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To come - did not want to write something glib so I'll sit on this for a bit (not literally).

What is unique that's not in your bio?
I wrote so many tattoo trends I ended up getting one on my birthday in 2008.
How do you define cool?
You can't define cool - that's it's definition.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
Don't be sacred of offending people or that you have to be safe - always look for your own trends and news. Don't always rely on discoveries from other sites but hunt down your own. A great example of this (if I say so myself) is my tattoo or cupcake trends - amongst my most viewed. Find what inspires YOU - be it a piece of street art or amazing bakery - take it as your spring board and go discover. Always think about how you can build on it, or make it that little bit more funny or even more sick and twisted.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
It is hard proof / fact that every single day creative brilliance is created for the World to share and enjoy. Also a merry band of people from around the World meet in this one place to share ideas and news. People from all background who would never meet in real life. That ROCKS!
What is your favorite trend?
Please don't make me choose - it changes daily as it indeed should!
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
Always think about how you can build on it, or make it that little bit more funny or even more sick and twisted. Never be scared of offending people.
How do you reset to be creative?
My best piece of advice is if you can't do it you just can't do it. If you have to step away from yourself for a few days just do it. I know when I am in bad creative zones so do things overtly offline / creative like go horse riding, visiting Dungeness Nuclear Power Station or just walking the dog on the beach. am not a snob - I will do ANYTHING from reading a children's book (Enid Blyton is great for inspiration) to going to an art gallery.
What inspires or excites you?
Heartbreak was particularly inspiring - apparently you can see that dark period in my trends portfolio.
Predict something awesome for 2020?
I think (fear) children will be taught online. Awesome but not great.

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