Food-Inspired Accessories
Photos of Food-Inspired Accessories (Via: etsy, beadinggem)

Food-Inspired Accessories Photos

The jewelry BabyLovesPink makes is inedible, but they all really look good enough to eat. Her hamburger and waffles with berries rings really resemble the real thing. And her lollipop pendant looks so…[More]

BabyLovesPink Jewelry 1BabyLovesPink Jewelry 2BabyLovesPink Jewelry 3BabyLovesPink Jewelry 4BabyLovesPink Jewelry 5BabyLovesPink Jewelry 6BabyLovesPink Jewelry 7BabyLovesPink Jewelry 8BabyLovesPink Jewelry 9BabyLovesPink Jewelry 10

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