Tiny House Nation' Focuses on the Cramped Architectural Movement • 7,006 views
Digital Projection Watches

19 Digital Projection Watches

The Ritot Watch by Ivan Powell and Paul Smith is the First of Its Kind • 6,762 views
RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

20 RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

Terra Wind by CAMI Travels as Easily in Water as It Does on Land • 6,610 views