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Gamers will be ecstatic to know of all the nerdy pixelated products out their to satisfy their 8-bit cravings, but as the holidays are nearing, it’s time to think about others with some of...[More]

Everything Pixelated from 8-Bit Cuff Links to Nerdy Low Res Shades 1

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Ornately Upcycled Barrel Seating

1 Ornately Upcycled Barrel Seating

Upcycled Paper Bag Notebooks

2 Upcycled Paper Bag Notebooks

Paper Wine Bottles

3 Paper Wine Bottles

Pop-Up Notebook Dollhouses

4 Pop-Up Notebook Dollhouses

Portable Wind Turbines

5 Portable Wind Turbines

Indoor Reclaimed Farms

6 Indoor Reclaimed Farms