classic ladylike editorials
Photos of classic ladylike editorials (Via: bonbonmag)

classic ladylike editorials Photos

Photographer Calope’s latest editorial, featured in Bon Bon magazine issue 2, is an ode to the chic and ladylike looks one can imagine seeing on the streets of Paris. Model Dajana (Elmer Olsen)...[More]

Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 1Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 2Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 3Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 4Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 5Calope’s ‘Mademoiselle’ Editorial Shows off Mod 6

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