Animal Hair Hats
Photos of Animal Hair Hats (Via: uchu-country, kennethcappelloblog.blogspot)

Animal Hair Hats Photos

Sometimes, something just captures, confuses and inspires you. That is exactly the effect of these quirky animal-inspired hair hats by Japanese art director Nagi Noda. They are truly out of this world.…[More]

Nagi Noda Creations 1Nagi Noda Creations 2Nagi Noda Creations 3Nagi Noda Creations 4Nagi Noda Creations 5Nagi Noda Creations 6Nagi Noda Creations 7Nagi Noda Creations 8Nagi Noda Creations 9Nagi Noda Creations 10

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