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My older sibling, wanted a little sister so she, pulled me around in a little red wagon dressed up in a sun skirt until I was five .. a year earlier my mom stopped breast feeding me but proceeded to feed me wheat germ, carob and tofu way before it was cool. My brothers told me a jock strap was what fighter pilots wore on their heads for oxygen.. so I ran around the neighborhood with my arms out like a plane, jockstrap on my head making fighter jet noises .. what I am trying to say is I had a very typical childhood.

In the pursuit of money, fame and petrified hot chicks I studied Anthropology, quickly changing my major to something less respectable Inter-Media Sculpture . My hobby in design and technology lead me to web design which is where I spent 7 years working as a web designer and an art director for Microsoft Games and Xbox.

A few years ago .. I made the decision to pursue my passion for having absolutely no money and eating unhealthy amounts of rice .. I wondered How does one achieve such a goal? BECOME AN ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR full time.. I can't think of a better way to accomplish it.

So here I am .. living in Buenos Aires ... confusing the poor locals with my own dialect of Spanish (A mixture of charades, speaking slowly with my eye brows raised and adding o at the end of English words).