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20. Superconductor Projects

Sustainable Firm Skajaquoda is Researching Cost-Effective Electricity Use
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Cycle-Spun Laundry

1 Cycle-Spun Laundry

The Bike Washing Machine Encourages Activity and Eco-Consciousness • 4,242 views
Portable Wind Turbines

2 Portable Wind Turbines

You Can Charge Any USB Device with the Tiny Eco 'Trinity' • 4,055 views
Eco-Friendly Rural Homes

3 Eco-Friendly Rural Homes

The Nannup Holiday House in Australia Embraces Nature’s Gifts • 2,832 views
Compact Skivvies Cleaners

4 Compact Skivvies Cleaners

The Bulbe Washer Facilitates the Quick and Easy Rinsing of Your Undies • 2,602 views
Shape-Specific Eco Fashion

5 Shape-Specific Eco Fashion

Salts Organic Clothing Boost Body Image with Body Type-Specific Designs • 1,694 views
Minimalist Wooden Bicycle Racks

6 Minimalist Wooden Bicycle Racks

The ‘Elk’ Rack by Woodstick Consists of a Single Wedge of Wood • 1,625 views
Indoor Reclaimed Farms

7 Indoor Reclaimed Farms

The Plant Chicago is a Food Business Incubator • 1,293 views
Interactive Accessorized Plant Pots

8 Interactive Accessorized Plant Pots

These Pots’ Accessories Encourage Human-Plant Interaction • 1,186 views
Fart-Capturing Cow Backpacks

9 Fart-Capturing Cow Backpacks

The INTA Project Provides Away to Collect Natural Methane-Filled Gas • 1,154 views
Trash-Converting Bike Printers

10 Trash-Converting Bike Printers

This Mobile 3D Printer Uses Plastic Cups as Printer Ink • 960 views
17 Perfected Urban Plant Holders

11 17 Perfected Urban Plant Holders

From Skeletal Plant Pots to Functional Self-Watering Planters • 944 views
34 Luxurious Land Rover Innovations

12 34 Luxurious Land Rover Innovations

From Volcano-Inspired Autos to Celeb-Branded Luxury Vehicles • 845 views
Portable Water Bottle Lamps

13 Portable Water Bottle Lamps

The Bottlelight Combines Two Essentials to Make Something Powerful • 813 views
Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

14 Urban Atmospheric Adjustors

The Climatology Tower Assesses and Improves the City Environment • 803 views
Environmentally Conscious Wildlife Havens

15 Environmentally Conscious Wildlife Havens

This Contemporary Barn Home is Stunning and Sustainable • 779 views
Modular Vertical Planting Systems

16 Modular Vertical Planting Systems

This Chinese Office Building's Walls Were Fitted with Plants • 730 views
13 Clean Tech Social Enterprises

17 13 Clean Tech Social Enterprises

From Progressive Eco Graphics to Chic Water Bottles • 697 views
Paper Bag Book Bindings

18 Paper Bag Book Bindings

These DIY Book Bindings are a Simple and Creative Project • 655 views
Upcycled Chinese Cafes

19 Upcycled Chinese Cafes

A Green Restaurant in Beijing is Providing a 360-Degree Upcycled Experience • 626 views
Superconductor Projects

20 Superconductor Projects

Sustainable Firm Skajaquoda is Researching Cost-Effective Electricity Use • 476 views


55 Tree Houses for Adults

1 55 Tree Houses for Adults

From Transparent Tree Abodes to Arboreal Tropical Villas • 26,610 views
65 Examples of Compact Architecture

2 65 Examples of Compact Architecture

From Cozy Blocked Abodes to Mini Mountainside Shelters • 24,238 views
Blob-Like Water Containers

3 Blob-Like Water Containers

The Ooho Water Bottle is an Edible Alternative to Plastic Versions • 16,061 views
25 Bold Bike Accessories

4 25 Bold Bike Accessories

From Cyclist Cup Clasps to Winter Bike Tire Attachments • 13,839 views
37 Pieces of Cliffside Architecture

5 37 Pieces of Cliffside Architecture

From Deluxe Cliffside Villas to Cubic Mountain Shacks • 11,997 views
Lush Indoor Gardening Terrariums

6 Lush Indoor Gardening Terrariums

The Pyramid Terrarium Will Turn Your Home into a Vegetated Oasis • 8,560 views
10 Examples of Egg Shell Art

7 10 Examples of Egg Shell Art

Let's Crack Open the Easter Countdown 2014 • 6,797 views
Versatile Health Food Packaging

8 Versatile Health Food Packaging

Containers for Plus Kitchen Foods Make Eating Healthy a Snap • 6,765 views
41 Energy-Efficient Structures

9 41 Energy-Efficient Structures

From Recyclable Abodes to Modern Geometric Homes • 6,673 views
Forest-Reflecting Glass Homes

10 Forest-Reflecting Glass Homes

This Modern Tower House Refelcts the Forest and Surrounding Area • 6,548 views
Car-Matching City Cycles

11 Car-Matching City Cycles

These High-End Bicycles Blend Tradition and Craftsmanship • 6,463 views
Biodegradable Luxury Cars

12 Biodegradable Luxury Cars

The Mercedes Benz LX Concept by Irfendy Mohamad is Eco-Friendly • 5,188 views
76 Unusual Animal Conservation Efforts

13 76 Unusual Animal Conservation Efforts

From Shark-Saving Shirts to Brazilian Bird Ringtones • 4,981 views
Geometrically Pattered Seaside Havens

14 Geometrically Pattered Seaside Havens

This Timber-Clad Beachside Villa is Serene and Stunning • 4,771 views
Bladeless Boat Engines

15 Bladeless Boat Engines

The Air Booster Motor Propels Without Risk of Injuring Fish • 4,707 views
Edible Water Drop Packaging

16 Edible Water Drop Packaging

This Edible Water Drop is Actually a Plastic-Free Water Bottle • 4,704 views
75 Perfected Pavilions

17 75 Perfected Pavilions

From Perforated Cell-Like Airports to Cavernous Ice Rink Pavilions • 4,686 views
Can-Constructed Bikes

18 Can-Constructed Bikes

Boske by Dan Gestoso is Made from Pop Cans • 4,410 views
Cargo Carrier Bike Accessories

19 Cargo Carrier Bike Accessories

Fietsklik is a Startup That Makes Cycling with Goods Easier • 3,842 views
Colorful Barnacle Storage Designs

20 Colorful Barnacle Storage Designs

These Storage Wallpockets by Ampersand are Vibrant • 3,758 views


All-Natural Powder Exfoliators

1 All-Natural Powder Exfoliators

Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads Offer a Pure Take on Skincare • 24,183 views
100 Terrific Timber Furnishings

2 100 Terrific Timber Furnishings

From Surfboard-Like Furniture to Surreal Nesting Seating • 23,195 views
Cardboard Carton Lights

3 Cardboard Carton Lights

The Groovie Lamp is Lightweight, Portable and Recyclable • 17,419 views
44 Cardboard Home Decor Finds

4 44 Cardboard Home Decor Finds

From Saddle-Like Lighting to Cut Out Cardboard Lamps • 15,634 views
Chicly Upcycled Furntiture

5 Chicly Upcycled Furntiture

The Work of Leo Capote Revolves Around Discarded Hardware and More • 13,121 views
Self-Sustainable Floating Cities

6 Self-Sustainable Floating Cities

Noah's Ark by Aleksandar Joksimovic & Jelena Nikolic is Biblical • 13,010 views
58 Lavish Cabin Retreats

7 58 Lavish Cabin Retreats

From Cabin-Like Mansions to Lush Garden Lodgings • 11,737 views
Cargo-Carrying Electric Scooters

8 Cargo-Carrying Electric Scooters

This Electric Cargo Scooter Lets Your Cargo Join You for the Ride • 10,371 views
Expansive Spiraling Villa Landscapes

9 Expansive Spiraling Villa Landscapes

The New Flavours Orchard Features Innovative Architecture • 9,772 views
Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets

10 Eco-Friendly Smart Toilets

This Toilet Will Change the Way We Think About Going to the Bathroom • 8,756 views
Glammed-Up Garage Gazebos

11 Glammed-Up Garage Gazebos

Illuminated Waterfront Cabin is an Elegant Skeleton of an Old Structure • 8,541 views
Recycled Skateboard Bottle Openers

12 Recycled Skateboard Bottle Openers

This Bottle Opener is Made by Hand from Broken Skateboards. • 7,856 views
Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

13 Custom-Designed Shopping Bags

Choose Your Package Can Be Printed with Ads or Nutritional Info • 7,569 views
Phoenix Paper Sculptures

14 Phoenix Paper Sculptures

Paper Rebirth by Zim&Zou; Gives Recycled Papers New Life • 7,445 views
Minimal Movement Energy Generators

15 Minimal Movement Energy Generators

This Energy Generator Uses Ambient Movement to Power It • 6,843 views
21 Hi-Tech Window Accessories

16 21 Hi-Tech Window Accessories

From Window-Brightening Devices to Tiny Window-Washing Bots • 6,824 views
Bent Lumber Bicycle Ledges

17 Bent Lumber Bicycle Ledges

Flxble Bike Dock Offers an Organic Way to Store Your Conveyance Inside • 6,718 views
Mini Mountainside Shelters

18 Mini Mountainside Shelters

The Cassina Refuge Tonneau is a Compact Capsule for Cozy Remote Living • 6,642 views
Tiny Enchanting Forest Homes

19 Tiny Enchanting Forest Homes

This Gypsy Wagon Has Been Turned Into a Whimsical Tiny Home • 6,491 views
Sustainable Housing Concepts

20 Sustainable Housing Concepts

This Plug-In Housing Aims to Minimize Energy Costs for Homes • 6,079 views