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20. Collective Eating Enterprises

People's Food Co-Op is an Organization Based on Cooperation (GALLERY)
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32 Wooden Technology Designs

1 32 Wooden Technology Designs

From Wireless Wooden Chargers to Vintage Radio Phone Docks • 7,201 views
Chemical-Free Swiming Pools

2 Chemical-Free Swiming Pools

This Chlorine-Free Pool Uses Biological Filters • 4,918 views
Animal Sanctuary Photos

3 Animal Sanctuary Photos

The 'Sanctuary' Photo Series Depicts Rescued Animals in Vermont • 4,239 views
56 Back to School Lunch Bags

4 56 Back to School Lunch Bags

From Anti-Theft Lunch Bags to DIY Notebook Lunch Bags • 3,482 views
25 Sustainable Cosmetics

5 25 Sustainable Cosmetics

From Eco Body Odor Products to Homemade Coconut Soaps • 2,685 views
Self-Contained Froyo Balls

6 Self-Contained Froyo Balls

Stonyfield's Frozen Yogurt Pearls Cut Down on Frozen Yogurt Packaging • 1,129 views
Animal Hide Photography

7 Animal Hide Photography

Yusuke Sakai's Animal Skin Photos Reveal Intricate Patterns and Textures • 669 views
Humongous Cargo Airplanes

8 Humongous Cargo Airplanes

The VV-Plane Will Be Able to Carry Massive Loads at High Speed • 666 views
Eco-Friendly Garden Pods

9 Eco-Friendly Garden Pods

Miracle-Gro's Gro-able Garden Seed Pods Make Gardening Simple • 645 views
Artistic Underwater Installations

10 Artistic Underwater Installations

Olek's Sculptures Aim to Highlight the Plight of the Oceans • 594 views
Trick Button Auto Ads

11 Trick Button Auto Ads

Tesla's Car Print Ads Encourage Interaction with a Big Red Button • 495 views
Revived Community Buildings

12 Revived Community Buildings

The Kodomo Art Maison Center Was Destroyed by Japan's 2011 Earthquake • 464 views
Origami-Inspired Solar Panels

13 Origami-Inspired Solar Panels

NASA Designs Panels That Could More Easily be Sent into Space • 458 views
Trailblazing Green Buildings

14 Trailblazing Green Buildings

This Tel Aviv University Building is the Greenest in the Middle East • 426 views
Collective Eating Enterprises

15 Collective Eating Enterprises

People's Food Co-Op is an Organization Based on Cooperation • 425 views
Painted Hill Photography

16 Painted Hill Photography

These Painted Hills Photos are Beautiful and Thought-Provoking • 355 views
Frame-Attached Bike Locks

17 Frame-Attached Bike Locks

The Yerka Project Makes Stealing Bikes Difficult • 308 views
Connected Cycling

18 Connected Cycling

Commuting receives a digitized overhaul as consumers crave tech integration • 0 views
Guided Gardening

19 Guided Gardening

As eco-conscious consumers grow their own produce, easy utilities offer guidance • 0 views
Eco Tech

20 Eco Tech

A desire for a more sustainable experience prompts nature-friendly technology • 0 views


Top 100 Design Trends in July

1 Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Floating Skyline Havens to Transparent Geometry Planters • 65,442 views
80 Small Space Design Ideas

2 80 Small Space Design Ideas

From Stackable Versatile Furniture to Simplistic Dining Chairs • 52,423 views
Top 70 Eco Trends in July

3 Top 70 Eco Trends in July

From Water Conservation Structures to Transparent Home Gardens • 25,421 views
Rugged Motorized Bicycles

4 Rugged Motorized Bicycles

The Motoped Survival Bike is Fit for a Savage Apocalypse • 24,379 views
80 Upcycled Decor Ideas

5 80 Upcycled Decor Ideas

From Kitchen Cutlery Decor to Rad Repurposed Couches • 22,944 views
75 Examples of Electric Bicycles

6 75 Examples of Electric Bicycles

From Folding Electric Smart-Bikes to Retro E-Bikes • 17,671 views
24 Beach Art Installations

7 24 Beach Art Installations

From Sprawling Sand Art to Nightmarish Sandcastles • 14,584 views
60 Cozy Summer Cottages

8 60 Cozy Summer Cottages

From Backyard Grill Houses to Open Air Concept Homes • 11,441 views
Anatomical Produce Illustrations

9 Anatomical Produce Illustrations

Dan Cretu Stuns with His Latest Fruit and Vegetable Art Series • 11,118 views
Retro Electric Bicycles

10 Retro Electric Bicycles

OTO Cycles Electric Bikes are Inspired by Mid-Century Bicycle Design • 11,007 views
Concrete Cabins

11 Concrete Cabins

Refugi Lieptgas by Nickish Sano Walder Architects is Both Cold and Cozy • 9,235 views
Tropical Cozy Cabins

12 Tropical Cozy Cabins

This Tiny Hawaiian Wood Cabin is Only 200 Square Feet But Feels Airy • 8,788 views
Fish-Propelling Cannons

13 Fish-Propelling Cannons

Whooshh Innovations' Fish Cannons Can Fire 40 Salmon a Minute • 7,718 views
Ultra Energy-Efficient Homes

14 Ultra Energy-Efficient Homes

BioCasa 82 is the First European Home With an LEED Platinum Rating • 7,251 views
Floating Agricultural Towers

15 Floating Agricultural Towers

JAPA's Vertical Farm System Offers a Local Food Solution to Singapore • 6,930 views
100 Solar Panel Innovations

16 100 Solar Panel Innovations

From Floating Solar Farms to Rainproof Solar Chargers • 6,639 views
10 Intentionally Cracked Kitchenware

17 10 Intentionally Cracked Kitchenware

From Fragmented Coffee Cups to Splintered Kitchen Strainers • 6,532 views
50 Botanical Architecture Examples

18 50 Botanical Architecture Examples

From Perforated Petal Facades to Modern Flower Pavillions • 6,412 views
Opulent Urban Bikes

19 Opulent Urban Bikes

Gold Cycle One by Nikolaus Hartl Uses a Minimalist Design • 5,939 views
22 Multifunctional Planters

20 22 Multifunctional Planters

From Plug-In Planters to Plant-Growing Coffee Tables • 5,370 views


Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

1 Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

From Artisan Seafood Branding to Fashionable Frozen Treats • 125,024 views
Top 90 Unique Trends in June

2 Top 90 Unique Trends in June

From Japanese Male Face Slimmers to Insect Protein Powder • 87,525 views
Top 70 Business Trends in June

3 Top 70 Business Trends in June

From Shared Washer Subscriptions to Cyclist-Focused Cafes • 70,830 views
Top 100 Design Trends in June

4 Top 100 Design Trends in June

From Botanical 3D Art to Upright Walking Cycles • 60,658 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in June

5 Top 100 Tech Trends in June

From Surround Sound Earbuds to Laser-Guiding Mirrors • 60,542 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

6 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in June

From Transparent Tennis Tables to Geometric Canine Accessories • 56,072 views
Top 100 Eco Trends in June

7 Top 100 Eco Trends in June

From Ant-Waste Food Apps to Air Duct Vertical Gardens • 23,159 views
Floating Farming Systems

8 Floating Farming Systems

'Floating Responsive Agriculture' Will Likely be Tested in Singapore • 15,161 views
25 Manual Home Appliances

9 25 Manual Home Appliances

From Manually Powered Food Processors to Shake-Powered Portable Washers • 11,057 views
26 Beautiful Bonsai Innovations

10 26 Beautiful Bonsai Innovations

From Solar Powered Tree Chargers to Lush Mini Hobbit Homes • 10,890 views
Compact Pop-Top Campers

11 Compact Pop-Top Campers

The Tail Feather MINI Camper is Affordable, Compact & Easy to Assemble • 7,812 views
Ultra Lightweight Bikes

12 Ultra Lightweight Bikes

The S-Works Mclaren Tarmac is 10% Lighter Than the Previous S-Works Tarmac • 7,005 views
Chinese Pollution Pictures

13 Chinese Pollution Pictures

Souvid Datta Captures the Impact Contaminated Landscapes Have on Humans • 6,853 views
Pop-Up Solar Generators

14 Pop-Up Solar Generators

This Shipping Container Turns Into a Massive Mobile Solar Power Station • 6,369 views
Geometric Beehive Sculptures

15 Geometric Beehive Sculptures

Artist Ren Ri Creates Artworks in a Biblical and Gambling Manner • 4,854 views
27 Examples of African Architecture

16 27 Examples of African Architecture

From Easily Adaptable Abodes to Luxuriously Domed Retreats • 4,554 views
Ghastly Garbage Photography

17 Ghastly Garbage Photography

This Alarming Trash Photo Series Will Shock You • 4,515 views
Reusable E-Retail Packaging

18 Reusable E-Retail Packaging

RePack is a Concept That Helps Online Retailers Reduce Waste • 4,312 views
Sustainable Sophisticated Chargers

19 Sustainable Sophisticated Chargers

The Swich Wireless Charger is Viewer-Friendly from All Angles • 4,023 views
Cartoonish Mini Buses

20 Cartoonish Mini Buses

This Versatile Concept E-Car Has a Range of Technological Features • 3,941 views