Exotic Habitat Calendars
Photos of Exotic Habitat Calendars (Via: pirellical, fashioncopious.typepad)

Exotic Habitat Calendars Photos

The 2009 edition of the prestigious Pirelli Calendar has just been released. The shoot, which includes only women, took place in a remote area called Okavango Delta, located in the Southern African country…[More]

Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 1Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 2Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 3Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 4Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 5Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 6Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 7Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 8Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 9Pirelli's ‘Africa' 2009 10

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