The Zang Products ‘PIPEMUG' Will Be The Most Handy Home Produc

The term "wake ‘n’ bake" now has the perfect product to go with it: the Zang Products ‘PIPEMUG.’ This mug is perfect for a little bowl of something other than cereal with the morning cup of Joe on 4/20. The best part? The mug does all the work. It’s got a little bowl to be filled with a smoke-worthy substance at its base and the burning contents can be inhaled using the hole in the handle. This is all separate from the mug of course, in which your drink will remain untouched.

Of course, cleaning out this device may be an extremely difficult task but, if the user takes good care of it this mug will be a smoker’s best morning friend. With April being the month of showers, there will probably be a lot of reason to have this mug out for some evening tea parties when fun in the sun isn’t an option. It is slightly surprising that this hasn’t really been thought of before but, it’s got good timing with 4/20 just around the corner.