Ocean Family & Womai.com Are Taking Seafood Retail Online

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: seafoodsource
Chinese seafood processor Zhejiang Ocean Family (also known as Dayang Shi Jia) is teaming up with leading Chinese online retailer Womai.com to meet the growing demand for seafood among middle-class consumers.

It turns out that online retailers have become a crucial sales avenue for imported and high-end seafood, as the Chinese government cracks down on corruption, squeezing seafood consumption at luxury eateries. Under this deal, Ocean Family will carry out seafood process and packaging exclusively for Womai.com.

You wouldn't normally think of seafood as something as you'd buy online. But only a few years ago, the notion of buying shoes, clothes or electronics electronically before seeing them would have sounded fishy. Indeed Womai's partnership with Zhejiang Ocean Family could help usher in a brave new world for the middle-class-targeting seafood industry.