The Zetsumei Exhibition Comments on Creative Death and Resurrection

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: mikiosakabe & stylebubble
Hikaru Kodama symbolically murders childhood innocence by taking the life of teddy bears, and he is but one of many designers participating in Japan's Zensutmei exhibition.

The title Zensutmei loosely translates into "death," which is in direct reference to the cycle of death and rebirth that occurs within the fashion industry. Curators Mikio Sakabe and Yoshikazu Yamagata attempt to "kill" off the rigors of commercialism in order to let creativity and expression thrive, unchecked and abundant, within each installation.

Each designer (some of them students) involved in the conceptual art show was challenged to rebel against the status quo, creating art and fashion that expresses something raw and visceral and meaningful to them, their worldview and their aesthetic.