The ZIFFER Air Fresheners are Positioned as Collectibles

A surefire way to create intrigue into a product is to create an entire lineup that puts a focus on being collectible, which is exactly what's at play with the ZIFFER Air Fresheners. Designed by the Vórtice Estudio creative agency for Kuidex, the air freshener branding is vibrantly styled with a royal blue coloring and accented with pops of scent descriptors and numbers.

The numbers that are utilized in the ZIFFER Air Fresheners branding pertain to where that particular scent is within the collection with seven scents in total. This creates a certain level of intrigue into how many product options there might be and the different kinds of scents that are in the mix. This could help to entice consumers to take a closer look to find their favorite fragrance or even collect them all.