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20. Parking Illusion Ads

This Ford Ad Demonstrates the Wonders of Parking Technology
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Fine Art Supercars

1 Fine Art Supercars

The Duaiv Lamborghini Art Car is Ready for the Gallery and Track • 3,226 views
Cartoonish Mini Buses

2 Cartoonish Mini Buses

This Versatile Concept E-Car Has a Range of Technological Features • 2,630 views
Hovering Bike Drones

3 Hovering Bike Drones

The Quadrocopter Hoverbike is Now Available in Drone Form • 724 views
Pizza-Tossing Trucks

4 Pizza-Tossing Trucks

Pizza Hut's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower is Fully Functional • 711 views
Supercharged Limousine Autos

5 Supercharged Limousine Autos

The Futuristic QUANT e-Sportlimousine Comes With Scissor Doors • 605 views
Automotive Beach Chairs

6 Automotive Beach Chairs

Holiday Autos' Ultimate Deck Chair Takes the Shape of a Car • 592 views
Heavyweight Bike Trailers

7 Heavyweight Bike Trailers

The Brouhaha Bike Trailer Enables Cyclists to Tow Heavy Loads • 507 views
Compact Electric Cars

8 Compact Electric Cars

Japan's Tommykaira ZZ Electric Sports Car is Small & Surprisingly Powerful • 479 views
Female-Only Parking Sports

9 Female-Only Parking Sports

China‚Äôs World Metropolis Center Has Designated Parking Spots for Women • 418 views
Parking Restriction Apps

10 Parking Restriction Apps

AppyParking Makes London Parking Rules Less Confusing For Drivers • 336 views
Idling Car Infographics

11 Idling Car Infographics

This Graph Visually Represents the Harm an Idling Vehicle Can Cause • 305 views
Parking Illusion Ads

12 Parking Illusion Ads

This Ford Ad Demonstrates the Wonders of Parking Technology • 247 views
Choreographed Car Ads

13 Choreographed Car Ads

This Toyota Car Ad Encourages You to Bust Out the Moves & Do the Wakudoki • 232 views
Stereotype-Busting Auto Ads

14 Stereotype-Busting Auto Ads

This Honda Car Ad Makes Fun of Typical Ads for Hispanic Millennials • 190 views
Villainous Sci-Fi Automobiles

15 Villainous Sci-Fi Automobiles

Arrive in Style with the Darth Vader Car • 187 views
Retro Bus Appliances

16 Retro Bus Appliances

This Camper Van Toaster Appliance Resembles an Old School Volkswagen Bus • 179 views
Hyper-Safe SUVs

17 Hyper-Safe SUVs

The Volvo XC90 Includes an Array of 'World-First' Safety Features • 179 views
Powerfully Upgraded Cars

18 Powerfully Upgraded Cars

The Audi AZ Sportback 3.0 Competition is a Diesel Audi A7 on Steroids • 169 views
Realistically Carved Hogs

19 Realistically Carved Hogs

This To-Scale Wooden Motorcycle Sculpture is Incredibly Life-Like • 159 views
Luxury Cyclist Support Vehicles

20 Luxury Cyclist Support Vehicles

The Jaguar F-TYPE Team Sky is Too Fast for the Tour De France • 121 views


Opulent Personal Watercraft

1 Opulent Personal Watercraft

The Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Watercraft is Luxuriously Indulgent • 17,170 views
Sci-Fi Streetcar Concepts

2 Sci-Fi Streetcar Concepts

Russia's R1 Tram System Features a Futuristic and Sophisticated Design • 12,350 views
Keep It Wild

3 Keep It Wild

What Pro Snowboarder Travis Rice Does Off-Season • 12,079 views
Boat-Infused Caravans

4 Boat-Infused Caravans

The Sealander Functions as a Mobile Home and a Boat • 9,317 views
Animal Selfie Ads

5 Animal Selfie Ads

This Opel Eye Auto Safety Camera Ad Shows a Boar Taking a Funny Selfie • 5,344 views
RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

6 RV-Yacht Hybrid Vehicles

Terra Wind by CAMI Travels as Easily in Water as It Does on Land • 4,479 views
Classic Car Guitars

7 Classic Car Guitars

Dave Gartland of Ali Kat Creates Instruments Out of Old Auto Parts • 3,540 views
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle

8 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle

The Combat Guard by Israeli Military is Fast and Defensive • 3,136 views
Luxury Apocalypse Autos

9 Luxury Apocalypse Autos

Khaled Alkayed Turned a Speedy Maybach Exelero into a Zombie Car • 2,838 views
Extravagant Automotive Phones

10 Extravagant Automotive Phones

The Bentley Vertu Signature Touch Luxury Phone Costs $11,000 • 2,613 views
31 Examples of Underwater Transportation

11 31 Examples of Underwater Transportation

From Shark-Shaped Water Crafts to Secret Agent Submarines • 2,438 views
Valet Parking Robots

12 Valet Parking Robots

This German Airport Uses a Robot for its Valet Parking • 2,298 views
Saltwater-Powered Supercars

13 Saltwater-Powered Supercars

The Quant e-Sportlimousine is Powered by NanoFlowcell Technology • 1,995 views
Upside Down Autos

14 Upside Down Autos

Rick Sullivan and Jeff Bloch's Car Designs are Upside Down • 1,698 views
Luxury Camper Vans

15 Luxury Camper Vans

Mercedes' Marco Polo is Made for Spacious, Comfortable Van Camping • 1,213 views
Butchered Auto Brand Ads

16 Butchered Auto Brand Ads

This BMW Ad Features a Rendition of 'BMW' That's Just Not Quite Right • 1,192 views
Valet-Summoning Apps

17 Valet-Summoning Apps

Caarbon's Personal Valet Services Solve San Francisco Parking Problems • 1,086 views
Windswept Wildlife Ads

18 Windswept Wildlife Ads

This Toyota Ad Shows Off Speed with Flying Feathers and Fur • 1,055 views
Distracting Text Ads

19 Distracting Text Ads

VW's Distracted Driving Ad Campaign Shows You Can't Look Two Places at Once • 965 views
Kid-Friendly Wheelchairs

20 Kid-Friendly Wheelchairs

This Ergonomic and Affordable Wheelchair Design was Created For Children • 925 views


Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

1 Top 100 Marketing Trends in June

From Artisan Seafood Branding to Fashionable Frozen Treats • 121,491 views
Top 100 Design Trends in May

2 Top 100 Design Trends in May

From Skeletal Plant Holders to Whimsical Pastel Decor • 110,945 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in May

3 Top 100 Tech Trends in May

From 3D-Printed Sand Castle Homes to Clasped USB Cuffs • 81,143 views
Top 70 Business Trends in June

4 Top 70 Business Trends in June

From Shared Washer Subscriptions to Cyclist-Focused Cafes • 68,815 views
Top 100 Tech Trends in June

5 Top 100 Tech Trends in June

From Surround Sound Earbuds to Laser-Guiding Mirrors • 58,408 views
Top 100 Eco Trends in May

6 Top 100 Eco Trends in May

From Upcycled Chinese Cafes to Bird Seed Billboards • 48,135 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in May

7 Top 100 Marketing Trends in May

From Aged Ice Cream Packaging to Sorrow-Filled Vodka Packaging • 38,812 views
Inflatable Auto Campers

8 Inflatable Auto Campers

The Audi Q3 Camping Tent Makes Camping on the Go a Breeze • 36,649 views
Top 30 Luxury Trends in June

9 Top 30 Luxury Trends in June

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Aerial Wine Tours • 23,000 views
Top 65 Social Good Trends in May

10 Top 65 Social Good Trends in May

From Catchy Cervical Cancer Raps to Feminist Statue Shows • 14,479 views
Rugged Camping Trailers

11 Rugged Camping Trailers

The Turtleback Trailer is Designed to Keep You Safely Equipped Outdoors • 10,504 views
Real-World Gaming Cars

12 Real-World Gaming Cars

The Volkswagen Vision Gran Turismo Was Developed for a Video Game • 7,384 views
3D Topographical Calendars

13 3D Topographical Calendars

Land Rover's Daily Calendar is 3D and Topographical • 6,774 views
54 Forward-Thinking Chopper Designs

14 54 Forward-Thinking Chopper Designs

From Hybrid Land Helicopters to Single-Seat Helicopters • 6,064 views
Motorcycle Mod Kits

15 Motorcycle Mod Kits

The Kawasaki Ninja250 31BLK Modification Package Embraces DIY Projects • 5,889 views
10 Interactive Mobile Shopping Innovations

16 10 Interactive Mobile Shopping Innovations

From Social Media Shopping to Mobile-Recognition Retail • 5,845 views
Driving Selfie Awareness Ads

17 Driving Selfie Awareness Ads

These YASA Ads Show the Results of Taking a Selfie While Driving • 5,157 views
Anime Monster Autos

18 Anime Monster Autos

Toyota's 2014 Tokyo Toy Show Cars Take the Shape of Pikachu and Fennekin • 4,758 views
Luxury Cruise Trains

19 Luxury Cruise Trains

JR East Trains Has Commissioned Ken Okuyama to Design Its Latest Cars • 4,543 views
Discrete Bike Motors

20 Discrete Bike Motors

The Lightweight Vivax Assist Bicycle Motor Kit Gives Your Bike a Secret Boost • 3,944 views