Skewed Celebrity Schadenfreude
Photos of Skewed Celebrity Schadenfreude (Via: worth1000, trendhunter)

Skewed Celebrity Schadenfreude Photos

For some reason, these Megan Fox photos, which I’ll call “Unfoxing Megan Fox,” give a lot of people a real kick. In fact, distorted celebrities are becoming wildly popular on the web, alluding to a type…[More]

Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 1Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 2Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 3Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 4Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 5Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 6Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 7Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 8Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 9Unfoxing Megan Fox Photos 10

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