Rabbit Silhouette Fashion Crests
Photos of Rabbit Silhouette Fashion Crests (Via: balenciaga)

Rabbit Silhouette Fashion Crests Photos

Balenciaga for Spring Summer 2009: was it future wear or folds of fabric that marked the designer's showcase pieces? This return to basics, using the fabrics, the colors and the cuts to make a statement,…[More]

Balenciaga S/S 2009 1Balenciaga S/S 2009 2Balenciaga S/S 2009 3Balenciaga S/S 2009 4Balenciaga S/S 2009 5Balenciaga S/S 2009 6Balenciaga S/S 2009 7Balenciaga S/S 2009 8Balenciaga S/S 2009 9Balenciaga S/S 2009 10

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