Real-Life Werewolves
Photos of Real-Life Werewolves (Via: hypertrichosis, telegraph)

Real-Life Werewolves Photos

According to werewolf legend, “...when the moon grows full, so goes the legend, a man is transformed into a beast--he grows hair, and acquires awesome powers.” Of course, this is rubbish--Ambras syndrome,…[More]

Congenital Hypertrichosis 1Congenital Hypertrichosis 2Congenital Hypertrichosis 3Congenital Hypertrichosis 4Congenital Hypertrichosis 5Congenital Hypertrichosis 6Congenital Hypertrichosis 7Congenital Hypertrichosis 8Congenital Hypertrichosis 9Congenital Hypertrichosis 10

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