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This guy is eclectically and it works!

I don't think anyone will ever come close to the level of commitment, enthusiasm and creative strategy he brought onboard.


Craig embraces a 'Portfolio' style of creative and collaborative work as outlined by Richard Florida in his influential book 'Rise of the Creative Class'.


Trends of interest to Craig tend to embody multi-disciplinary influences, hybrid mixes of sociological, socio-political, psychological, digital, media orientated, artistic, travel, cosmopolitan, post-financial crisis and eccentric elements. Let's just say, he's unlikely to update you with the latest trends with cars.

Brief Background

Craig has worked/volunteered/played in numerous industries since the early 1990s, including: Travel & Tourism, Media, Pharmaceutical, Events, International Relations, Advertising and Bookselling.

He distains workaholics and believes in the benefits of enjoying slow quiet periods of non-productivity; periods of restorative contemplation, reflection and general daydreaming about the past, present and future. We are humans, not automatons.

By the time he was 30 he had visited/lived/worked in over 30 countries.

In 2009 he will be writing and photographing his way across Australia before making his way through Asia and onto Europe. He is still open to additional sponsorships and assigments.

His travel has blessed him with conversational Japanese and decidedly crappy Vietnamese, Khmer, Mandarin and embarrasingly poor Italian.

Educational Zig-Zagging

In 2007 he managed to drop out of his third university.

Wanderlust and Zen Buddhist studies in Japan interrupted his double major in politics and psychology at Flinders University and Japanese studies at Adelaide University in the 1990s.

More recently the development of Facebook strategy and digital consulting contracts disrupted his media and communication studies at Melbourne University. Not defeated he is unashamedly holding out for his forth campus, or a posthumous honorary doctrate, just to get even.


Currently he is reading chunks and chapters from: 'Cyburbia' by James Harkin, 'Media Work' by Mark Deuze, 'The Adventurer' by Paul Zweig, 'Philosophy and Social Hope' by Richard Rorty and 'The Coming of Post-Industrial Society' by Daniel Bell.

Information Sources

Craig no longer watches TV.

Instead he combines his selective traditional media consumption with his engagement of information drawn from distributive media experiences across multiple digital platforms and with support and recommendations from numerous social networks.

Trend Hunter

Finally he is excited to be a Rookie contributor with Trend Hunter and looks forward to being an active contributor providing he can engage with a receptive proactive readership who are willing to share comments and feedback about future trend postings.